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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Swami curing Himself - A small miracle

I remember to narrate a small miracle performed by Him. Fortunately by His grace I was His student from Brindavan. Whenever Bhagwan is in Brindavan he used to call all of us to Trayee after evening bhajans and have a session. Whether He'll ask someone to speak or He'll give His divine discourse. We were all fortunate to have attended many of those "Trayee Sessions" for months together. Everyday used to be a different day for us. We used to sit around His Jhoola and do Padaseva for the Creator. Even I was so fortunate to have served the Lord for many times.

Once Bhagwan was giving his morning darshan in Sai Ramesh hall. And as usual he came near the birthday boys to bless them. One boy looked at Bhagwan's fingers and found that his right hand Index finger is wrapped with a medicated plaster bandage. So obviously Bhagwan had succumbed to an injury or cut on his Index finger. This boy observed this and came back to the hostel and the news spread like forest fire in the hostel. So we were all waiting for Bhagwan to come for Evening Bhajans. Bhagwan came and as usual bhajans started and bhagwan was in bliss. So obviously all the boys were looking at His fingers to find the plaster bandage. It was not found. And some boys even started scolding the boy who spread the news that bhagwan had a cut on His index finger. But this boy was quite sure of seeing this during morning darshan. So the evening bhajans were over, swami took aarthi and went back to Trayee.

Then Swami called us for Trayee session. So all of us went inside trayee and sat around His jhoola waiting for Him. The Lord came out of the door with full of bliss and shine. Since we were sitting very close to Him, the boys started looking at His finger from close quarters and were shocked to see the plaster bandage once again. So some of us asked Him what happened. Then swami told that when He was trying to cut something with knife His index finger got a deep cut and was bleeding profusely. Then when He was writing a letter to one elderly person of central trust the cut became more bigger (by holding the pen) and blood started oozing and the full paper was with blood. So the people around noticed this and gave Him a plaster bandage to cover the wound. So when Bhagwan came out for morning darshan, He found that people have noticed the bandage and were feeling bad that bhagwan got a cut on His finger and even some of the boys noticed this and were feeling sad for that. So when He came out for evening Bhajans, He had removed the bandage in order for people not to notice His injury. Look at His compassion. He doesn't want others to feel bad for His physical illness or injuries.

Then Bhagwan once again put the bandage back after coming back from Bhajans. So He was narrating us this. Then he started telling us that body is a water bubble. It is bound to undergo injuries and difficulties. One should not take these seriously and should concentrate on spiritual sadhana to reach Him.

But by then we broke down hearing this from Bhagwan and pleaded with Him to cure Himself. Then Bhagwan told one should not care of oneself and it's not right for Him to cure Himself. Then we were all continuously pleading with Him to cure Himself. Then swami said "OK", "If you're all feeling sad and bad about Bhagwan's injury, then I'll cure myself. For me my boys are everything, If they're not Happy then I'm not happy. So for their happiness, I'm curing myself".

Saying so, he removed the plaster bandage and showed us his cut finger. We could see the wounded finger. Then bhagwan just rubbed his index finger with His thumb 4-5 times. Lo and behold, the wound is vanished. Then He showed us His index finger, it was clear, clean without even a trace of an injury. We were all excited and elighted to witness such a miracle of curing Himself for our sake.

So such is the compassion of our beloved lord, that He feels that others should be happy always and He's ready to do anything for our happiness. But it's our divine commitment that we should make Him happy by following His Divine teachings and show our selfless Love towards Him.

Hope all of you enjoyed reading this experience.

Jai Bolo Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba ji ki.....Jai!!!


Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/3693
Posted by Prasanna Raman on Friday, August 27, 2004 5:19 PM

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