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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The story of Burgula Rama Krishna Rao

The Governor's Plane Made a Safe Landing

Smt. Shyamala Devi Daughter of late Shri Burgula Ramakrishna Rao, former Governor Of U.P, and Kerala, India.

It happened during the day when my father , Late Shri Burgula Ramakrishna Rao was Governor of Utter Pardesh.

My father with his-de-camp by name Mr Sodi had gone to Puttaparthi to have Swami’s darshan. On that occasion Swami materized a golden ring and gave it to Mr.Sodi. Baba usually created articles like rings, watches etc, as talisman for the protections of His devotees.

Swami once explained the significance of his created articles. Whenever the recipients of such gifts from Swami are in danger, these articles instantly convert a message to Swami just like a message is convey through telephone.

One one occasions my father along with Mr Sodi had to travel on an official work in a plane meeting for Governor. While returning after completion of assignment, the plane’s front wheel got truck and did not open before landing. Pilots tried their best to unlock and bring down the wheels, but could not succeed.

They were forced make rounds over the airport, as they were unable to make a normal landing. Even the petrol was running out. When message was sent to the control room saying that they have decided to make an emergency landing on its belly, arrangements were hurriedly made.

Fire engines and first aid services were all geared up and kept ready. In a last and final attempt ADC . Mr Sodi entered the cockpit and tried to bring down the jammed wheels.

He had on his finger the ring created by Swami. Immediately the wheels freed and unfolded. The plane was carrying the Governor and made safe landing. My mother at first was frightened at the plane’s failure to make a normal landing.

On that particular day in the early hours Swami had appear in her dream and gave her flowers and bangles, symbolic of protection of her husband.

As a proof of this incident back of Puttaparthi, it seems Swami had remarked to close devotees “Alas! Ramakrishna Rao’s plane had mishap averted. “When my father spoke to Swami through phone. Swami remarked and explained the details of the entire incident to my father.

Jai Sai Ram

Ram Chugani
Kobe, Japan

From: http://aumsairam108.tripod.com/article/amazing-cure.htm

The story of Burgula Rama Krishna Rao

Burgula Rama Krishna Rao was the First Governer for Andhra Pradesh and a good devotee of Baba. He used to come to Parthi very regularly and Swami also vsited his house in Hyderabad. One day he was travelling in a first class compartment along with his wife. As it was a first class compartment there were not many people in the bogie. He had a single attendant to attend on his family. BRK Rao noticed a small spark in the fan and it was gradually becoming into fire with smoke. He tried to cal the attendant and there was no response. He came out of the coupe and started shouting for help. All of a sudden a person with couple of electric equipment came inside the coupe from nowhere. Suddenly seeing this person BRK Rao disturbed and for a moment thought that this person might be a thief. Brushing aside his feelings the new comer asked Rao why are you shouting for help. What do you want. The perplexed Rao showed the fire and smoke inside the coupe. This new comer went there inspected the fan and got that repaired in minutes and turned back at the couple and told them nothing to worry about. Saying this he opened the door of that moving train and vanished into thin air. Rao and his wife were totally surprised at the event and thanked him in his absence and went to bed.

After few days this first couple of the state went on to visit Baba and expressed their gratitude for taking care of their family in many ways. Swami pointed out the incident in the train and said why do you not talk about that incident. You did not think of me and when I cam to help you people without prayers you could not recognize me more over you thought that I might be a thief. He teased them for sum time for their ignorence and finally told them whether you pray or not God would come to your rescue, when you completely surrender yourself to Him. It is His duty. Hence develop faith in God. Then He blessed them and walked away.

This is another example which says how God takes care of His devotees in need without their asking. But to get that one has to surrender himself to Bhagawan.

From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/39

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