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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Spiritual Sai and Physical Sai

Sai Ram,

We are all fortunate to acknowledge the divinity of Bhagawan and live in this kaliyuga while he is laying down the Royal Path to immortality. Blessed are we to witness the miracles of Bhagawan and have physical contact with him to realize the God through experiences. MAny have been touched and many cancer cures through his will that cancelled the cancer.

It is through his physical form of Bhagawan we are able to focus on the unseen GOD, but experience the unseen SAT-CHIT-ANANDASWAROOPAM through the Spiritual form of Bhagawn, our beloved "SWAMY". The I-WE-HE journey is idifficult if the physical Sai can not confer the grace of his divine Darsan, Sparsan and Sambhashan.

I developed Lupus in 1996. It was a very bad time in my life when I gave up my private practice, joined a corporation, had lost my house keeper to an accident, and my husband was very ill from 4 discectomies for herniated discs with symptoms of compression. I had to do a lot of things and had no energy secondary to the Lupus. The panels were very high at 1280 ANA titers. I was like an encaged bird with a soaring spirit in captivity. At times I used to have feelings of depression and confused state of mind.

I went to a rheumatologist and after some discussion I accepted to take Hydroxy CHolroquin, and no tthe steroids and methotrexate. I was 20% better. I continued meds between 1996 December through 1998 November. After a while I developed dark pigmentation and blue looking lips. My mother was scared to look at me. She made the comment about the way I looked. At that time, in USA, in November of 1998, I decided to stop the medicines and told Swami as I looke daat his picture on the wall, that I would be happy and would willingly die than take meds as I was not feeling god even with meds. My request to bhagawan is to take care of my young children and my husband.

Swami is Heart to Heart. He heard the prayer. He planne my trip to Brindavan and then to Delhi when he would be in Delhi. I never knew where I would stay till the previous day.

On March 8th I landed in Bangalore. I had a wonderful seating in the first row for the evening Bhajan Darshan. SWami looked at me as he was leaving while " Sashi Vadanaa" part of aarti being sung. A wave of electro magnetic field enveloped me and I could feel a winding wind around me from the toes to my head unwinding something in an anti clockwise fashion. and tehn Swami nodded his head as if he was throwing out something and looked at me to reassure and as if asking " Are you happy?"

After that the body aches, flu like feeling, joint pains, skin thickness all started leaving me. I started feeling better. I gradually improved and I am functioning at 75% of my functioning capacity. Thanks to Swami that he geve me this second life, otherwise I would have succumbed to the disease. This is one incident of connecting the grace of cosmic Sai as the indweller or the atma, that is an eternal witness even to my thought of giving up my life and willingly would invite death to purposeless daily meds. He picked up on the thought, and responded through his Physical form. That incident is not an imagination or faith healing. It is Grace conferred on a helpless devotee of Bhagawan. If he gives teh stamp, he will atke care. Now my Lipus titers are between 30 - 640, but I am able to live and not take meds. My Karma is mitigated to tolerable level.

He is the giver of grace and blessings as he Wills. He is the unseen and intangiblr divinity, that came in that finite form out of love and compassion for humanity.
Sai Ram,

Meena Chintapalli

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