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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  An experience at Annual Sports Meet, 1991

I would like to narrate about two incidents which happened during Annual sports meet. Annual sports meet is the regular event. Let me briefly explain what is this sports meet and its significance. The free education offered at Parthi by Bhagawan composes of all ingredients for a better student. This has a part for sports, yoga, spirituality, discipline apart from imparting education. Students have to undergo physical fitness regularly in the evenings. They have to go for exercises, and different games which are available in the hostel. Swami conducts regular music and cultural programs so that each and every student has a role to play in this programs.

Well, coming to this story of sports meet once in a year Sathya Sai Institute od Higher learning conducts Sports meet for all the three campuses (Puttaparthi ,Brindavan and Anathapur). The students go for rigorous training in different disciplines to show their talent to Bhagawan and impress Him. Some of the feats are very difficult to emulate by common people. Like Parachute jumping, Taking off through a motorized glider, Jumping over a running car from a stationary van, yoga on motor cycles as the list goes on and on.

This particular incident took place in 1991 when I was in Parthi. I forgot, This function annually takes place before Sankrnathi or second week of January. Students performed a lot of incidents and the end program was motor cycle stunt. One of the item was a student jumps from an elevated ramp to another elevated ramp which are of 6 feet high and are seperated by 5 feet distance. Jumping from one ramp to another was not a big deal. To impress the audience and to show their valor to none other than Bhagawan Himself students thought of adding fire in between the ramps. Well, Students had practiced this feet without fire in between the ramps, and wanted to have real stunt on the final day. Now the stunt started. The ramps were setup and the fire was lit. Now Anil Patle 1989 - 1991 batch MBA student started on his bike. When he was approaching the ramp the fumes and smoke became so thick he could not see the ramp on the second side. People from both sides of the ramps had no problem in seeing the ramps. Anil did not want to stop and thus generate great disappointment to Swami and to himself. He recollected his heroics during the practice and filling Gods name and thoughts in his heart jumped over. Perfect takeoff. He zoomed through the flames and landed on the second ramp as expected. Great applause. Swami was till the on the verge of the seat got up and started clapping. Everyone was so happy and as usual all the students who participated in the event went for Bhagawan's padanamskar. Swami patted this boy and said "Dunnapotha, Look at the ramp and jump do not push everything on God" chided lovingly.

The next morning Swami got the photographs of the motor stunt. He came over to our hero in question and showed the photograph. In that one shot was taken when the vehicle was landing. The picture was so vivid ( I still remember) that only the front wheel was touching the ramp and the back wheel was already going down in the fire. Anyone can understand that Anil reached early and no way he could make it to a safe feat without a back lift from  Bhagawan. Then Anil understood the meaning of what Bhagawan said while taking padanamaskar. Currently this boy Anil Patle is working in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Medical sciences.

This story whenever I think of gives me tremendous confidence that He is there to take care of, so long I think of Him. There are lot of incidents happened to many students during their stay in Parthi and away from Parthi. This is only one such a small incident.

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