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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  A Cosmic Portrait

This is another episode I received from one of the devotees from India. This
is collected from "The Living Divinity" written vu Shakuntala Balu. There a
few stories like this, which I promised to tell to you people in the last
week Bhajan. This is one of those incidents, which talk about Bhagawan who
is different from what we see with naked eye.

Signor Dante Bighi is a photographer and graphic artist from Italy. He learnt of Sri Sai Baba from friends.

The first time he went to Parthi was for a week in November, for Baba's birthday. The day he arrived at Parthi, Baba was celebrating a mass wedding for a hundred and fifty couples who could not have afforded grand weddings. That evening, when Baba came near to him, Sr.Bighi experienced "powerful spiritual vibrations." He felt a strange new peace and knew himself in the presence of a superior power. Baba materialized vibuthi for him. He accepted gratefully and expressed a birthday greeting. Baba smiled and said, "What is a birthday? The soul has no birthday. It is only the body."

A few months later, he again journeyed to India. His only aim was to meet and photograph Baba. His first meeting had given him so much joy. He arrived in Bangalore with an Italian friend, Sr.Craxi, a businessman and an ardent Sai devotee. Sr.Bighi had the great good fortune to have several interviews with Baba and many opportunities of photographing him. He specializes in outdoor photography using natural light and likes to have unusual and exotic effects.

"I want to take a divine picture of Swami." Sr.Bighi told over and over again to Shakuntala Balu. "Divine picture? You can only photograph Swami as he is. Don't tell me you will photograph a cross on him with your lens and get a divine Jesus photograph of Sai Baba," said Balu's husband. But Sr.Bighi brushed aside this pleasantry and said, "No, Mr. Balu, I will get my divine picture of Baba and you will see it. I want to photograph the sun and Swami, Oh, it will be fantastic. Swami has such a fantastic personality. Everything about him is captivating to me as a photographer. He is the ideal subject for any photographer, even as he is, but the sunlight streaming down on him, on his crown of hair ... Ah! That will be truly fantastic." Sr.Bighi was imagining how wonderful the photographs would be if only he could take some shots of Baba in The Sun and against the light.

His determination made us to pray that Baba would grant him his wish and pose for him in the Sun. Baba smilingly obliged. Sr.Bighi knelt and crawled to get his shots. He rolled from side to side, made various uncomfortable movements on the ground and carried on , clicking away happily. Baba, seeing his performance, asked, "Is there film in the camera? Everyone heard and laughed except for Sr.Bighi who had forgotten everything except " The Sun and Swami."

Baba granted two interviews to Sr.bighi and went over his whole life and Career with him. He materialized vibhuti and a locket for him. Sr.Bighi then asked for his robe and Baba said,"Yes." Sr.Craxi and Sr.Bighi were invited to attend an exclusive celebration at the Cowan Hostel (Hostel for Brindavan students) on Yugadi's Day. Baba, on that occasion, materialized the fabulous Kosala ring, a precious stone dating from the age of Sri Rama.

Before Sr.Bighi left, Baba gave him one of his robes. Sr.Bighi was overjoyed by the gesture. Once back in Milan, he made a special glass case in which to exhibit the robe. He calls it his portrait of Baba and what he means to him. The poem also explains the meaning and different aspects of the "portrait" in the glass case. Sr.Bighi says that whoever visits his studio finds the "portrait" too powerful. Some have even said, "Take it away, it is too strong, too much for me." Sr.Bighi is certain that some of Baba's extraordinary vibrations radiate from his "portrait."

Mrs. Balu protested," How can it be a portrait? It is only Swami's robe. You haven't even used some of your photographs to make up the head and limbs. One copy is sent to Mr.Balu, he exclaimed "This is unbelievable. Look! Bighi has got the cross on Swami's heart." In another one, Sr. Bighi had Lord Shiva's crescent moon in his hair and a luminous circle in the middle of his forehead where the third eye is thought to be.

Sr.Bighi would like to photograph Baba again and again. Asked why, he sighs, "I cannot explain. It is something I feel deep within me and I cannot express it in words. There is no personality like him on earth."

Some of the photographs which he clicked are still available in Parthi.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/44

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