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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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(Fwd From: Bharathi Kasturi)

In 1998, I was given an opportunity to consider working as a full time volunteer at the Whitefield hospital. Our thoughts were always centered aound Swami. Yet, our ardent prayer to be in Parthi or Whitefield, did not figure in our thoughts. On 2nd Jan.99, Swami gave us the green signal, all our affairs were wrapped up within 4 months, and we started work at the hospital on Eswaramma Day.

Seemingly, Swami had long cherished the idea of a Super Speciality Hospital in Karnataka. A devotee showed two sites, but Swami was asking His companions about the vast area opposite the small plots! It was earmarked for industrial development. Exactly seven days later, the Chief Minister presented the documents to Swami. Such is the Power of Sai Sankalpa. I was very happy to be part of the historic proceedings of Bhoomi Puja on 2nd Sep.99. All of a sudden, an official invited me to dig the land and gently led me to the area of action. I dug the land as Pundits chanted the Mantras. With tears in my eyes, I received the garland and Prasadam. I have felt the unforesen shower of Grace of Swami many times, but this was the most unexpected! - Dr. M. Veeravahu, in the book Sai Spandan, 75th Birthday Offering by SSS Institute of Higher Medical Sciences.

In June 90, I asked Swami for permission to work at the Sathya Sai Hospital, and He said I would be given the opportunity. I made the mistake of telling Him that Swami is likely to forget it. He turned around and looked at me with eyes wide open and said, "Swami always talks with one tongue". This taught me a very good lesson - Swami never makes a statement without a meaning.

In the 60th Birthday discourse Swami said, "Of course, money is an essential requisite and those who have assumed responsibility for service projcts do need it. When I decide on a Project, the wherewithal for accomplishing has to be spontaneously available without any fund-raising campaign. My Will has the Power to concretise My Plan. I willed that a College must rise in Parthi; the Rajmatha of Nawanagar built it. I willed a Higher Secondary school; Bozzani from America asked that he be given the chance. I thought of education from Primary stage itself; Craxi, the brother of Former Italian Prime Minister, offered to build the school.

When I decided for a college and hostel at Bangalore, Mrs. Elsie Cowan asked for the previlege. Such is the Might of My Sankalpa, My Will".

It is a wonderful opportunity that Swami has given us, to be part of His Mission. It is now our
responsibility to ensure that we render service in any form and utilise the opportunity to serve Swami through His projects. 

"You must dive deep into the sea to get the pearls" - Baba. - Dr. D.C.Sundaresh,
in the book Sai Spandan, 75th Birthday Offering by SSS Institute of Higher Medical Sciences.

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