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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Me and My Sa-ayee Baba

Dr. S. Siva, Vancouver, B.C.

"Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked on this earth. " -Albert Einstein

The above description of Mahatma Gandhi is well suited to the Paramatma today, who has descended amongst us to ascent our Atma to Mahatma and ascertain that we are indeed the Paramatma. We are Blessed to have Him as our guide. In my life, He came some three decades ago. I ignored Him. He came again five years ago and willed me to recognize Him. Caged in His Omniscient Will, I am being 'repaired' to live usefully and die profitably'. As the famous Sufi saying goes, "When God chooses His disciples, He opens for him the door of action, and closes the door of theological search and disputation". I have come to perch on His Lotus feet permanently, realizing that my wings are with Him.

Omniscience is the sine qua non sign of an Avatar. I have come to experience the Omniscience of Baba few times. I was seated in the second row in the Prasanthi Nilayam darshan line, carrying with me a letter asking for a solution to a perilous problem I was facing. I saw Baba refusing to accept a letter from a woman devotee. My monkey mind dictated me to pocket my letter, screening in my blind eyes the ultimate shame... just in case Baba did not accept my letter to Him. He materialized some candies to the devotee in front of me and threw a few in the air. One of the candies hit my letter and it disappeared from my hand, never to be found! Baba in His Omniscience had just mirrored my thoughts by His actions while I ruminated! A devotee seated behind, handed me one of the two candies he was able to catch! That proved to be the medicine I needed for my quandary, a sweet one from my Sadguru! Baba brought me out of my predicament which vanished a year later. He is teaching me to burn the seeds of my doubts in His oven of Namasmarana. Today, I fill my spare moments with His name and form.

I was longing to know the meaning of the Gayatri mantra in depth and asked Baba for His guidance. Few weeks later, a devotee, Shankar, motivated me to chant Gayatri at least three times a day and gave me a book It contained in one of it's chapters the description and the significance of the mantra, as described by Baba to the author of that book in his dream! Shankar did not know my wish at that time. Chanting the Gayatri many times has become my daily routine now, and it's connotations are countless. Ancient sages have said that "God sleeps in the mineral, awakes in the vegetable, walks in the animal and thinks in Man." The Omniscient Baba awakes our slumbering think tank, walks in our shoes, talks in our tongue, and makes us realize the purpose of our sojourn, by living our fives as His message!

I was in Prasanthi Nilayam for Baba's 66th birthday On that day, I missed my lunch and supper. I had been angry at Baba for having drawn such a large crowd making it difficult to eat! I went out and appeased my appetite. When I came back, the African devotee whom I met in the morning darshan and was volunteering at the kitchen, was waiting for me with a sandwich! He said that "You ought to be hungry. I know that you did not have your lunch today!" The next day he brought me the prasadam specially blessed by Baba. I left my dear SA-Ayee BABA with a profound gratitude.

The Omnipresence of Baba is experienced by many devotees. It was January 3, 1991. I had torn the article "My Baba" written by Prema Venugopalam, from the Canadian Sathya Sai Newsletter and set it on my desk in my office. After throwing the rest of the Newsletter in the waste paper basket, I went to the reception desk to bring the stapler, a ten second walk from my desk. When I was about to staple the pages, I noticed a long cut to it's left comer! None had entered my room during that ten second period. I was amazed to see the scissors cut comer which was intact only a moment ago! There were no scissors near by. I could not find the missing piece of the article. The Omnipresent Omkara admonished me for having thrown the magazine into the waste paper basket. The personally autographed cover of the magazine, portrayed His form in the blessing posture. My disregard for His form became His reason for the Occult to become Manifest on that morning! I had been experiencing an unusual pleasant smell for few days, prior to this experience.

Speaking of the smell, standing atop the pyramid situated outside Mexico City, my nares filtered the and air of that barren land, carrying with it nice jasmine smell on that September noon of 1990! It lasted for over an hour. Two days later we were in Acapulco City. Baba gave His darshan to me and my family when we walked into the Hard Rock Caf? for dinner! His beaming smile in the large full size picture above the wide kitchen window, was reassuring for me revealing His Omnipresence! Touring in a small town in the island of St. Croix, I was wondering whether He was present there? Moments later I walked into a gift store depicting the sign "Sai Baba Gift Store." The doubting Thomas was reassured!

Regarding the disciples of Jesus, Archbishop Fulton Sheen wrote in "Life of Christ" that "these chosen fights were to cast their rays over the rest of humanity, in all nations." We are the chosen fights by our Divine Father, who has come in the name of His Son. Let us beam the message of universal love and eternal service to humanity. Then and then only.. we would have lived His message.

Jai Sai Ram

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