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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The grace of Sai and story of a yogi walking on water

This the story of Yogi named L.S.Rao, who during 1971 and 1972 carried on a campaign of vilification against Baba. He has said that Baba was a fake and that he himself had performed many such miracles, such as walking through fire and on water.

The Blitz paper had carried these articles, in which the Yogi had carried on a tirade against Baba. He said that he would give a public performance in Andheri, near the Yogi’s ashram. The event attracted international interest and many people came to witness it. Television cameras and all the other media were invited to attend. Admission was restricted and the tickets cost between five hundred rupees and a thousand rupees.
This campaign agitated very much most of Baba’s followers and were very much upset and many devotees thought that Baba should teach this man a lesson. “The Yogi arrived, invoked the Gods, cursed Baba and said that He was fake.
Devotees prayed to Baba saying, “Swami please teach this arrogant man a lesson. Let him find himself at the bottom of the ten foot tank when he tries to walk on water.
“The yogi walked up a ladder that had been placed at the side of the tank. He stood at the top of the ladder and again repeated his mantras. He placed his right foot on the water and then the left foot, and promptly sank to the bottom of the tank. Devotees prayed to Baba and asked Him to put an end to this man’s ego
He came out of the tank and again cursed Baba and spoke against Him. He repeated his mantras and made another attempt to walk on the water. He again sank to the bottom and could not come up again. Two man had to go into the tank to rescue him.
When he was up brought the tank, he said “Where is my doctor? I am not well. My doctor told me not to do it today. “The spectators rebelled and shouted for a refund of their money, saying that this was a hoax.
Mr Karanjia, the editor of Blitz came to the microphone and announced that all money would be refunded The proceeds were to have gone to the Yogi’s ashram. After that the Yogi never again made a public appearance and his tirade against Baba ended.

Courtesy of Ramchand Chugani
14 Jan 2005

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