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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The experience of Ravi Teja

Here I am sending the personal experience of Sri. Ravi Teja friend of Sri Murali, studied along with Murali in Swami's college.

One can talk about Swami's love towards his devotees for hours together,still one cannot justify the same. Today, I would like to take this opportunity to narrate a small incident that happend to me a few years ago when I was in Swami's college.

This was on Jan 03, 1989. Every year, the first two weeks of January are very lively for all the Students of Swami's college. Because, the Inter-campus Sports and Games take place during this time. I was a good Athlete in my school and college and I have participated in many sports and games and won a number of medals and had the good fortune to receive them from the lord himself for many years. That day early in the morning ( around 6 :30 a.m. ) I was all set to go for the Long Jump finals. There were 5 other finalists. I had won the first prize during the previous two years and I was a little overconfident this time, and thought I would repeat the history. I did not even warm up or loosen my muscles because of this overconfidence. But I always prayed to Swami before I took the jump. As all of us know, we would be given 3 chances to make our best mark in the Long Jump. I have taken my first and the distance I jumped was awfully low. Almost all others cleared it. I have taken my second jump and it was fairly better but surely not the best of me. But something happened at that time. I sprained my ankle. I could not even stand up after that jump and I had to be physically lifted and taken to the hospital directly from the field.

I could not bear the excruciating pain at that time. Obviously, I did not take the third jump. I knew I would lose the prize this time as that was not my best jump. I was feeling awfully bad because Swami taught me a lesson for my overconfidence and I repented for this. The ever-forgiving and ever-kind lord has forgiven me and I learnt later at the hospital that I won the First Prize. I was in tears for his benevolence. There is more... Because of the Sprain I had to "bunk" my college, I was happy about it, but I was hoping to make it for the Darshan in the evening. My doctor advised me not to strain my leg any further and he has advised complete rest. I pleaded to go for the Darshan and he said "Pray to Swami he will take care of you, but do not go for Darshan", because my foot was swollen and round like a big football ! I felt miserable at this time and I kept crying as I had never missed Darshan in my whole stay at Prasanthinilayam. That was the first time. I was lying down on my bed kept imagining what was happening at the Ashram. " .......Now Swami is coming out... He is on the ladies section .. now He is taking letters from a devotee.. now He is creating Vibhuti for another Devotee... Now He is signalling a devotee to go in for the interview.......".

Another student, Srinivas, who was participating in some sports events that evening, was asked to take care of my needs as well, as I could not move out of my bed without someone's help. It was just around 4:15 p.m. or so.. Srinivas excused himself and went to the rest room. I was lying down on the bed, turned towards the wall, covered my face with the rug and lost in my imaginations about swami's darshan. Tears kept rolling from my eyes as I was feeling really bad for not having Swami's Darshan. I did not want any one to see that I was crying so, I covered my face fully and turned towards the wall. Then.. I felt as if someone tapped my back from behind. I thought it was Srinivas again, I thought he brought me some coffee or some snacks.

Slowly I turned to tell him that I was not in a mood... but...it was not Srinivas... and behold... I found the Lord standing there !!! I was dazed... trust me I was totally amazed...I thought I was still imagining Swami's Darshan...and kept staring at Swami's beautiful face without an expression or a word.... I was not sure if I was in a dream or wakeful status.

As you all know by now that Swami gives Darshan in the mornings and there would be Bhajans at 9 a.m. Swami takes quick ( 3-5 minute ) lunch soon after bhajans and at that time if he wants to visit different places, he goesout for about 1 hour, and then retires for that session. The objective is to generally oversee how different organizations ( like the Super Speciality Hospital, the University or the Gokulam etc.,. ) are operating and any other new constructions etc. Obviously Swami's visit to these places gives immense joy and pleasure to people working there and it rejuvenates their energy and dedication to their work. Because everyone wants to please Swami with their devotion and dedication to work. He, however, does not visit the Boys' hostel during these times. The Students will have to pray to Swami to make a visit, it is only then He goes to the Hostel when all the students are in the Hostel, and gives them the immense pleasure of hispresence.

Apart from these morning visits, Swami normally does not go out of the Ashram at all. But that day was different.Swami apparently gave a very quick Darshan and got into His car along with another senior devotee ( Mr.V.K. Narasimhan- editor of Sanathana Sarathi )came straight to the Hostel.......into my room. Swami said " it is not a dream, it is real " (in english ).. I tried to get up andSwami asked me not to. He then started explaining to Mr. Narasimhan in Telugu as to how I jumped and fell down in a wrong position. he told Mr. Narasimhan that for that fall, I should have broken my ankle. But Swami saved me, made sure that my ankle was not broken and it was only a sprain.

I then realised finally that swami was actually there in front of me !! I broke down, my heart melt down for His motherly love and I threw myself on His feet and kept sobbing. Swami patted my back with a lot of affection, created Vibhuti and rubbed it on my face, put some in my mouth, gave some in hand and asked me to put it on my leg. He said, "do not worry.. It will go away soon.( in telugu )" and quickly walked out of the room. Brothers and sisters, Iam chocked with emotion as I am writing this to you. No one in the Ashram knew where and why Swami was going. I was just one of the 800 students and thousands of devotees sitting for swami's darshan in the Ashram, leaving all his near and dear devotees in the Ashram and many important tasks in the Ashram and go out of his way to shower his grace on a small, not-so-important, unwanted soul like me ? He would melt for pure Love from the devotee and sincere yearning and craving for Him.

Ravi Teja
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