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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The snake and the car

Sairam to everyone,

As part of outr on going effort to keep in touch with bhagawan and his leelas today I would like to share a small incident happened in Parthi which shows how compassanate lord he is.

Well it was a hot summar afternoon Swami was coming back to Parthi after a hectic day at Bangalore. Radhakrishna (Then the driver and close associate of Swami) was driving and Swami was lost in his divine silence. Usualy when Swami does not talk noone dares to disturb him. When the car was moving at high speeds suddenly Radhakrishna saw a huge snake crawling across the road. Thinking applying sudden brakes would disturb Bhagawan Radhakrishna ran over the snake praying the omnipotent lord about the safety of the snake. Nothing happened Radhakrishna peeped through the rear view mirror and confirmed swami was not disturbed.

Well they reached Parthi without any more troubles apparently. Then Swami got down from the car at the front door of Prasanthinilayam waved at the awaiting devotees and talked to a few devotees about their problems consoled,advised and with his usual smile moved inside the resting room. Then he sent a call to Radhakrishna that swami wanted to see him immediately. Radhakrishna arrived wondering to know why swami called him. Swami with a smile looked at Radh Krishna and told Radha you have been with me for so long you think that you understood swami. If you did why this happens Saying that he lifted his shirt to show a scar on his back. It was the mark of car tire. Then Bhagawan explains my luxary or comfort is certainly not important than the life of another being. If I kill some living being for my comfort how can I be a protector and omnisciencent. I had to lay over the snake to protect its life from the car.

What I am trying to say in this incident is to narrate how beautifully He communicates. The message is perfect. Take care of fellow beings which or who share all the five elements with you.

I beg your pardon for any mistakes in this.
Wshing you a pleasent day.


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