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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The story of Sonam

In continuance to my previous letter of yesterday I am mentioning the second story of another student who had Bhagawan's blessings in disguise. The purpose of writing this story is only to share my feelings with fellow devotees that Bhagawan's testing is an opportunity to think about ourselves and improve. Though Sai is seemingly unwilling to talk to us He will be there to hear every of our prayers.

There was a student by Sonam who was very devoted, singer and composer of music in our times at Parthi. He was so good singer and Swami used to have His bhajan everyday in Mandir and Swami used to talk to this gentleman every day. It so happened that Swami wanted to test the depth of Sonam's devotion and suddenly stopped talking to the latter. If swami stops talking to one suddenly it will be like the state of a fish out of water. Sonam felt the separation unbearable and used to cry and pray for Lords grace everyday, but in vain. Swami used to come and sit in the bhajan hall for bhajan and when Sonam starts singing He used to move away. On that eventful day Sonam sang a couple of melodies and Swami as usual Swami went away. He went and spoke to Sonam's sister who was sitting in the devotees saying "Sonam sings very well, He sings with heart" and went and sat inside the hall after the song was completed. The totally dejected and frustrated Sonam went straight to his room in the Institute and started singing. This songs are not to please anyone they are only to express his agony to his beloved Lord. The prayers went on and on. As it was becoming dark the watchman came to switch the lights on in the corridor. Listening to Sonam's songs he came to see the practicing singer. To his astonishment he saw a large serpent standing erect in front Sonam with its hood open. Sonam was certainly not in this world. He was literally crying for Lords mercy and singing. Neither the watchman nor the singer did not know how long the snake was dancing in the front. After a long time the snake gradually crawled away and the watchman went running to Sonam and got him up from his Trans, saying Sir, Swami had come. First of all Sonam did not understand what the watchman was talking about. He realized the significance of snake only when it was narrated to him by the watchman. Sonam was happy that Swami came in disguise to see him. He went home with those thoughts. On his arrival his sister came to tell that Swami commented about his bhajans. Sonam was delighted to know Swami is listening his prayers.

This may look like a small miracle after seemingly big miracles we went through earlier in the day. Why I am narrating this is only to tell that Bhagawan takes care of His children or devotees from anywhere and give them immense happiness so long the warmth in the devotee lasts. He may not talk to but He is there to answer every prayer of every devotee.

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