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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Divine Lessons from our Divine Lord

Swami and His students
There are about a 1000 Hostel Students in Prasanthi Nilayam including everyone in the Primary School, Swami knows everyone of them and Swami never misses taking any letter from anyone of them, Swami once said that "I have to take care of them here as Iam everything to them here", Such is Swami's Love for all the Students in Prasanthi Nilayam.

A Beautiful incident comes to my Mind which was told to me by a Dear Sai Brother which happened in 1985, One day when everyone in the Hostel had gone to the School and the Institute, Swami came to the Hostel which was absolutely empty, Swami told the Late Shri.Radhakrishnan to go to the Hostel kitchen and get the head Cook, Swami then went to the Place where the waste baskets were kept and they were filled to the Brim, Swami was really unhappy in every sense, Swami never ever likes Wastage of anything most Particularly Food, Swami did not say anything and no one knew also that Swami had come to the Hostel.

A Few days afterwards Swami told the warden that He would be coming for Dinner in the hostel, Everyone was happy beyond words, But also Puzzled that Swami was coming as there was no major function concerned, But very happy that Swami was coming.

After a Few Cultural Programmes, Swami sat for Dinner, The most wonderful Thing that happens when Swami comes for Dinner to the hostel apart from the Food is that Swami talks to each and every boy and enquires from every boy about the Food. This time Swami after taking a Few Rounds of the Huge Dining hall, came and sat again on the throne, Swami was sitting and talking to the warden for about 30 minutes, then it became an hour, Swami never stayed that Long in the hostel except when Bhagawan gave a Discourse, Swami then said that "He would Not leave the Hostel only if every single boy had finished every morsel of food kept in his plate, No one should waste any food from that Day onwards, Swami left the Hostel that Day after a Good 2 Hours. Swami wanted everyone to know the Value of Food and not wasting any Food. Needless to say from that Onwards there was no wastage of Food.

Divine Lessons from the Divine Lord.

Om Sai Ram.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/38276

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