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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Prof. Kasturi on "Why fear when I am here"

Prof Kasturi says that we not fear when Baba is here. He says you think that there is His assurance "Why fear when I am here"?... and you feel absolutely confident and try to break your neck, because He will save you!

You neglect even the fundamental precautions ! If some one says, "Don't go there," but you go there saying "Ah! Swami is there! why fear/ That kind of confidence neglecting the very principle of caution.

Swami is in this room, in that room ,in my pocket, in my ring, in my watch...He is everywhere and therefore no precaution! Swami's picture is in the car, why bother ? You look at it and go faster and fast until you meet with with some calamity...That is why Swami has said "Because I have said "Why fear when I am here. He said don't be over confident and foolish...

If you don't follow my instructions you will be in trouble, and when you come back I won't talk to you then, I bypass you. I take diversion until the bridge is repaired... When you realize your mistakes and correct yourself, I will call you, I will talk to you again.

Again Swami remind us, to be careful. He said, don't be glad for having been close to me and near me, you may be pushed out!... Prof Kasturi say of course, I have been target a number of times! It is difficult thing to decide how near or how far one should be from Swami... It is something like fire. If you go too near, you get burnt! and if you keep too far you get cold!...

Taking advantage of closeness to Him, feeling it is my due, because I am a big scholar, because I am indispensable to his glory. Such swelling of head will result in being sent out. Number of times this has happened and we have seen this. Swami Says:- Carry on your highest duty to yourself. Following the four F's: Follow the Master, Face the Devil, Fight to the end, and finish the game. Then you win My love, My Love in full measure. Love is my highest Miracle. Love can make you gather the affection of all mankind. Love will not tolerate any selfish aim. Love is God. Live in Love.

Then all is right, all can be well. Expand your heart so that it can encompass all. BABA.

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