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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Saience of Medicine - assorted

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SaiDISC/message/10810

From the book 'The Saience of Medicine' by Seshadris

Dr.Hiramailni's visit (Indian Express)

At the SSSIHMS, over 250 thousand heart patients have been treated;
over nine thousand major heart surgeries done; over 200 thousand
echocardiograms, 10 thousand odd tread mill tests and over 8500
angiograms done; over 100 thousand Uro-Nephro patients treated; Over
12 thousand operated; 74 kidney transplants done; 5500 cases of
hemodialysis. Over 100 thousand Ophthalmic patients treated; over 12
thousand surgeries done. All Totally Free.
The only insurmountable problem is the growing waitlist. Dr. Safaya
says it cannot treat all patients. It is a model for totally free
healthcare. It can be replicated.

Dr. Dash from Orissa has "no social life; no glamour; no money to be
made; but I am happy". For junior doctors, there is a wealth of
cases,one gets hands-on experience and chance to interract with
Baba. Post graduate training is purely on merit. Pedda Obulesu,
recovering from By-pass, wished such a hospital in every district. A
young boy after surgery wanted to see Baba. Syed Abdul felt that the
hospital was a "duah" from Allah. I had to pinch myself I wasn't
dreaming. SSSIHMS is a dream hospital!

Faith heals

"I think; therefore I am" - Descartes. "I am; therefore I think", the
Rishis declared. Consciousness can only be experienced, rather than
communicated. Names and Forms did not matter to the Rishis. Even
retaliating to an 'enemy' was absurd, whereas material scientists
are so bothered about putting their names everywhere. Pure
Consciousness could, by mere willing, effect any material or energy
change. The 'miracle' cures are but such logical cures of
Consciousness! Moden physica is fast vindicating these discoveries
of Rishis - from Max Plank and Schrodinger to Wald, Geoffrey Chew,
Prigogine and others.

Studies at Harvard show that people with cold, non-loving, hostile
relationships, developed serious illness, over three decades.
Loneliness, sadness and lack of love were significantly associated
with development of cancers later. Satsangh Sankirtan has become a
regular co-prescription of mine; at least a dozen with ischaemic
heart disease on simple medicine-diet-exercise-Satsangh-Sankirtan
regimen, are treadmill test negative.

Sai Transport
1996 - My wife and I were on our regular Seva trip to Whitefield
hospital. We were not sure of being picked up at the railway
station, unlike previous trips. We have to get off at KRPuram, but
tansport from there is impossible.
My wife said, "I wish the train stops at Whitefield". The ticket
inspector laughed, "No chance". But suddenly, brakes were slammed,
and the train stopped at Whitefield station! We found the only auto-
rickshaw has been taken. Suddenly a man came up and said, "This
truck is starting now. He will drop you". "I wish I could have some
tea", my wife whispered. Suddenly two hands popped in with two
glasses of tea. The driver had decided to stand us a cup of tea!

When we got down at the hospital, I could see, painted on the side
of the truck, "Sai Transport". When we walked in at 0430 AM, they
were astonished, "How did you manage?" I said, "Sai transport,"
truthfully. Then we related our experience. We have done fifity
Whitefiled trips, but only that one time, when we really needed it,
the train stopped at Whitefiled; never before nor afterwards. May
the Blessings of our Beloved Lord be upon all of us forever more! -
Dr. Seshadri, from "Sai Prescriptions".

Love all serve all

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