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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  How I met Baba at the airport and other experiences


Materialisation of a Gold Chain - My experiences with Baba - 7


The background to the story: My mother in law out of her affection made a gold chain with the locket of Hanuman and gifted me sometime in 2000 when me and wife were in Madurai. I was not very keen to wear gold but on her insistence was wearing that chain. Everyday evening I used to remove that chain and put it around Baba's photo in my bedroom. In a month's time that chain went missing. As usual the suspect was the servant who used to clean the room. Anyway it was given up after a full search of the house. Subsequently we shifted to Hyderabad in 2002 Jan and then two houses in Hyderabad.

Whenever conversation on gold or chain etc used to come up my wife used to remark "ya, ya, you have no value for Gold....You cooly put on Baba's photo and it was lost". The subtle implication of that statement was "Your Baba did not take care of your chain". That always used to hurt me as unnecessarily blame was on Baba.

On Tuesday 20th July 2004, we were sitting in our home in Hyderabad watching the Sanskar channel at 9pm - the programme titled "LOVE GIVES AND FORGIVES". During the course of the program Baba was seen giving (in a physical sense throwing) sarees, dhotis, chocklates etc to ladies, gents and children. It was on various occasions when he was giving away gifts that was edited and put into a single program.

While watching my mother in law sitting next to me commented: Hey Baba you are throwing gifts at everyone. Why dont you also THROW something to us. I immediately commented: "Mother in law, you are in darkness ! Baba is verily God. He can throw anything at anybody anytime. Only He has to will it, thatsall.

Next day morning around 8.45am I just came from bath and standing under the fan and away from cupboards. A glittering gold chain just fell near my feet from nowhere. I only could see "a bunch of shine" falling. I bent down and picked up and it was a brand new gold chain with a Hanuman locket. Without removing the hook I wore. It was a perfect fit. I was spell bound. I did not know how it suddenly fell in front of me. I immediately showed it to my mother in law and she was flabbergasted. I checked with her and my wife that they did not make another chain for me.

The only thing I could conclude going by the previous night's conversation was that Swami THREW this chain at me as if to answer my mother in law's prayer. Also, it was one way to silence my wife who was compaining that the chain that I put on Baba's photo went missing. It was a miracle beyond words. I was thrilled not by the Gold but by the ACT OF GOD. The incident itself.

This proves that Baba waits for the right occasion and whenever he performs a miracle a couple of points are always addressed. But the truth is He is omnipresent and omnipotent and always listens to us all the time, all the places - that exactly sums up when he says: I am in you, around you, above you, below you and behind you. SAIRAM.


Lovingly contributed by Ramu.
Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/3576

August 20
, 2004



Swami Listen to the Heart - My Experiences with Baba - 6


On the evening of Sunday, August 15, 2004 my friend and family were leaving for Chennai after a brief stay with us. When they were leaving I wanted to give a cash gift to their two sons aged 10 and 11 as they recently had the "thread ceremony" (Yagnopaveetham- initiation of Gayathri mantra) done at Chennai and I could not attend the same.

I located one Baba's small pocket calender of 2002 in my purse and was looking for another desperately in my rack and house so that I can give one each to them for them to keep. I could not find and was sad and disappointed that I was unable to give one each to them and it was working on my mind.

So I tucked the currency notes around Baba's calender and put into a single cover and called the boys into my room and wished them well and spoke to them on the importance of chanting Gayathri Mantra and gave the cover to their joint hands. After they left the room again I searched the room to locate another of Baba's pocket calender as I was still unhappy.

When I went back to the hall the boys were holding one each of the pocket calender in their hands !! I was shocked and asked them where they got two??!! They said Uncle there were two of them amidst the currency notes. The second one was identical too and was of 2002 only.

I could easily see that Swami had materialised the second one so that they both got one each and heard my silent worry on this and made everyone happy. To those who wanted to ask me : Are you sure there was only one when you put it in the cover: My answer: " Yes there was only one and I was handling it for more than 5 minutes in my hand seeing front and back and I also know the cover was empty when I put it inside. For a person desperate to have two definitely the concentration level would be more to know if two had pre-existed!!)

Knowing Swami's Leelas I was so happy that he heard the prayer from the heart and instantaneously doubled the calenders. JAI SAI RAM.


Lovingly contributed by Ramu.
Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/3516
August 16
, 2004



Swami comes to rescue at Sabarimala - My Experiences - 6



The last I wrote was how swamy cut his birthday cake on Nov 23 kept in the altar in my friend's place in Coimbatore and presented in the cake box 4 silver coins carrying the image of Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimalai (Kerala, India). On seeing the coins my first thoughts were that Swami is wanting me to go to Sabarimalai which I never gave a thought to though I was in Coimbatore at that time for nearly 5 years.

Soon the President of a leading company in Coimbatore, who is my friend offered to take me to Sabarimalai and that was on April 14 - happenned to be Vishu - Malayalee new year. Visiting for the first time and being slightly overweight the task of walking bare foot for 5 kms uphill was indeed daunting. We originally planned to start the trek at 5am and come down by 10.30 or so to avoid the summer heat. But it so happenned that it was already noon when completed darshan of Swami Ayyappa and we started our return journey down. I was tired and there were boils on my foot making it absolutely difficult to walk in the hot sun on a stretch strewn with stones and pebbles. My friend too had difficulty but he said he was used to this.

I writhed in pain, walking ten feet and looking for a shelter - nowhere to be seen - that too being non-season the shops were also less. I was in tears. I cried and prayed to Swami: Swami you only gave me the coins of Lord Ayyappa and indicated me to go to Sabarimalai. So I have come. What is this heat and I am unable to trek down. See that it rains or do something. But you should do something, please. Else I can't go down"

Once this prayer was sent to Swami as me and my friend walked another 5 minutes we encountered one beggar, could be 65 years, talking Malayalam and partly Tamil. He offered his rubber sandals to me to be worn and offered to tie an old clothe to my friend's feet to prevent heat. I was glad for the offer of chappals for me and asked him where he was going. He told that he was also coming down. Immediately I asked him "then how will you walk in the heat? You will require the slippers for you". He said " This heat is nothing new to me, I have travelled long distances. Only you require the sandals and asked me to wear and happily climb down". He requested us to drop him in a nearby village on the way back and came behind us talking....blabberring....commenting "look this young man is so happy now wearing sandals and he is walking so easily" etc. My task became easy while my friend managed somehow and with this old man finally all of us came down.

Immediately we wanted to drink tender coconut and offered this beggar also one. He sat down and drank and was eating the coconut kernel inside the tender coconut. Me and my friend were chatting wating for this man to finish so that we can drop him on the way. We took a few steps and turned back to call him HE WAS NOT THERE. HE WAS NOT ANYWHERE AROUND. OLD MAN....NO OTHER PLACE TO GO THERE WITH RIVER ON ONE SIDE, PATHWAY TO CLIMB THE OTHER SIDE. Both were shell shocked. Madly searched for him - HE WAS NOT THERE. I looked at my foot. Slippers were intact. I realised BHAGAWAN had come in the form of beggar to give me slippers and vanished in no time. He answered my call and I realised when you are suffering the call naturally comes from the depths of the heart and hence God instantly responds. At that point I recalled reading in one of the books on Swami that Swami gave darshan to an elderly lady when she visited Sabarimalai. Swami's head was seen at the place of Ayyappa's and she "scolded" Swami for obstructing Ayyappa's view to her. When she went back to Puttaparthi Swami asked her : "How dare you say no when I give darshan at Sabarimalai?"". Love and pranams to Swami the universal god.

Lovingly contributed by Ramu.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/2613
May 29, 2004



Swami cuts Birthday Cake - V


During my stay in Coimbatore, as I had written earlier, I had experienced and been witness to several miracles. In my friend Sai Sudha's house we had the habit of decorating Swamy's photographs on 22nd night on the eve of His birthday on 23rd. We used to buy a cake from the local departmental store and ice it "Happy Birthday to Sai" and keep the same alongwith a knife at the altar.

I have seen in the morning all photos of Swamy splashed with Vibhuthi and I have seen payasam (a sweet preparation with milk) drunk by Swamy and the remnants sticking around the mouth of Swamy in the photo. When the packing is cut and cake box is opened we found the cake cut and a piece missing and a lot of Vibhuthi / Kumkum sprinkled in the cake box. I have seen Amrit oozing out of Mary's photo on the B'day in their altar.

This ritual I have witnessed from 95 to 99 till I was in Coimbatore. During one of the birthdays after keeping the cake box I prayed Swami to give me a new "yagnopavitam" (the cross thread worn by brahmins) as I lost the one I was wearing some days earlier.

On the birthday next day after the puja when I cut open the box, I saw a new Yagnopavitham (cross thread) neatly placed on the cake and 4 silver coins marked on one side with"om" (in tamil) and picture of Lord Ayappa of Sabarimala on the other side appreared as gifts besides the usual cake being cut and a piece vanishing.

It was a real thrill for me and inexplicable joy seeing something no one would believe and here's the God answering what you wanted and showing his omnipresence. During that period, I think in 1998, me and Sai Sudha were in Madras on swamy's birthday. We did not want to miss the ritual. So I bought the cake and both of us went to Sundaram (Swamy's temple in Madras) around 8.30am by which the regular pooja was over and we placed the cake box in front of Swamy's chair and stood in prayer for a minute. Sai Sudha said "yes, Swami has cut the cake". And yes, the cake piece was missing and kumkum was in the box. Where is Puttaparthi and where is Madras?

What more prooof of divinity, omnipresence is called for. And everytime it was a surprise and thrill but can't share with the world, except close Sai friends, for fear of ridicule and disbelief.

And yes, when the 4 silver coins of Ayyappa were materialised by Swami in the cake box, I took it as a signal from Swamy for me to visit Sabarimala. What happened there let me share in my next letter.

(Note: In fact I had taken snaps of the materialisations in the cake box but misplaced the photos during shifting from Coimbatore)

Love and pranams to the lotus feet of Bhagawan: Ramu

Lovingly contributed by Ramu.
Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/2332
May 4, 2004



The Missing Scent Bottle - My Experiences - IV

Sai Ram:

Reading that Swamy has come to Whitefield, Bangalore on April 1, 2004, this incident which occurred some years ago came to my mind.

Me and my friend Sai Sudha started from Coimbatore to Whitefield via Bangalore. While starting from the apartment Sai Sudha's neighbour presented her a brand new scent bottle. Those were the days when I was beginning to understand Swamy and was trying to "understand miracles".

On reaching Bangalore, readying after freshening up in a cousin's place, she looked for the scent bottle for using. The thick cover containing the scent bottle was only there in the bag but the bottle was missing. Having seen a lot of miracles in their house, I told her that "your Swami would have vanished it". She felt very bad that the bottle gifted by her friend was missing and we searched the entire bag upside down, in the house, and finally declared it as "lost".

On reaching Whitefield we learnt that Swami finished the morning darshan and Swami went out. After some time people started running inside shouting Swami's car was coming and people started lining on both sides. As the car approached Sai Sudha, Swami raised his hand and playfully smiled at her with raised eye brows from behind the glass door of the car. Instantly the scent bottle came into her folded palms. She was sprayed with the scent and the bottle that was presented to her by her friend in Coimbaotore that went "missing" was materialised by Swami in a jiffy and given to her. People around us were asking "what is the pleasant smell around?"

Only we two knew the miracle and I was spell bound. That was one more lesson in my continuing study that Swami is omnipresent.



Lovingly contributed by Ramu.
Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/1975
April 3, 2004


How I Met Baba at Airport - My Experiences - III

Sairam to all:

The year I exactly do not remember - it was 1997 or '98. I was working in Coimbatore. Baba came to Kodaikanal and nearly for about a week rumours were afloat that he was passing through Coimbatore on his way back to Bangalore. Finally news came one Sunday evening that Baba would be visiting Coimbatore the next day - Monday - visiting someone's house at 10am, give darshan in a marriage hall on the way to airport at 12 noon and take the Indian Airlines flight to Bangalore at 1.30pm along with his entourage of nearly 50-70 foreigners/students/samiti members.

From Sunday night I prayed Swami that he should give me an opportunity to meet Him that too passing thro' Coimbatore, he should not let me down having come that way after a couple of years. Monday morning I was in office at 9.30 when somehow I got to know through my Coimbatore friend Sai Sudha that one of our common family friends Col Kannan was in charge of Swamy's and entourage's luggage to be taken care of at airport. I contacted him to take me along with him. He said airport passes are already made out to him, his wife and my friend Sai Sudha and it was too late for me but any way advised me to come to airport at 12 noon. I was intensely praying Swami for darshan.

Finally I left for airport at 12 by which time Swami would be reaching the marriage hall for general darshan. Col Kannan was at the entrance and he took me inside from the main entrance and made me to sit in the waiting room along with his wife and Sai Sudha who had passes. Meanwhile I took a small paper and wrote a small letter and stapled it and wondered that I did not even have a cover and thougt what a way to give letter to Swami.

Now the lorry with luggage came and Col Kannan was busy sending it inside and the entourage had arrived and they were given boarding passes and they passed thro the next gate and then security check. Next Col Kannan and his wife and Sai Sudha entered the second gate and not knowing what to do I followed them from behind. They had passes I had none. Not even the entrance ticket. Next they passed thro the metal detectors and I too walked behind them. No body stopped me, not even checked me. Finally the last gate and they went past and I also walked behind them. They were walking to the aircraft and I was too !! The entire entourage got into the aircraft and Col Kannan turned back and looked at me with raised eye brows and and signalled "silence". Finally we were waiting at the entrance to the aircraft with the district collector and some VIPs standing there. We were all standing in a row. To my thrill, Swami's red car arrived. Swami was visible thro the glass and he raised his eyebrows seeing Sai Sudha and raised His hand in blessing. Instantly a silver medallion was materialised in her hand which I saw instantaneously. Then he got down the car I gave the letter and Swami had taken the letter and blessed me. My closest encounter with Swami ever. Then he went up the stairs and raised both the hands and blessed. We moved away and stood afar to watch the aircraft take off. Again we were standing in a row.

The flight took off and the person next to me in white and white asked me "Hey, where do your work?". I said "Housing Development Finance Corp". He introduced himself as Gosain, DGM, Airports Authority of India and incharge of the airport at Coimbatore. He was enquiring with me about details of housing loans and being with the top person of the airport the exit doors opened and we were saluted and I came out of the airport assuring him to send loan details. As I was returning back, the thousands gathered in the marriage hall were just then dispersing.

Swami responded to my prayer. He willed, no security stopped me. I passed thro 3 gates manned by Police including metal detectors unquestioned. Met Swami, got blessed, saw miracle. Finally, when Swami took me in, He took upon himself the responsibility of putting me on to DGM of Airports authority to escort me out safely from the high security area. Escorted out with salute !! The DGM Gosain also never came back for any loan. It was all his leela. Everytime now I go into an airport and go thro the rigors of security check I always think of that day when Swami made security itself as nothing. Jai Sai Ram.


Lovingly contributed by Ramu.
Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/1828
March 20, 2004


My First Hand Experiences - II

This incident occured on November 23, 2003:

Sathya Sai Youth, Hyderabad regularly conducts medical camps in the interiors of the fluroide affected areas in the backward Nalgonda district, which is an hour's drive from Hyderabad.

On that day it was our turn at home to make one item for Lunch for our volunteers and doctors to be served in the afternoon. My mother in law prepared curd rice. In the morning before leaving for Nalgonda at 6.30am I kept the curd rice dish in front of Swami's photo and offered as "prasadam". I prayed Swami to partake of the offering and prayed for a sign of acceptance and His being present in the house being His birthday.

Lo and belold. When I returned in the evening after service, I closely observed Swami's photograph. The curd rice particles where sticking on his mouth on the photograph exterior. Swami has indeed partaken the food offered as prasad and shown his omnipresence more so on His birthday.

I have taken it straight as I have seen similar incidents first hand in my friend's place in Coimbatore some years ago. Will share more personal incidents as I keep recalling as such sharing of first hand incidents, I believe, would make everyone FEEL the omnipresence when they hear from all over the world and that they are not isolated coincidences but only sai-incidents.

Sai Ram and Love,


Lovingly contributed by Ramu.
Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/1733
March 12, 2004


Satya Sai Miracles - My First Hand Experiences - I

Sai Ram !

A few months ago that was the first time I attended Grama Seva (medical camp) in a village in Nalgonda, near Hyderabad. In fact that was the very fist time I attended any service activity of Swamy's. During a small break in the day time during service about 5 of us went to the nearby fields and I narrated to them my experience of miracles with Swamy.

I happened to narrate an incident where Swamy's Abhayahastha (full palm) appeared on the dressing mirror in my friend's house in Coimbatore.. In fact there were three impressions. That was around 1996. I rubbed with my hand but the impressions were in tact for about a week in their house (where I witnessed a lot of miracles to confirm Swamy's presence). Every one rejoiced and went back to service activity.

Evening after the service and "pallaki seva" (palanquin service ) around 7.30pm we started our return journey by my car. Another Sai brother was driving. He was talking of that Nalgonda area being infested with naxals and was telling how naxals operate in such remote villages. It was pitch dark and I prayed Swamy that we should be safely out on to the main road.

As we were talking we took the wrong road and went into the interiors and roads were isolated and pitch dark except our car head lights. Having heard the naxalites story I continued praying Swamy to be present along with us. We finally stopped an oncoming car and enquired and retraced our road and hit the Nagarjuna Sagar High way to Hyderabad. Near Ibrahimpatnam, we stopped the car for having some tea. I sat in the car front seat as my friends got down for tea. Suddenly I noticed with the help of the headlights of the on coming vehicles an Abhayahastha on the car front glass pane. The abhayahastha was in the centre from inside (just behind the rear view mirror inside the car).

I called in joy my friends and we watched in ecstasy Swamy's ahayahastha imprinted inside my car. Swamy blessed me when I was in fear of being lost in the forest a while ago and blessed in the same style as discussed that morning about the Abhayahastha appearing in my friends house proving a couple of points; One, He was listening to whatever we spoke in the morning and two blessed to show He is omnipresent and not to fear thus answering my prayer; and imprinted in such a way in the top centre INSIDE the car (behind the rear view mirror) to avoid the imprint being mistaken by me or other friends for some villager's hand print while the car was parked during service. Lastly He blessed me for attending the service camp for the first time in my life though I came into Swamy's fold more than a decade ago. All points proved/clarified/established by the omnipresent Swamy.

Sai Ram.

G S V Ramu with love and Pranams to Bhagawan.

Lovingly contributed by Ramu.
Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/1443
February 17, 2004

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