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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Swami and Students

Swami Stories

One student told Bhagawan that his mother was not well and that he would be leaving the next day. Bhagawan told him not to worry and that He would give the boy prasadam when he left. Next morning, at Dharshan time, Bhagawan didn't give the boy any Prasadam.So, he was confused as to what to do. He went back to his room after Dharshan, packed his luggage and got ready to leave. Bhagawan had finished the interview and sent word for the boy. The boy sprinted amidst the wonderstruck crowd into the Trayee building, where Bhagawan gave Him vibhuthi. Later, Bhagawan took him inside and talked to him. He gave him an air ticket and sent him to the airport in His own car per arrangements already made for his journey!

In October 1999, one day Bhagawan sent an instruction that there would be no more discourses. This sent a wave of sorrow amongst all. Bhagawan told that since no one was practicing His words, His talking was of no use. The next day, the INTERNET brought this out criticising the students as the cause for all this. That day Bhagawan, in His Divine Discourse, mentioned all this. He told, "My students are good. Who are they to criticise all my students?" What a shower of Love that was!

This incident occured around 6-7 years back. It so happened that Bhagawan was not talking to the boys. So, they felt sad and some of them even decided that they wouldn't take food. It continued for 3 days. On the 4th day, a teacher reported this to Bhagawan. Bhagawan replied, "Tell the boys that such practices won't make Bhagawan happy. Tell them that even Bhagawan has not taken food for these three days." If we sincerely concentrate, we'll find that every moment on this earth is a miracle enacted by our Sai. He is there within us every moment. When we cry, He cries with us. When we are happy, He is also happy. Such is the love of our Lord.
What can explain Your Love?  Please bless us that we remain forever in You, with You and for You. The bond, which exists between us, is the bond of Love, and Love alone. Mother, You are ours and we are Yours. Utilise and treat us and shape us as You will. We are for You and You are for us.

(from SAINANDANA by Swami's students)

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