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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Presence of Baba in the house

- Ashok Kumar Gupta

May 2004, our retirement day, we were to shift from the government flat to our own house. It was our last Sai Amrit Vani in the old house; we allowed devotees to bring prasad/bhog [offerings] for Baba. The place was packed to capacity. Vibhuti was coming from almost all the photos and statues of Baba kept in the mandir [temple] and all over the house. We recited
Sai Amrit Vani. It was so soothing and refreshing, words cannot explain the experience. We felt the presence of Baba at that time. One can only imagine when one sees the lap of Mrs. Veena Gupta filled with Udi/Vibhuti. Mrs. Gupta prayed for all present and for all who had asked for prayers. People had darshan of Baba all over the house. Now it was time for prasad distribution. A wide variety of prasad was prepared, filling all tables. There was not a single item which was not blessed with Udi. Mrs. Gupta distributed the Prasad. As devotees started eating, a dog, of dark black color, opened the door by pushing it. It was very strange for a dog to come upstairs on the first floor and to open the door like that. People started giving him prasad from their plates.
Even I gave him a good amount of prasad and then shut the door. He again opened the door with his paw. People asked Mrs. Gupta to feed him, only then he would go. Mrs. Gupta gave him all the variety of Prasad like Pakodas, Kari-Rice, Poolav, different types of sweets, and so on. She finally asked him to leave as he had eaten enough. The dog went away. Now the discussion started that it was Baba in that roop [form]. To end the discussion, Mrs. Gupta said that we should leave it to Baba, and prayed that if that was you then please let us see one more roop/leela of yours. After that some people went to the mandir (in the kitchen). To their surprise they saw three lines of chandan [sandalwood] appearing on the forehead of the photo from which the Udi was coming. It was wet. People started weeping with joy. Some remained stunned. This was unimaginable. This may look like a story. But this really happened and it happens often. Words are not enough to explain the leelas of Baba.

Source: Om Sai Mandir Newsletter July 2004; Volume1, Issue 3
Om Sai Mandir Website: http://www.omsaimandir.org/

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