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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  A dacoit is forgiven and a sadhak's prayer is answered

Bhagavan was giving his evening darshan when two people, one a Chambal dacoit and another a practicing sadhaka were sitting together for darshan. When Bhagavan came towards them, the dacoit got up and handed over a letter to Baba, who just saw the envelope and threw it back --at the sadhak. Similarly Baba took the sadhak’s letter and threw it at the dacoit.

As soon as Baba went into the interview room, the dacoit demanded the sadhaka to give back the letter. Sadhak refused saying “It is Bhagavan Baba’s prasad to me.” Later both started fighting and created chaos. The crowd intervened and convinced the dacoit to stop fighting. One of Baba’s old devotees took both the envelopes and opened them. In the envelope given to the dacoit (which was originally the sadhaka’s letter), there was a Rs.500/-- note. The other letter with the sadhaka (originally belonging to the dacoit) contained the same paper on which he had written his letter but it was empty with all previous matter erased.

Both sat the next day in darshan lines and Baba came to them and said -- BABA to the dacoit: “You had faith in me. You wrote all your sins on that sheet of paper and said if I accepted it, all your sins would be forgiven. The letter you gave me came back to you empty. That shows that I’ve forgiven your sins. Just like the letter is empty to be written a new, start your life afresh.”

BABA to the sadhak: “You had my darshan for 7 days. You have exhausted all your money here. In your letter, you asked for money to go back home. What I’ve given you is enough to reach you home and fill your stomach on the way.”

Both fell at Baba’s feet and returned home with Baba firmly affixed in their mind.

Source: http://www.geocities.com/sai_ram108/mira3.htm

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