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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Prof Kasturi and Governor's Birthday

Prof says once it happened to me. Swami was in Whitefield at that time and the private Secretary of the state Governor was running about to carry a message to Swami. Unfortunately for me, he saw me, and said "Mr. Kasturi, I am glad you are here. I am trying to contact Swami, but not able to do so. Tomorrow is Governor's birthday and He wants to come to offer his homage to Swami tomorrow morning. So Please find out from Swami when he can come.

"My head began swelling! "Ah private secretary of Swami!" I accepted the assignment and asked him to wait. I went inside the bungalow, and waited for Swami being alone. Because, if Swami reprimands me, there should be no witness of my discomfort!

I succeeded in having Him alone, and said "Swami private secretary to Governor" and so on. Swami was furious. He said " Who gave you authority to wag your tail here.

If you wag your tail, I will cut it. Why did you accept the assignment? That man asked you" to find from Swami! Is it a thing to be found out? It is his birthday, he wants to come, and I will have to be ready to receive him, is it? Tell that man that the gate will be open from 6 am to 8 p.m. nothing very remarkable about Governor's visit. It is not such important thing that you bring that message to me.

You got my reply, now go back and tell him. What is all this nonsense? This is what I got. So don't take advantage of closeness and don't allow your head to swell! You should not look down upon others, who have not that chance. You should not try to find out the reason for your being graced so much to be near Him.

Even the slightest wave of egoism in your mind is unspiritual, because Swami is spiritual leader. So every act of His, ever gesture of His, every word of His, is to promote our spiritual progress, to illumine our consciousness, to elevate our consciousness.

Swami Says: "Life is a game of football. You are the ball, and you are bound to be thrown and kicked about, this side and that. How long have you to bear this treatment? Until the air is full in the ball. Deflate it; no one will kick it again. The air that inflates it is ego. When the ego is out, bliss comes in.

Jai Sai Ram

Courtesy: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saidevotees_worldnet/

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