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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The experiencing of Divine Mother Sai's Compassion and Omnipresence

My dear Sai brothers and sisters,

Sai Ram. Wish you all Happy, Prosperous, Healthy and Peaceful Ugadhi – New Year.

On this auspicious day of Ugadhi, I would like to recollect and share some incidents, which happened many years back in Bangalore on the eve of Ugadhi when we had the good fortune of experiencing personally our Divine Lord Sai’s Divine motherly compassion, which has no parallel.

Swami was in Bangalore during the Ugadhi festival at the time when the Bangalore college building was nearing completion. We – the members of Brindavan Sevadal – had gone to Brindavan the previous day of Ugadhi itself for making arrangements for the festival, decoration, preparation of food for Narayana Seva and various other works. We divided ourselves into various groups for different works and were carrying on the assigned duties. Some cleaning the place; some tying buntings; some decorating the stage; some preparing the audio systems; some canteen works; some preparing food for Narayana Seva the next day, some on gate duties, etc. Those days, all the present buildings were not there. Our Sevadal room was in a shed-like building where the present toilets are located behind the present foreigners’ quarters/canteen building. Our works were not completed by evening. After our dinner we continued the works during the night also. Since Swami was there, every one was working without making any noise and talking in whispering tones.

Myself and other Sevadal brothers like Shri Rangarajan, Dy. General Manager, BEML [now retired], Shri Gopalakrishnan, Senior Industrial Relations Manager, HAL [retired and presently working in Brindavan Hostel], and some other senior members were cutting vegetables and other related works for the preparation of sweet Pongal and sambar rice for Narayana Seva the next morning. It was 1.00 AM. Our works continued. Around 1.15 AM, one of our Sevadal brothers suggested preparation of tea or coffee to overcome sleep and tiredness. One brother went into the kitchen for the same and returned saying that there were only tea and coffee powder, sugar and jaggery but not milk and so could not make tea or coffee. One of us suggested to prepare black tea or coffee itself without milk. But majority did not accept this suggestion and suggested, recitation of ‘Sairam’ will remove all our fatigue and the matter was dropped at that. All these took just about five minutes or so and we had forgotten about it.

After about 15 or 20 minutes, one student came into our room with a can of milk. When we asked him why he brought milk at that odd hour, he said that Swami had asked him to take milk to Sevadal room saying, “Sevadal wanted to prepare coffee and tea but there is no milk. They are working throughout night. They must be very tired. Take the milk to Sevadal room and give. Let them prepare tea and coffee for all”.


Those who have visited Brindavan would know the distance between the old Sevadal room far away at entrance gate and the abode of Swami. We were all thinking Swami is sleeping and did not want to make any noise to disturb Swami’s sleep. Our discussion took place inside a Sevadal room in the Sevadal building far away from Swami’s abode. But our Divine Mother showed us that She is always with us knowing everything we do and ready to attend to our needs like a mother attending to the needs of her infant child.


Then we thought when our Swami is so compassionate to send us milk at that odd hour, how could He have disturbed the sleep of the student at that late night hour. Then we thought that it may not be a student and Swami Himself would have come in the guise of a student! This thought further overwhelmed all of us. This is one of the many Divine experiences we had to realise the OMNIPRESENCE of Swami. Oh, Mother Sai, how many births we should take to repay our gratitude for your Divine Love and Compassion for us!


This took place at the time of inauguration of the Whitefield college building. Swami was in Bangalore. We – all Brindavan Sevadal brothers and sisters - were working at the college building. Many of us were laying the brick borders on both sides of the pathway and around the plants, in front of the fountain, etc. One called Ramsingh supervised our work. We were all officials and we did not know proper alignments of laying the bricks. Ram Singh always used to insist us relaying the bricks very often. The same works were done and redone many times right from 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM. Still there was no satisfactory progress of the work. Swami was expected to visit the college building around 4.30/5.00 PM after giving evening Darshan. We were all working with great tension. Again this Ram Singh came around 2.00 PM and commented on our work and wanted to relay the bricks on the pathway again. We all lost patience. Our friend Shri Rangarajan got wild and shouted at Ram Singh saying, “Mr. Ram Singh, who are you to give instructions to us? We will do our work in whichever way we think it better. This much only we know and can do. If you want to do it in a better way, you do it yourself. It is none of your business and you are nobody to comment on our works or give instructions to us. If our work is not good, let Swami tell it. Who are you to tell it?” Then there were arguments and counter arguments and with this Mr. Ram Singh disappeared from the scene! Then we concentrated on the work and completed.

At about 5.00 PM, after giving evening Darshan in Brindavan, Swami drove into the college campus. We were all standing lined up on both side of the pathway from gate to the portico of the college. You know what happened! Swami got down from the car half way on the road and started walking. He walked and came to the exact spot where the quarrel between Rangarajan and Ram Singh took place, stood there for a while seeing the works we had done, particularly which Ram Singh said it was not good. Then seeing all of us, said: “Bagha undhi, bagha undhi” [looks very nice, looks very nice] and then went near the fountain, seeing the boys’ idols in the fountain, said, “Fatty boys!! Antha bagha undhi, bagha sesiundaru bangaru” [very nice, done well], saying thus went into the college auditorium. We were all happy to hear these from Swami Himself and at the same time wondering why Swami was telling these at the same spot where the quarrel took place. Perhaps our Omnipresent Mother saw the quarrel and wanted to tell and appreciate our work Himself as commented by Rangarajan.  This is another experience for us to feel the Omnipresence of our Divine Mother Sai.

Since these incidents happened during Ugadhi days many years ago, I thought it fit to share them with all of you on this auspicious Ugadhi day.

With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother Sai

Sai brother    

M. Palaniswamy


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