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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Sai protects those who surrender

A devotee was performing Bhajans regularly in his house. One day he received a threatening letter. It read thus, "You cheat people by telling lies; you have to stop the bhajan within seven days of receiving this letter. Otherwise, your head will be sheared." The devotee did not get perturbed even in the least. He continued the bhajan without any change. He knew very well that the name of Sai is the best shield against all such threats.
Seven days had lapsed. The naxalite who wrote the letter was infuriated with anger and decided on a plot to execute his threat the next morning. He entered the house of the devotee very early in the morning stealthily. This devotee had gone into the bathroom to have his bath and to get ready for the morning prayers. The naxalite blinded by his anger, aimed a knife at this devotee and delivered the knife. What happened? A whirlwind with an orange hue appeared in front of the devotee. A soft hand pushed him to a corner of the room. The knife missed the target and fell down with a loud noise. On hearing the sound of the knife falling and the running of a man, the devotee's wife and others came running. There was a fragrance of viboothi filling the space. They could see viboothi all over the body of the devotee. He was dazed. Yes! Baba had come to save the devotee. They realized that Baba had come to save His devotee in time.

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