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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The experience of Mr. RamaKrishna Rao

Here are the personal experiences of Governor Mr.RamaKrishna Rao.

Governor was travelling by the aeroplane that was kept for his official use.With him on this occasion, besides his wife and the pilot, were his A.D.C.,his personal assistant, and the pilot's wife. They were flying from kanpur too Benara.

Above Banares the Governor noticed that they seemed to be circling a very long time over the airfield before landing. He asked if there was anything amiss and was informed that the under-carriage was stuck; the wheels would not come down. Furthermore, they were now almost out of petrol.

With Dr.Ramakrishan Rao's agreement, the pilot decided to attempt a crash-landing on the grass of the airfield. He signaled the ground to this effect. The fire-engines were brought out, and everything made ready for the attempt.All knew, of course, that it was a highly dangerous operation, and both the little doctor and his wife sent fervent prayers to their Gurudev, Sai Baba, for his much-needed protection.

Perhaps the A.D.C was praying too, for he also was a devotee of Sai Baba.Like the doctor he wore on his hand a talisman, a ring that has been materialized by Baba. The pilot knew this and, as a last resort before trying a crash-landing, asked the A.D.C. to try his hand at working the lever for releasing the jammed undercarriage. The A.D.C. placed his hand on the lever and pressed as directed. The undercarriage came down without any difficulty. They were able to make a normal landing.

When Mr.RamaKrishna Rao was Governor of Kerela, and was entertaining Baba and some devotees at the Guest House in Trivandrum in 1962, his wife had arranged a dinner party one evening for sixty people. But when Baba is around, crowds have a habit of multiplying their size, and about hundred and fifty people turned up. It was impossible to obtain extra food at the time;

Mrs. Ramakrishna Rao became very worried, and asked Baba what she should do about it."Feed them all," Baba told her. "There will be enough - don't worry." So the extra places were set and she whole crowd sat down. Baba moved among the guests and servers, blessing the food, seeing that all were happy and turning the meal, as always, into a banquet. No one went short because of the extra ninety mouths to be fed. Somehow Baba increased the food, and there was enough for all.

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