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  Every Action of Bhagawan has a meaning, a lesson for everyone

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

SAI RAM to everyone.

The Following is the narration from my dear Friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

Everybody who has been associated with Bhagawan and his Mission in some way should and will understand that each every action of Bhagawan however strange it might be or seem will have a reason a strong reason, a meaning for everyone to understand and an undercurrent of Love. Bhagawan falling and injuring himself must and has a meaning which all of us will understand in the very near future, Bhagawan going to Prasanthi Nilayam only for a few precious hours, Bhagawan travelling such a long distance with Hundred's of people waiting to have his wonderful darshan and Bhagawan turning away and going Back, There will and must be a meaning for this action which we and everyone will understand as time progresses.

Almost the same thing happened in October 1965 in Venkatagiri, it was a wonderful incident which went to prove that all of Bhagawan's actions however strange they might seem have a meaning. Bhagawan whenever he used to come to Venkatagiri used to stop at the outskirts and the Raja of Venkatagiri used to meet Bhagawan and wash his feet and the water distributed at Prasadam to everyone. This was a ritual that was followed for many many years from the time Bhagawan started visiting Venkatagiri.

On that wonderful and sunny day in October 1965, after the "Padapooja" of Bhagawan was done, Bhagawan told the Raja that he wanted to visit the huge Temple of Sri Ramachandra, it is one of the oldest and biggest temples in Andhra Pradesh, Bhagawan went to the temple entrance took off his sandals put his right foot on the temple entrance and then told the Raja and everyone around that he would be going back to Prasanthi Nilayam, everyone was surprised and bewildered, but nobody dare ask Bhagawan anything, before getting into his car, Bhagawan smiled at the Raja and said "I am not angry with you or anyone, there is reason that you will understand later".

As Bhagawan's car was going away, everyone was skeptical about something happening, and something did happen, within a week, massive storms and incessant rains never seen before lashed the town in fact the whole district, water flooded the whole town, every house was almost submerged, every road under water, even the Raja's palace was threatening to go under water, the only place that did not get affected by the floods was the Sri Ramachandra's temple, the flood waters reached the Temple's premises and miraculously stopped in exactly the place where Bhagawan had stood a few days back.

The whole town was flooded except the Temple and that was where everyone in the town took refuge from the rains and storms, even today to this day whenever there are rains and as the Temple tank along with the river get flooded nearby, the water even today stops exactly at the "Simhadwaram" of the Temple where Bhagawan had stood and stopped Nature in its tracks.

Mysterious are Bhagawan's ways, His actions have meaning which is difficult to fathom and never to be questioned by anyone, everyone of Bhagawan's actions has a meaning which people will understand as time passes, as people will also understand Bhagawan's supposedly strange actions

May Bhagawan's Love, Faith and Blessings be on each and everyone of you.



Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/8084

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