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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The vision of Lord Subramainam

It is strange to understand the form and leelas of God. As He is omnipotent He can take any form to develop faith in a devotee. You pray Him with love and sincerety He will manifest in the form you thought and answer the prayers. Here is an incident which depicts this very nature of God.

In 1943 Mrs. Bhat developed cancer of the uterus. Medical men advised an operation though there was no certainity that this would be successful. Mr. Bhat’s widowed mother was staying with the young couple at the time, and she said to her son, “Lord Subramaniam cured your father of cancer without any operation. in the same way he will cure your wife.”

The old lady’s faith was tremendously strong that the young couple agreed to forgo surgery and place themselves entirely in the hands of the household of god. Pujas to Lord Subramaniam were intensified, the religious practices became even more strict and devout than before, the prayers more fervent and prolonged. These pujas were now carried mainly by Mr. Bhat’s mother while
the young wife remained in the bed growing gradually thinner and weaker. This went on for about six months.

Then in one night in a state of semi-sleep, the patient saw in the dim light from the moon a large cobra circling her bed. Alarmed, she switched on her bedside lamp and woke her mother-in-law who was sleeping in the same room, her husband being absent on a business trip.

No snake was found in the room. Yet as soon as Mrs. Bhat switched off the light, she saw the cobra again, going around the bed. Almost the snake immediately took the form of Subramaniam, as she knew him from the portrait hanging in the puja room. He seemed to be floating her. The piercing her bosom with his velayudhan ( a kind of spear Subramaniam carries), he seemed to dram her away with him.

Soon she found herself standing before him on the peak of a high rocky hill. She knelt and touched his feet with her hands and forehead, and he began to talk to her. He asked her if she wanted to stay with him or go back to the world. She understood this to mean a choice between life and death. Thinking of her husband and young children and their need of her, she told Subramaniam that she wished to go back.

There was further conversation, and finally Subramainam said, “You are cured of illness, and soon will grow strong. Throughout your life I will protect you. whenever you think of me, I’ll be there. Now go back.”

“How?” she asked.

He pointed to a long winding, narrow staircase that had opened near thier feet, and led downward. She began to descend – then there seemed to be a break in her consciousness and she found herself back in the bed in her own room, awake. Immediately she woke her mother-in-law and told her about the vision. When her husband returned home she told him as well. But she regarded the experience as sacred , and did not make it known beyond the closest members of the family.

From that night onward she gained rapidly in strength and there was no more signs of cancer. Soon she was up and carrying on her normal life. Only there was a difference. Now in addition to her house hold duties and her religious observances, she devoted herself to social welfare work among the poor and needy. God had given her back her life, and she was determined to use it fully in his service as best she knew how.

It was twenty years later that Mr. and Mrs. Bhat first heard of Satya Sai Baba and went to Pransanthi Nilayam. To Mrs. Bhat he said, “I spoke to you long ago – twenty years ago.”

Greatly puzzled, she replied: “No Swamiji, this is my first visit.”

“Yes, yes, but I came to you when you were living in Mysore.” And he mentioned the name of the street and the city where she was living at the time of her cancer illness, when she had the vision of Subramaniam. Then she took her way up the narrow winding stairs which lead to this quarters above and told her to look down. Immediately she was reminded of the staircase leading down from the heights on which she had been with Subramaniam: in fact the two stairways remained identical. She was more bewildered than ever.

To help her understanding, Swami now waved his hand and from the air prodjced a photograph of himself in the somasutra (chariot) of Subramaniam with a cobra circling around him. Now a light began to dawn on her. God can take any form, she thought. He had come to her twenty years before in the form she worshipped, Subramaniam. Now he was here before her in the form of Satya Sai Baba. She fell at his feet, weeping tears of joy.

There are many incidents where Bhagawan appeared to devotees in disguise and later made them ralise that it was He who met them.

From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/30

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