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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  My experiences with Bhagavan Baba

V.P.Singh, Canada

We are so very fortunate to be born on the planet earth at the same time as the Avatar, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. We are especially blessed to be among those who are not only living at the same time as He, but are aware of His coming. He has blessed us with the knowledge of His Mission, and is giving us the wonderful opportunity to vist and observe His as He walks among us.

I have had the rare god fortune of getting over 100 interviews in 30 years. Since I have enjoyed this closeness with that Avatar of the Age, it is therefore incumbent upon me to share with you the blessing that He has showered on me by reporting to you the delectable incidents in which He reveals, in so many ways, His love for us all. Following are a few incidents that I'm sure you would be interested in hearing about.

My Journey to God

One day, a friend of mine named Govind Sitaram, son of Mr. S. Sitaram of London, U.K., lent me a book entitled "Sathyam Shivam Sundaram", Part II. After reading a few pages, I told Govind that I found the book interesting and I wanted to know more about Bhagavan Baba. He immediately gave me the telephone number of his father who was in charge of the Sai Organisation in the U.K. When I phoned Mr. Sitaram in London, he advised me that my wife should visit Puttaparthi to receive the blessings of Bhagavan Baba. That same night, my wife had a dream of Bhagavan Baba who asked her to come to Puttaparthi. She was intrigued and made all arrangments to go. On the day she left home, all the lights of our house suddenly went on. This was our first experience of the 'presence' of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

My wife reached Puttaparthi by bus from Bangalore. Swami gave her an interview the very next day and blessed her. He told her to wait in Puttaparthi while He travelled to Goa, because He would give her another interview with her husband upon His return. My wife replied that her husband did not believe that Swami is God incarnated on earth, and would not come to India. Swami told her not to worry and He would ask her husband to come. Swami then asked Prof. N. Kasturi to write me a letter about Him.

Prof. Kasturi wrote: "Your wife reached safely. Swami gave her an interview and blessed her. I understand that you want to know about Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This small piece of paper is not enough to write about the glory of Bhagavan. You come and experience Him for yourself. Yours, N. Kasturi."

When I reached the letter, I showed it to Mr. Dan Bryan, the president of my company. He said, "You never know, may be God has come." He suggested that I visit India to see my wife, then come back after two months. I responded, "I couldn't take two months time, may be four weeks at the most." I left for India a week before Christmas, 1970. The night before my departure, all the lights of our house went on again, as if someone had suddenly put on the master switch. I found this strange. And so I started my journey to God.

When I reached Mumbai, I saw a newspaper report that Bhagavan Baba was arriving in Mumbai that day at 5.00 p.m. by a special plane from Goa. So, I hired a taxi at 4 p.m. and went to Dharmakshetra to see Swami. At 5 p.m., Swami came out for Darshan. I could not see Him too well as I was quite far in the back and there were thousands of people gathered for His Darshan.

Swami stayed at Dharmakshetra for over six weeks. This was most unusual, since he had never stayed anywhere outside Puttaparthi and Brindavan for such a long time. Now I thought, I should talk to some people and try to meet Swami. Luckily, I was able to send my request to Swami for interview. One day, I was informed that Swami would give me an interview that afternoon. I was asked to go to His residence.

I went and stood under a tree outside Swami's room. Swami came out from His room for Darshan and glanced at me. I saw a halo around His face and head; it was so bright that it dazzled my eyes. He asked me if I came from Delhi. I told Him that I had come from Canada. He then said, "You stay. I will see you after Darshan." I stayed on. At 9 p.m. a messenger from Bhagavan told me that Swami would see me the next day at 9 a.m., and that I should go home. Disappointed, I left for my residence in Mumbai.

When I reached my friend's house where I was staying in Mumbai, I was surprised to see my wife who had just arrived from Bangalore thought I had not informed her that I was coming to India. She told me that she came because Swami told her in a dream that her husband had arrived in Mumbai, and she should meet him there. Swami also told her that He had left Rs 500 under her pillow for train fare from Bangalore to Mumbai, as she did not have any money. I was amazed and astounded by the grace of Swami.

I told my wife that we should go to Darshan early because the crowd at Dharmakshetra was very large. So the next morning, we left the house quite early. Swami came out for Darshan at 8.30 a.m., and straightaway went to my wife and told her that He would send a car to take her up the hill to His residence for an interview.

In the interview, Swami told us all about my past and present life, and the death of our three children, my spiritual status and finally said, "You have come because I have called you. You can go home to Canada with My blessings." We were very happy.

A Fracture Cured Without Medical Treatment

The following day, I went to Delhi to convey a message to the relations of a friend from Windsor (Canada). That day, my wife went to Dharmakshetra for Darshan by train, not by taxi. A pickpocket on the train tried to snatch her purse, causing my wife to fall on the platform and injure her arm severely. When I arrived from Delhi that evening, I insisted that we go to a doctor for X-ray to check for a possible fracture. My wife said that her doctor was Swami, and no one else, and that she would not go to see another doctor. I argued persistently, but she would not deviate from her faith in Swami. "Tomorrow, Swami will give me Vibhuti", she said, "and I will be all right."

Now I was anxious to leave for Canada. My wife told me that she would stay back and come to Canada later. A week later after I left, my wife got very sick. Swami wrote a letter to Dr. Jayalakshmi of Puttaparthi General Hospital and asked her to look after my wife, but not to give her any medicine. She went to Puttaparthi where Dr. Jayalakshmi was very happy to serve her. Swami told my wife that He would supply food and money if she needed any, and not to inform me about her illness. My wife remained in Puttaparthi for six months and Swami took full care of her.

After six months, Swami sent her to Canada, making all the arrangements for her travel. When she came home, my first question I asked was, "How is your arm?" "It's okay", she replied. "Just a little bit of pain." I became very much concerned about the continuing pain. My mother was especially concerned about the inconvenience because it was her right arm. I took her to a doctor who told me that she had a fracture which had not healed. She would have to take aspirin all her life to relieve the pain.

I felt very sorry for my wife and I started telling her that if she had listened to me she would have been all right. Now the fracture could not heal as it was seven months old. It was too bad. My mother went on to say that if she had not gone to Puttaparthi she would not have fallen and broken her arm.

That very night, Bhagavan came in my wife's dream and manifested Vibhuti which He rubbed onto her arm. He told here, "You will be all right from tomorrow." When we got up the next morning, she told me about the dream and reported that her arm was completely healed and without any pain. I did not believe this and asked her to use the vacuum cleaner to show me that she could use her arm normally without any pain. So she did. Now it is 30 years since that incident and her injured arm continues to be stronger that the other one.

After experiencing Swami's Divinity in the last 30 years, I have come to realise that Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the embodiment of all gods - Lord Vishnu, Lord Siva, Lord Ganesha and Lord Rama.

If the Bhakta has dedicated his all, body, mind and existence, to the Lord, He will Himself look after everything, for He will always be with him. Under such conditions, there is no need for prayer.
- Baba

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