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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The house where God lives

In the summer of 1950, a friend and I moved from our digs to a cheaper accommodation in the Salvation Army Hostel in Boscombe, Bournemouth, England.

It was there that in the night of one of the summer months I had a dream which I realised in retrospect to be a vision. Two Beings clad in white with what appeared to be wings, came for me. I found myself in between them in space moving at tremendous speed. I was not at all frightened and we eventually found ourselves in a beautiful garden. They stood on either side of me and pointed to a house at a distance surrounded by trees and flowers. I saw only parts of the house because of the vegetation in my view. Then they said, "That is the house where God lives."

As we stood there I wished God would come out of the house so that I could have a glimpse of Him. But it was not to be. They told me of a few things that were to happen in my immediate life (all of which came about later) and then I was escorted back to my bed by a trip through space.

I awoke to find myself lying supine and straight in bed with my arms by my sides. I realised that the dream was unusual so I immediately took a pen and wrote down all I could remember. I have since narrated this vision to my friends and seekers on the path.

Then in 1977 I heard, as I said before, of Bhagavan Baba through a Philippino lady in Accra. In 1978 I visited Prashanthi Nilayam (Baba's ashram) to realise that where I stood with those Beings in 1950 is where the Poornachandra Auditorium stands at present.

On the morning of November 23, 1978, when we were all seated in front of the Mandir (where God lives) awaiting the emergence of Baba, I found myself seated in between two friends from Ghana and all three of us were dressed in white. Baba came and stood a few yards from where we were seated and gave us a very sweet smile. I had the presence of mind to smile back and He stood long enough to enable me to take a few pictures of Him. One of the pictures came out with a blue halo around His head.

My brother, my sister, my friend, if you still have any doubts about the Godhead of Bhagavan go to Prashanthi Nilayam and pray with a pure heart for that experience.

Since I entered into the Sai fold I have seen Baba in my dreams. This occurs a number of times every year. Last year I dreamt of Him on my birthday. After the medical camp organised in Ghana by the Sai Organisation in 1986 I had a dream in which I bowed before Him and He gave me a big pat on my back.

In 1985, while I was in London I started to bleed from piles. I decided to spend Christmas in Puttaparthi so I flew to Bangalore on the 18th December 1985. Baba happened to be in Brindavan so I went straight there. Meanwhile my bleeding piles continued and I was alarmed, knowing the complications.

I wrote to Swami for a cure and He took the note from me the following day at darshan. The profuse bleeding stopped from that day as if a tap had been turned off. As I write now on 25 May 1988, two and a half years after the attack, I am free from recurrent bleeding which is the natural history of piles. What is more remarkable is that my "bowel habits" have changed and I no longer suffer from constipation even though my eating habits and occupation have remained the same. I once arranged a bhajan in my residence and two of the photographs of Swami had vibhuti appearing on them from nowhere.

Dr. H.K. Takyi - Ghana, Africa
Consultant Surgeon and Senior Lecturer Surgery, University of Ghana Medical School

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