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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Account of Sivarathri at Puttaparthi 2003, many miracles

A cosmic portrait

A dacoit is forgiven and a sadhak's prayer is answered

A Lingam, Specially Delivered From the Amarnath Cave

Amazing Grace in Africa - By Mr. Jay Ravji Jethwa

Am I not your father?

An Argentinean Journalist's Experience

An experience of Dr. Michael Goldstein

An experience at the Annual Sports Meet, 1991

An experience during Darshan

An Experience of a Lifetime

An experience of Stephanie Cappitelli

An Extraordinary Journey - By Barbara Bozzani

An interview with Sai Baba: "I see only Light and Love"

A personal reaction: the Charisma of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

A Prayer answered

A Russian Devotee instructed in a dream

A sincere prayer would certainly move Him to make wonders

Australian schoolteacher's Baba miracle

A visit to Sri Rangapatnam

Baba's Miracle of Transformation

Curth Orefjaerd of Sweden

Darshan Line

Decades of Love with the Divine Master - By Mr. Birendranath Bardoloi

Divine Interview with Sarva Dharma Service Center Members, on August 7, 2004

Divine Lessons from our Divine Lord

Dr. Jack Hawley and his interview with Swami

Dr. Keith Critchlow

Enthralling Encounters with Eternity - Conversations with Mr. Raja Reddy

Excerpts from Students Talk - Sri Deepak

Experience sharing By Swami Students

Experience of the Divinity of Bhagavan by Devotees (link)

  1. Dr. Kishan Gadhia London
  2. Dr. A.V.Manohar Rao Hyderabad
  3. Mr. Peter Rae Australia
  4. Mr. Yelisetti Simhayya Gupta Puttaparthi
  5. Mr. Kryshna Lewis Krydick USA
  6. Mrs. M.Nagaratnamma Puttaparthi
  7. Mr. Challa Prabhakara Rao Puttaparthi
  8. Mr. K.S.Gopalakrishnan Nair Kerala State
  9. Mr. T. Narayana Reddy Puttaparthi
  10. Mr. R.Indreswara Rao West Godavari District
  11. Mr. D.Narasimha Reddy Puttaparthi
  12. Mr. M.S.Murthy Puttaparthi
  13. Mr. N.B.S.Rama rao (in Telugu) Puttaparthi
  14. Mrs. T.Jaya Syamala Mumbai
  15. Mr. Sarma Garigipati Abudhabi
  16. Mr. Deepak Gogna UK
  17. Mr. K.Vijaya Babu Hyderabad
  18. Mrs. K. Sarojini Hyderabad
  19. Mr. R.V.Subba Rao Hyderabad
  20. Mr. L.Rama Rao Hyderabad
  21. Mr. Krishna Murthy Hyderabad
  22. Dr. A.Ravindranath Hyderabad
  23. Mrs. A.Priyamvada Hyderabad
  24. Mr. V.C.Rao Hyderabad
  25. Mrs. G.Manga Hyderabad
  26. Mrs. A.Swaroopa Rani Hyderabad
  27. Mrs. B.Radha Kumari Hyderabad
  28. Mr. A.C.Bhaskara Rao Hyderabad
  29. Mr. Lalith Nonis Australia
  30. Mrs. P.Bhanumati, Secunderabad
  31. Mr. V. Lingam, Canada
  32. Mr. R.Radhakrishnan Nair, Mumbai
  33. Mrs. Bala Valluri, Hyderabad
  34. Mr. P.Kandasamy, Canada
  35. Mrs. Lalitha, Chennai
  36. Mr. P.Purushottaman, Erode
  37. Ms. R.Ramalakshmi, Chennai
  38. Mr. Sundara Vadivelu, Chennai
  39. Dr. Y.Bhattacharyulu, Hyderabad
  40. Mr. Kadiyala Radhadrishna Naidu, Puttaparthi
  41. Mrs. C.Lalitha, Sai Gokulam
  42. Mr. Manohar Rao, New Delhi
  43. Mrs. Silpi, New Delhi
  44. Mr. S.Sivayogan, Australia
  45. Mr. A.E.Muralidharan, Puttaparthi
  46. Mr. S.Venkataraman, Sai Gokulam
  47. Mrs. Lolita, Lithuania
  48. Mr. Darius Zukas, Lithuania
  49. Mrs. Krishna Shanmukharatnam, Sri Lanka
  50. Ms. Chinta Karunaratne, Sri Lanka
  51. Mr. S.Poornachandra Rao, Vijayawada
  52. Mr. R.Natarajao, Malaysia
  53. Mr. N.Pravinbabu, Malaysia
  54. Mrs. R.Padmini Sekhar, Trichy
  55. Mr.K.Parthaa, Bangalore
  56. Mr. K. Baleeswarayya, Mahabubnagar
  57. Mrs. J.Yasoda, Hyderabad
  58. Mr. Mohan Bhima Rao Kulkarni, Bangalore
  59. Mr. Oruganti Sitaramayya Sastri, Kadugodi
  60. Mr. K.Thillainayagam, Chennai
  61. Mrs. Padma Prabhakar, Chennai
  62. Mr. J.P.Singh, Kanpur
  63. Mrs. Bhagyam Mahadev, Puttaparthi
  64. Mr. S.S.Sarma, U.P
  65. Mr. G.S.Garg, U.P
  66. Mr. Sudhakar Karumuri, USA
  67. Mr. R.D.Sharma, Meerut
  68. Mr. Venkatachalam, Chennai
  69. Mr. Teja Ram Singh, Hardwar
  70. Mr. Bandaru Venkateswara Rao, Krishna District
  71. Mr. Saratchandra Vaghjibhai Patel, Gujarat
  72. Mr. Harshavadan A. Mankad, Gujarat
  73. Mr. K.Raja Rao, Puttaparthi
  74. Mr. Punam Bhai Babu Bhai Rawal, Gujarat
  75. Mr. D.V.Krishna Rao, Hyderabad
  76. Mr. S.V.Subba Rao, Vijayawada
  77. Mr. M.Maheswara Raju, Vijayawada
  78. Mrs. Vani B. Veldurthy, Hyderabad
  79. Mr. Durga Prasad, Vijayawada
  80. Mr. K. Chakrapani Rao, Puttaparthi
  81. Mrs.K.Vani, Hyderabad
  82. Mrs. P.Sujatha, Puttaparthi
  83. Mr. K.N.P.Nayar, Puttaparthi
  84. Mrs. Girija Nayar, Puttaparthi
  85. Mr. S.Venkateswara Rao, Khammam District
  86. Mr. G. Mohan Rao, Khammam
  87. Mrs. Ch.Satyavati, Hyderabad
  88. Mr.T.Umamaheswara Rao, Hyderabad
  89. Mrs. Radha Sreedharan, Kerala
  90. Mr. G.Dilip Raj, Trivendrum
  91. Dr. U.S.N.Murthy, Visakhapatnam
  92. Dr. (Mrs.) D.S. Mangala, Visakhapatnam
  93. Mr. B.Lakshminarayana, Hyderabad
  94. Mr. Kalyan Ram Gunturi, USA
  95. Mr. R.Nageswara Kumar, USA
  96. Dr. (Mrs.) C.S. Mangamma, Visakhapatnam
  97. Mr. C.Bhaskara Rao, Chennai
  98. Mr. C.Mallikarjuna Rao, Chennai
  99. Mrs. V.Bala Tripura Sundari, Prasanthi Nilayam
  100. Mrs. V. Lalitamma, Prasanthi Nilayam
  101. Mr. Raja Omapathi Rao, Hyderabad
  102. Mrs. S. Meenakshi, Prasanthi Nilayam
  103. Mr. Gaurishankar Kanoi, Puttaparthi
  104. Mrs. Bimla Kanoi, Puttaparthi
  105. Mr. Gorapalli Appanna, Visakhapatnam
  106. Mr. Sreedhar J.R.P., Khammam
  107. Mr. S.Vijaya Kumar Virli, Chandigarh
  108. Mr. Som Singh, Haryana
  109. Mr. Sumit Batra, Ambala
  110. Mr. R.S. Mani, Hyderabad
  111. Mr. B. Subrahmanyam, Hyderabad
  112. Mrs. B. Lakshmi, Hyderabad
  113. Mrs. B. Savitri, Hyderabad
  114. Mr. V. Ramakrishna Rao, Hyderabad
  115. Mr. Niresh Daryanani, Spain
  116. Mrs. V. Vijaya Rajeswari, Hyderabad
  117. Dr. John S. Hislop, USA
  118. Dr. (Mrs) Meenakshi Chintapalli, USA
  119. Mr. Chintalapati Ranga Raju, Vijayawada
  120. Mr. H.K. Bhaskara Prabhu, Prasanthi Nilayam
  121. Mr. B.N. Vittal Kamath, Prasanthi Nilayam

Experiences With Divine Father, Sai

Every Action of Bhagawan has a meaning, a Lesson for everyone

Fitting memento from a great man (South Africa's Minister Narend Singh and Bhagavan Baba)

From New Jersey, with Love

Gayathri Swami

Heart to Heart - A bouquet of songs offered at the Lotus Feet


He took it upon Himself

How I met Baba at the airport and other experiences - Updated on 20th August, 2004

How My Heart Was Humbled And Healed By Him - By Mr. P. V. Krishna Mohan

How Shirdi Saibaba Helped in the Smooth Passing Over of My Dear Son

Howard Murphet

Books by Howard Murphet:
Man of miracles

The Lights of Home

Interview with Sai Baba

Journey of Love
A Toronto Group Visits Prasanthi

Journey of Discovery - By Adeline Teh

Kamakura saffron ash


Kuthumba Rao

Letting Go is Letting God In - by Judy Warner

Lila's Prayer

Memorable Experiences in Prashanti

Me and My Sa-ayee Baba

Message from Yore

Miraculous escape and safe home journey

Mother Sai, our Saviour

Mother Sathya Sai

Mr. P. Partasaraty

Multifaceted Sai as most compassionate One

My experiences with Bhagavan Baba

My experience with Swami

My experiences with Swami

My first experience with Swami

My trip to Puttaparthi

"Now you can go!" - Ticket to Eternity
How Baba extended the life of Sri Seshagiri Rao

"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"

Oh! I am a Chowkidar (watchman)

Om Sri Sathya Sai Babaya Namah

Our All-Pervasive Swami

Our Journey... To Love, With Love

Our Visit to Sri Sathya Sai Baba - Ramala Centre (January 1999)

Pilgrimage to Parthi and Divine Interview with SDSC Members, Aug 7, 2004

Powerful Reminiscences of His Presence - by Mrs. Asha Pai

Precious Closeness to Bhagawan - By Sri B Arvind, A Current Student of Swami's Institute

Presence of Baba in the house

Prof. Kasturi account And Brindavan boys experiences

Prof. Kasturi and Governor's Birthday

Prof. Kasturi and his story (Control of Automatic Lights)

Prof. Kasturi on "Why fear when I am here"


Realizing Supreme Beatitude
By Sunil Gavaskar

Revelations. Student Sriram Parasuram Sri Sathya Sai Senior Boys Hostel & Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School Hostel Prashanti Nilayam

Sai Experience

Saience of Medicine - assorted

Sai protects those who surrender

Sai Sathya Sakha (Sathya Sai My True Friend)
by Late Abdul Razak Baburao Korbu

Sai. The Embodiment of Dattatreya

Sai - Your #1 Priority

Sathya Sai Baba, Bill Aitken And The Vibuthi Covered Pick

Saving Grace

Scintillating Moments With Sai - By Prof. Anil Kumar

Seek Divine Grace for Success
Students' Experiences with Swami

Seeking Love - By Bea Flaig

Selfless Service - By R. Ramachandra Rao

She increased of 10 pounds

Spiritual Sai and Physical Sai

Spiritual Testament of Mario Mazzoleni

Sri Sathya Sai Anandadayi - Journey with Sai (excerpts)

Stories about Faith

Sun Darshan

Swami and His Students

Swami and Students

Swami answers all our prayers

Swami curing Himself - A small miracles

Swami Miraculously Opens a Lock

Swami's Blessings on Padukas

Swami's miraculous intervention saved us from trouble

Swami will save His children even at the cost of his life

Sweet Memories - by Sri K. Suresh - A Former Student of Swami's Institute

The Bliss Of (A Drive by) Darshan - 1st February 2004

The boy and the chain created by Sai Baba

The Call
By Dr. G. Venkataraman

The car in the moud

The change - By Sri B.N. Narasimhamurthy

The devotee and the sevadal

The Divine Guardian - Mrs. Bhat prays to Lord Subramanya, and Baba responds

The drink of... water

The Eclipse - By Mimi Goldberg

The exact moment

The experience oh Mahesh Ghayal

The experience of Mr. Arjan Chugani

The experience of Mr. Haranarayana

The experience of Mr. Karunakaran

The experience of Mr. RamaKrishna Rao

The experience of Mr. Sinclair

The experience of Ravi Teja

The experiencing of Divine Mother Sai's Compassion and Omnipresence

The Glimpse He Granted

The Governor's Plane Made a Safe Landing

The grace of Sai and story of a yogi walking on water

The guess came true!

The house where God lives

The Inexplicable Call - By Ms. Nooshin Mehrabani

The Lights of Home
Book by Howard Murphet

The Miracle of a Lifetime - By Mr. Vijay Sohni

The Overpowering Divine 'Present' - By Ms. Nooshin Mehrabani

The Rainbow Man
A sceptic is convinced of Bhagawan's divinity

The Rani of Chincholi

The reformative miracle
By Sri B. Halagappa, India

"These are for the cat"

The snake and the car

The story of Burgula Rama Krishna Rao

The story of Guptaji

The Story of Kalpagiri
How Bhagawan brought about a change of heart in a criminal

The story of Sonam

The 'stranger' at Prashanti Nilayam

The transformation of a Heart
By Al Drucker

The vision of Lord Subramainam

The Wonderful Mother That I Have - By Mrs. Geeta Mohan Ram

There May Be a Delay but Not Denial - By Ms. Pallavi Vedantam

Transformation - Dr. Upadhaya's speech June 20th 1998

Transformation of the heart. A personal experience
From: SAI SPANDAN - Journal of SSSIHMS Prasanthi Gram - Third Issue

Turning Inward - by Hugh Brecher

Two miracles of omnipotence

Unity is Divinity - By Mary Lynn Radford

VF of Syracuse, NY, Weed California, Fayetteville Ark and Bangalore, India

Victor Kanu from South Africa

Visiting cards of the Divine Doctor

What is the centre of your life?
A very inspiring talk given in Swami's Presence by a young student, in April 2003

When Tests Become His Taste... - By Mrs. Neeta Banerjee

Where there is His Will, there is a way

'Why fear when I am near'

With two teeth

Wonderful Experiences of Students during Grama Seva in 2003

Reports of events from Sai Baba Ashrams

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