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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Experiences With Divine Father


July 3 1999

My eyes watered by seeing your website specially the devotee's experiences and inspiration by Shri.Janardhan Reddy garu inviting for satsang. I am a devotee of Shri Sadguru past 9 years, I have been going to shirdi every year since I came into contact with my lord,The experiences which Baba gave to me are innumerable but one of those which stick to heart was when I went for visa,On 15th Oct,1998 I have gone for visa with out proper documentation i.e. without My final degree certificate M.B.A and its compulsory needed for proof of my 16th year schooling since I my university have not allotted the certificate till that time and in due course of time I have received my papers from America so I was compelled to go for visa and I was sure that my visa will be rejected due to insufficient documents but in corner of my heart I had faith on Baba and it happened the same way as I thought my visa was rejected but my ego was not accepting the fact and my belief on Baba never proved wrong and the day was very bad for me since my visa was rejected and I came back to my hotel worrying and thinking about it but miracle has to happen by Baba grace since he cannot see his children suffer,the same day evening around 700pm I called up my friend who I met hardly twice or thrice in my life time and told him everything what had happened that was the turning point,i know to my heart Baba came in his form to console me and advised me to try again the next day and he also accompanied me to the visa You may get a doubt how can I go for the visa the next day itself and how can a person accompany into the embassy for visa that is the miracle of my lord,i went for the visa the next day to my astonishment I was given counter visa,this is all due to SHRI SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ



July 15 1999

We had come to the US in April this year, when my husband got a software job. After landing here, we got to know that the employer was actually a contractor. After two months, he told us that the market was very dull and we could go back to India and come in February next year. We were very depressed as all our dreams and expectations were shattered. We started to pray Shri Sai Baba fervently. All our family members,including my two children, gave up things we like the most till my husband got placed in a job. For one week, I was reading the Satcharitra everyday, completing the whole book in one day, and starting it again the next day, and so on. My husband also completed the Parayan in one week. Our "Shraddha" and "Saburi" have been put to severe test. This Monday, I performed "Sai Satya Vrata ". The same day, my husband attended an interview,got selected and today ,Thursday,is his first day of work. The place of work is so close to where we stay, the office and people are excellent too. We have no words to express our thanks to Saibaba, our Father, Protector and Saviour. His words, "If you remember my name, I will do anything for you" are so true Our experience serves as an example to all those who remember Sai that He ultimately does what is good for usToday, all four of us have started "Sacharitra Parayan", and on next Thursday, after our Pooja, we all will start taking the things which we gave up. We have taken this example from Cholkar's story mentioned in the 15th chapter of "Sacharitra".praise the Lord Sai Baba the Great


July 22 1999

Dear Sai friends,

I came across one week ago when I was trying find info about visiting shirdi Nov of this year, I am so grateful for persons who are involved in making this web site possible I have been Sai devotee for last three yrs introduced first by my beloved mother in law. I would like to share my experience, which to me is a true miracle. last year when I got pregnant with my 2nd child I didn?t think I would have any problems at all since my went so well I worked until last day while doing my residency with very rough schedule well it did not turn out that way on my 16th week visit I got a blood test 2 weeks later I get a call from my doctor saying that my test came out abnormal I may have a baby with chromosomal abnormality and I need to get amniocentesis to confirm the diagnosis if it was true there was a chance I have to have my pregnancy terminated which I could not even dream of,me and my family prayed for Baba and decided to go through the procedure with full faith in him ,after which I had to wait six long weeks for the results which was very difficult period I decided to read sat charitha to give me peace of mind and the results up to lord Sai just before it was time to get my results I got dream where Baba was telling me every thing is ok you have normal result a piece of paper was handed to me when I opened it said 46xx which is a perfectly normal result. sure enough two days later my doctor calls me to say congrats your test is normal 46xx it is a girl, I could not believe my ears I consider this atrue babas MIRACLE it did not stop there at 22wks I started going into preterm contractions by all means that was way too early to have baby to survive even if does there are multiple complications was on many meds and bedrest to stop my contractions. I was totally helpless by babas grace my motherinlaw took excellent care of me, we prayed to Baba with faith and read sat charitha at least 2 times to make the story short I went to the hospital at least 6 times with stonger contractions doctors would stop it meds finally when I was 38 weeks I went into true labor went to the hosp on monday my doctor examined me said any where between 12:18hrs I was going to have the baby 6 hrs later my contractions stopped since my babys heart rate every thing was ok they let me go home, not until wed night I started back again with Baba grace at 8 am Thursday I gave birth to a beautiful healthy girl. I consider this as I strongly believe any obstacles can be overcome by having firm faith in Sai baba.my 4yr old son is now going thro some health problem needing multiple prolonged treatment , I have left it all in babas hands to cure him with his blessings .please pray for him.sai namo Baba namo Baba namo Sri Sai namo.
Also I would like to request if there is any place in Dallas for Sai devotees please let me know.

BaBa's prasad and atrue miracle .Now she is one year old she can even sing Sai bhajans with her family in her own way.


July 23 1999


My dear Baba please accepts my humble pranaams and prostration?s at your lotus feet bless all Baba. Yesterday I had a strong feeling that you wanted me to relate the miracle that took place in this Dwarkamayee, so I asked you for a sign and today I saw Maliniji's posting. So I think its time to share your miracle, you perform so many Leela?s, each and everyone always amazes me. Love You, Yours forever.

Dear Saibandhus, some sisters in the Dwarkamayee, like Didi,(Some???.) i are aware of this because I was in verbal contact with them, during the past year or so. It?s going to be a long posting, so please bear with me. With Baba?s blessings I got a gem of a husband, my only desire after that was to start a family. I conceived in 1992, we were overjoyed, after 10wks into the pregnancy I had a miscarriage. I was shattered. The doctor said it?s very common and I could try again. In 1993, I conceived again, everything was going well, then at 22wks, the cervix opened, and labor started, doctor's tried very hard to stop the contractions, I prayed to Baba, with all my heart, but the water broke, so they had to deliver, my son was born, but lived for only a short while. I was devastated. I was very angry at Baba, had long talks with him and was ready to throw his picture out of the window, but of course without his will you cannot do anything. I opened the Satcharita and the page came up which says " why do you blame me, I do kill people's children." Then I understood a little. I said Baba I leave it to you, whatever you decide I will accept, but I will not give up trying. Then I conceived in 1994 and 1995, but again both times I had miscarriage around 8 to 10wks. This time I told Baba, it is your will, I accept. A physical was done which showed that I had a high amt. of a particular hormone, which caused miscarriages and all the doctors said that there was no cure or treatment for this particular condition. I was not discouraged, I went straight to Baba and I told him, you are God, everything is possible for you, you make it happen. Then I conceived again in 1996, this time I left everything to him, just went for my regular checkups and on a Thursday a beautiful baby girl was born at 36wks without any complications. After a couple yrs, I prayed to Baba again, I wanted my daughter to have a sibling. My husband said Baba cannot keep performing miracles all the time, I said yes he can. We tried for a while, I did not conceive, then I came to this Dwarkamayee, I met all these lovely people, I asked them to pray for me right here, which they did. within a month of their prayers I conceived, the doctors wanted me to take medications, I threw them all out the window, initially my husband thought I had gone nuts, I took only Baba's udi, he made sure that I had a supply for the whole time, he sent it through Indraniji, Danaji etc. The doctor's recommended bedrest, I have a toddler and no family to help, so I told Baba, I will do the best I can, rest you help. The pregnancy went of beautifully, I had a sonogram couple days back, its a baby boy, he is about 5lbs and 13ounces, he is due any time now, I have asked Baba, that he be born on Gurupoornima, as Guruma put it, that will be

Your Guruprasad . Let see what happens I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who prayed for me and gave me your support for all these 9 months, could not have done it without you all. Thankyou once again for all your prayers and blessings. Thankyou my Baba, I do not have words to

Express my gratitide.

A Devotee

July 26, 1999

Sairam Every Body

Guruma has finally left for India on Friday. She did Devi puja Lalita Sahastranama archana and a Gayatri havan on Thursday. She decorated two big lamps as the goddesses. Tied two saris around them with lot of jewelry etc and made them look so beautiful. So much kumkum got materialized on both those goddesses.

When we were setting up for the Houma in the backyard. We saw that lot of turmeric, kumkum and vibhuti had materialized. Guruma poured all the kumkum in a bowl and guess what there were a lingam and a crystal Ganesha in there, which had also materialized. Baba was extremely generous that day. He blessed us all tremendously. She gave that lingam to my parents and told them to do abhishek to it she said Baba had given this for their health I am sure some of you remember that my father had a heart surgery and my mother is not very healthy either. Both of them are here visiting from India and the Ganesha Baba asked her to give to one of our friend's who is working very hard to establish Sri Sai Darshan Trust as a non profit organization here in the US.

She is going to be in Delhi for Gurupurnima. They celebrate that function in Sarvodya Enclave in Delhi. Any devotee who is in Delhi, Specially Gopi Krishnaji, do go visit the temple on Wednesday. You can call 651 6681 in Delhi and get more details for the function.

At the airport I asked Guruma again about the problems we go through and we pray to Baba continuously but they do not seem to get resolved. Her answer was that Baba is our loving father and mother. When we see these problems we have to understand that they can be worse. We should feel very blessed that we know of Baba and he is watching our steps but we still have to burn our karma?s. We have to have total surrender. We can not think that we are the only ones with the problems, she said everyone goes through them since we do not know about everyone else's we feel sorry for ourselves.


A Devotee

July 26 1999,

Sairam Every one,

Sathya Sai Organization in San Francisco Bay Area are doing seven day non stop bhajans till Gurupurnima We have our grand finale on Wednesday in Sunnyvale temple from 10am till 8pm. All the centers have different time slots to come and sing. I went to bhajans yesterday at 4 am .It was fantastic. I decided to sing this bhajan to Shirdi Baba to whom I was praying continuously and asking for some indication, in the form of the flower or any kind of confirmation during my bhajan. After the bhajan was over and I opened my eyes and looked for physical confirmation and noticed no flower had fallen from Baba's picture. Two minutes later I moved up a row and the lady sitting in the front row said Neeru , look that orange rose to the right of Ganesha statue. She said it fell while you were singing. I was so touched that my prayer had been answered.

Any Sai devotee in the bay area please do come and join us in singing and doing service projects going on till Wednesday


A Devotee

August 3, 1999

Dear Father,

You do miracles in every persons life. How many trust you love you and pray you and you have time for all of them and love all of them there is no word to for me praise you my father I love my Sai I really love you. Today I met my student advisor and I got exemption in papers in my first stage of MBA and I have to do only papers to complete the course when I met the student advisor I was so scared then I thought for a moment if Baba has decided to help me then no one could do anything to meand went with confidence I got those papers exempted actually I did not speak it was you who was in me and you spoke and made this happen to me. I have no words to praise you my father and one other good thing is I have got a job in the book store for 40 hrs and I can start working from Friday Baba you knew I needed help that is why you made me meet Navitha didi i think you came in her form told that i should start praying you and told about the opening in the bookstore and that i could work for 40 hrs which i did not know until i meet didi great are your miracles my father i love you so much that i have tears in my eyes and no words to express from the time i have come to you i have become strong and you have been helping.Great is Sai to whose feet anybody surrenders for nobody goes empty handed from his darbar and he showers love to everybody i love you Sai and thanks for everything.Help my Navitha didi.Take care of her son who is so much away from her she really misses him Baba bring him to her and make every wish of hers come true.I pray in your feet that she should get her assistantship and study well and come out with flying colors you will do it for her Baba for you have done so much to me then you will do hundred times more for her.Take care of her parents and her husband let them always be happy baba.I take this opportunity to thank Navitha didi for all the help she has done for me thanks didi Sai will do wonders for you as you have such a good heart and help everybody.My brother is going to defend his thesis on Thursday father bless him and give him strength to do it nicely.Take care of all my family members i miss them but i know you will take care of them.To all Sai devotees love Sai and with your full heart pray Baba say his name and he comes to us .Great is Sai and great is his Leela?s love him with full heart and he is by your side you might not know it but he is there for you.I love Sai and he is my savior Sai Ram,Sai Ram,Sai Ram  

A Devotee

August 4, 1999

I thought of sharing my experiences but couldn?t have dared to share among friends. Now I got the chance to share through this web page. I have firm faith on BABA as He fulfilling all my wishes and this is the way Shri BABA is making my faith high. In Satcharitra mentioned BABA used to ask two APIs Daksina from devotees which are SHRADHA firm faith and SABURI patience. But in my case He has taken those two in the following way


Actually before 1993, I didn?t make bow before any other God except Lord VenkateswaraTirupati as I had wrong impression on all with name BABA. My cousin used to go to Sai Temple in Rajahmundry A.P and once asked me to have the Darshan but I rejected. After some time went to Hyderabad for job searching and got nothing of some reasons. My mother was worried so much and discussed with our family friends about my position. They told her that if you make your son to read SAI SATCHARITRA one-week parayana, he would get benefit. When I called my home, mom told me about parayana. I agreed and started reluctantly. This time I would like to say sentence mentioned in SATCHARITRA Man will go to Gods feet when he is in troubles and became true for me. I completed and liked the life and teachings of BABA and waited for the Invitation from BABA to go to Shirdi. As mentioned He only will pull us to His feet, suddenly after one week my classmate invited me for Shirdi trip. After 20 days got 2 offers and joined in NOV 1994.But I didn?t satisfy with my salary and stopped worshiping. I quit the job in
DEC 95.I tried and failed to get another job took training in Software and went to Bombay for the job frustrated in job searching and one night suddenly I thought why dont I start worship BABA from tomorrow. After 10 days Sept 25th 1996 I got one DREAM which changed my entire life. The dream follows We were searching for one WHITE HAND CUFF and after long search my friend got that one and said that SRINIVAS You should have a FIRM FAITH to get any thing you want and because I my friend, Sai devotee, in Bombay have a FIRM FAITH, got this one. Suddenly woke from dream and felt like lively happened to me. After I woke up and stood before BABA photo and prayed that I will have firm faith on you if I get the job in today's Interview. My friends wanted to shift to company in Hyderabad having real experience and myself having zero experience attended the interview. Here BABA listened my urge and made a miracle. After written test and interview my name only is there in the final list. Immediately I cried in front of all b?coz I couldn?t stop and remembered the dream. I got the offer letter within two days And started Hyderabad via Shirdi from Bombay.
I joined the job on NOV 1st 1996 and on NON 6th BIG Cyclone washed out my village and our lands. Every body in my family prayed SAI BABA in helping to get the job and then He is protecting my family through retaining my job. SHRI SAI BABA is sole protector of our family. By this he took FIRM FAITH and created PATIENCE in me.


As I mentioned above, from NOV 1996 I don't have any hitch in my life. In 1997,Aug got visa and selected client interview in India itself and till now going smooth by His grace. When called one of my college senior s in U.S., I came to know that he is also staunch devotee of SAI BABA. We discussed our experiences and how he blessed by BABA.While this chat I got attention to one of his experiences and follows Being staunch devotee, he got lot of visions and used to get sudden solution when he thinking about some problems. He got fixed his marriage Feb1998 and prayed BABA how He is going to bless him while marriage function. On marriage day everybody is busy and one man came with beard and maroon cloths, looks like sadhu, was asking about bridegroom. Nobody is caring about this man, as they are involved with their work. Then finally asked his father and said that I want to bless bridegroom and dakshina and his father called him. He immediately realized that BABA came to bless him in this form and took blessings and gave dakshina to him. He sadhu left that place with happy. After hearing this one thought arose in my mind that how BABA will bless me in U.S. At the end of the Feb98, when called my friends house in Hyderabad, came to know one of my classmates is coming to NewYork and wanted to meet him. Whenever I go out, worrying about not reading parayana as daily reading one chapter. I went to NewYork to meet him.

On last weekend of Feb98 and on Saturday morning woke up and asked about his trip and about any thing for me. Actually I don't want any thing from him but as being classmate just for sake I asked. He opened his briefcase and took out one large portrait asked do want this When I wrapped paper out of that, wonder of wonders for me, It was SAI BABA photo. I really much excited and stared thinking inside that in this way You have blessed me and I got for all these years worship. I asked my friend why did u bring only BABA photo. He said that he got info from other friend that I'm going to meet him in NewYork and when he went to Shirdi he bought that extra picture and he knew before that I'm BABA devotee. I never expect that my friend will come to NewYork as I'm staying in Connecticut near to NY and will give BABA picture. This is all because of BABA'S Miracle.When my sisters wedding fixed on March 6th 99, I thought that You blessed my friend mentioned above in Marriage function, Ill see how going to bless me and how You see that marriage will go without any hitch went to India and very busy with wedding work as I'm the brides brother. The Muhurtham is at 345 a.m.. At 1 a.m. I wanted to take some money from my suitcase that is put where all necessary marriage items located and while coming out from that room suddenly noticed COCONUT decorated with small chamak items. Because I never seen decorated Coconut that will be in Brides while marriage. Then I took the Coconut and observing the design made on Coconut and noticed one small size photo 25 np size and found that It was SHIRDI SAI BABAS photo. At that BABA only knew how much I excited and cried for this wonder. I enquired my mom about this and how it happened to be there. My mom said that my aunt housewife took that Coconut on marriage day evening and gave it back with that decoration. But here mystery is, at that even my mom didn't notice that small photo as busy with work. After marriage I asked my aunt the reason why she put the photo there. As she is also BABA devotee at the end of decoration got a thought to put small BABA photo in the center of Coconut and she didn't tell any body that she is going to put photo. So in the presence of BABA, my sisters wedding went fine.

I told this wonder to every body in family and they also got FAITH in SAI BABA and have feeling like He is sitting in every body's heart.


Sai Devotee

August 4, 1999

Sai Ram

I want to share my experience with my Sai brother and sisters as to how Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai Baba entered my life. I did not believe in both the Babas' in my school as well as college days. I was thinking them to be an ordinary man not knowing their actual value. Shirdi Sai told me that I want to enter in your life by making me to see Manoj Kumar?s film SHIRDI ke Saibaba. But then too I failed to recognize due to my ignorance.
Then the 4 years passed on. In my college days I came to know a friend who was a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. Whenever she used to say about him I why you believe in him, as he is only a human being. But as Baba says for everything there is time. It proved right in my case. My marriage was fixed and my husband is a great devotee of Sai Baba. But when there was three weeks for my marriage by brother brought a video cassette and and he told me to put it in the night as every one of our family member could see it. I told him yes and I saw the name of the cassette and it was my saibaba's cassette and there too Baba was suggesting me that he wants enter my life. This film was in kannada about SaiBaba by Sai Prakash and this film actually changed me. And then I started believing in Sai though not firmly. But after marriage he came to my life and he gave me blissful experience with him. On my birthday that was the previous night of my I was praying to Baba as Baba tomorrow is my birthday can you shower your blessing on me at least give me a vision in my dream by seeing I will be satisfied. On my Birthday that is something around 5.45a.m Baba came in my dream, he was with his devotees and he was just passing by without even looking at me. I was anxious that Baba will be looking at me and will be giving at least a smile. I was worried and was about to cry seeing that though Baba passed right in front of me he did not even look at me. But again I was watching his way. Baba again returned with his devotees and this time he looked at me and gave a beautiful smile and as he was passing again he turned back and looked at me and there I saw his godly smile with this i got up from my dream and then I realized that Baba gave me the vision as i have asked him to bless me on my birthday. This was how Shirdi Sai Baba entered my life.

Though I believed in Shirdi Sai Baba i did not believe in Sathya Sai Baba but Baba knows when to bring his devotees to his door. This is only two months back that I started believing in Sathya Sai Baba. Most of my friends in my friend?s circle are devotees of Sathya Sai Baba and there too I did not believe showing my own smartness. One day when I was just thinking a thought arose in my mind. Is Sathya Sai Baba really a God? If he is a God then I would be a real fool for not believing in him. Because he had a human form it is not correct to ignore him. So I sat in front of my shrine and prayed saying that if Sathya Sai Baba is really a God please show me I don?t want disrespect because he is in the human form I am your devotee so please show me the right if Sathya Sai Baba is really a God, tomorrow itself I will keep his photo in my shrine and worship him. Please show me today itself because i do not want to leave my god and I will be surely missing something great in my life as i am able to see the lord who is moving and talking with his devotees. Then to wonder of wonders I got a dream the same night in which I saw my lord Sathya Sai Baba Blessing me and I was singing the song a kannada song kande hariya kande....... meaning I saw my lord hari. In that dream my eyes were overflowing with tears and he was just blessing me with a beautiful smile on his face and disappearing in front of my eyes. I suddenly got up and there too he answered my question and showed me that he is my lord. The next day i searched for my Baba's photo I got it and I kept it in my shrine and now both my husband and me are praying to him. After he came to our life, our life has become wonderful. I strongly believe in his words "WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE" and now i strongly believe in him doing my duty and leaving the result to him.

This is how both the sai's entered my life and are helping me to cross the ocean of life I am very happy to share this experience of mine with all the Sai devotees May Baba reside in every devotees heart and fulfill their wishes.


A Devotee

August 5 1999

To All Sai Devotees,

I am an ardent believer of Shirdi Sai Baba. Saibaba helped me many times and I would like to share with Sai devotees one such experience.
I am working in New York since October,97 as a consultant and my employer is in California.Last year, I was working in a large project a team of about 20 and my manager always told me that she would retain me and one more consultant indefinitely. As the project was nearing completion, she started downsizing, which was normal. But one day in a staff meeting in september,98 she announced that she doesn't have budget to support me till end of the year 98 as they lost a lot of money in Russian market crisis and I would have to leave by end of oct?98. But, she said I could come back in Jan 99 as she has sufficient funds in 99 budget. I didn't worry much because I had more than 6 weeks of notice and my employer would find me a job in that period. But he was trying to place a couple of others as their project was ending 3 to 4 weeks before my project. Meanwhile, there was almost a freeze on hiring in New York due to Russian market crisis in the field I was working and the number of openings were very low. Plus, all my former team members about 18 of them were fast filling up the available positions in the market. Finally, in the last week of october,98 my employer started looking for a job for me all over USA and I was attending a couple of interviews. Frankly, I didn't want to leave NewYork/New Jersey due to many personal and professional reasons. I was worried a lot. I prayed to Saibaba and on October 30th last day of my project, my manager told me that my project got extended till Dec 15th, 98 for some important work and she had budget for me from 1st Jan,99. I was very happy and my employer was happy too, because moving me from NYC to other place would have costed him anywhere between 8 to 10k.
I firmly believe that this all happened due to the blessings of SaiBaba.

Om Sai Ram.

A Devotee AP INDIA

August 12 1999

Hi Sai Devotee's

One year back i was having a very good friend by the name Prabha. During those days she is not keen on God and all the poojas. I had given some experiences of Sai, she slowly started believing in Sai and used to accompany with me to the temple on all the Thursday?s, especially for evening Aarathi. She has become very dear to Sai. I can't believe with in short span of time she has build lot of trust in SAI.One Thursday, she experienced a miracle in temple, she was pointing to an old person sitting next to Babas photo and saying 'that the person looks exactly like Sai in the photo' It was real the person nearly looking like Sai. Prior to this she was having a problem with the nerves of the thumbs, some doctors pointed that it should get operated, she is more worried about this, at last she is confirmed to get operated. She was discussing the same problem with me in temple, telling about operating on her thumbs, i had suggested her to apply Udhi. Suddenly the person who was sitting next to the photo came to her and gave Udhi. I was just starring at that old man, he is looking like Baba. After that she started applying Udhi daily with in few weeks the Thumb nerves problem was relived with out any operation. Its a amazing Its miracle She started building more faith in Baba by knowing more on Baba by reading Sai Charithra and more. Dear friends all you need to have is FAITH IN BABA, rest u ask Baba what ever you want he will give you with out fail. Om Sai Ram.

Om Sai Ram.

A Devotee

August 12 1999

I would like to share a beautiful dream with you all on this Thursday morning.this is a dream that my sister's son saw. He is 2yrs and 3mts old,he speaks quite a lot for his age. Everyday he sees SAI Baba?s photo which are in Sai Satcharitra,when his father read's the book in the evening. One night, he woke up in the middle of the night as usual to ask for his milk bottle,but to my sisters surprise he did not ask for the bottle,he just said SAI BABA,SAI BABA a couple of times and went back to sleep. In the morning when he got up,my sister asked him what did he dream,he replied SAI BABA,then she asked what did he dothe baby replied he gave me chocolates. She was very surprised that the baby could remember the dream so well,and was very happy that Swami had blessed her son.

Om Sai Ram

A Devotee

Om Shri Sai Ram

I've been directed to this site from the Worldwide Sai Devotees Net Discussion System. My wife is Shirdi Baba devotee, and just now she related to me and children a dream she had day before yesterday: I wish she herself tell her dream here, but she cannot type, and has no patience to sit in front of the computer for long , So I'll relate what she said: In the dream Shirdi Baba came exactly in the form of the picture she keeps near her head when sleeping. She went an embraced Shirdi Baba. Then Baba touched her abdomen on the left side and pressed saying, "Don't worry, I'll protect you." Then he asked some children to sprinkle colored water on my wife, which the children did. After that Baba asked to light the agarbathi (joss-stick) but the flame was too small to light the agarabathi, and suddenly she saw Baba's pant caught fire (here he changed into a man). Then Baba said, "I lighted my pant to light the agarabathi." She said the dream was so real, and Baba pressing her abdomen was so life-like. This's just to inform devotees that though Shirdi Sai Baba may have passed away decades ago, He's still very much around.

Sai Ram


A Staunch Sai Devotee

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram,

My devotion towards Baba began at a phase when I was so fed up with the failures in life. My younger sister is a great devotee of Shirdi Sai. For months I turned down her requests to accompany her to the temple on Thursdays. She always had and still has immense faith in Baba and attributed every thing in her life to Saibaba .She told me that the murti of Baba was so peaceful that I would find solace in Baba . One Thrusday she and my mother begged me to go with her , I agreed to accompany her only be coz she had been requesting me for so many weeks. I went to the Temple with no faith and thought I would spend my time
waiting outside and maybe watching how the other devotees prayed. As we went inside the premises there was a huge crowd in the temple being a Thursday there was hardly any place for me to stand outside so I decided to accompany my sister to the main temple which had the Murti of Baba. As I entered I looked at Baba and suddenly felt as if he was looking at me and smiling, I turned around to see if there was someone else behind me for whom Baba seemed to be beckoning, the devotees behind me were closing their eyes and praying , they did not seem to be the ones, I looked back again it seemed to me as if Baba's eyes were with full of love and affection, looking at this defeated child of his, that was the moment when my tremendous faith in my Baba began it was 6 years back , I went through a lot but kept my faith in my Baba.

I was then in a phase when anything that could go wrong went wrong. I went through sickness , separation from my dear one , ill treatment and harassment. Through all that I called out for My Baba, quite often I wondered why my Baba never hears my prayers and whether anyone could undergo a worse hell than me. Now for the past 2 years I have settled in terms of peace of mind and I realize that Baba gave me much much more than I had asked for. I truly believe that inspire of all hardships Baba is there for his devotees, he waits for the right moment and Baba NEVER FAILS. I have realized that as I have gone through life and request all Sai Devotees especially those who are in a phase where they find that they are losing Hope to cling on to the greatest Saviour of Life Baba.

Baba is omnipresent, many small incidents have shown me that. I am a very staunch devotee of Baba, at the moment I am in a stage where I need Baba's help the most. With so much of negativity around me Baba is my only Beacon of Light. My fellow devotees, have Faith and Patience those are Baba's words, he will carry each one of us across when our time comes. Surrender to the Almighty, he will take care of us, because he knows best what is good for us.

Om Sri Sai Jaya Sai

Sai Devotee

A Devotee

Om Sri Sai Ram

It was in the mid of may , where i had been to the University office, for enrolling for 4th semester, i spoke to the concerned person for registering my name with the amount in the pocket. Ultimately the concerned person rejected me, saying you are not eligible for the 4th semester, and told that you can forget this 6 months. According to new rules the last date for receipt is over. I got scared and started worrying, what happed to me my luck is so bad i had cried with my SAI. Some how my inner will says don't give up, give a try. I took off that day and been to bank and prepared a DD for 2900, (2500 for fee and 400 for fine for two months).With the DD i had prepared a covering letter to the course coordinator, ( i really don't know the concerned person address of the ignou) I just made a courier and left to SAI, i know you SAI only can help me like wicked person. On the way i met my friend who use help me and motivate me in professional and career. We both were in the same semester, he felt sad that we are slipping by 6 months, I really felt very sad about my luck. Some how i had couriered the DD with covering letter to University head office. Totally i forgot about the letter after few months, i met my friend , who got registered and got the course material, i didn't get my course material as of now, at first i didn;t get the confirmation letter for enrolling into 4th semester, I lost hopes . On the other side i lost all communication, since i moved to a new address. Today some how while coming to office i been to post office, met post man,i had conveyed the problem, he told we are waiting for you since few weeks, we are not able to deliver the material since you are not available at you are address. Then i realized, I got enrolled, and i thanked my SAI, who timely brought me to the post office, and got me the material. Actually they are about to dispatch back to sender. Today i received material, its not the material, its 6 months. It?s the love and care for me like lazy/careless by SAI. He is my friend we love each other. And that true.

Om Sai Mere Sai Jai Gurudatta 

A Devotee

Om Sri Sai Ram

we would like to share a small experience of ours. my husband and I live in dubai.though a free place to live and close to india,sometimes it is amazing to note as to how we have swamis darshan .we regularly go to the temple here.incidentally Dubai is the only place in the gulf besides Muscat to have a temple.when we visit the temple on Thursdays it has been our experience to have swamis Darshan in the form of somebody's ring or locket or some sticker in some car---irrespective of the time ,16 00 hrs to 22 30 hrs we have always had his grace all these seven years, every Thursday ,without exception .this attains greater significance in a gulf country like u.a.e. but ourselves having the same even in Saudi Arabia , when we went for a bhajan every week to some devotees house--- all his Darshan to both of us have been during our travel to the place of worship or while returning home. we seek his continued grace and blessings and protection throughout our life.

A Devotee

Om Sai Ram

At the back of my mind, I had always believed in SHIRDI Sai Baba. On my recent visit to India, this became very sure and strong. I consider myself a part of this family on the net, after reading about fellow devotees. I had a wonderful experience in Bangalore. I was fortunate to meet with this great Sai devotee who is Sai's foster mother in her previous life. She gave me wonderful spiritual advice and I look forward to learning from her, everytime I go back. In the meantime, I will read about Sai Baba's life and his greatness. I pray to Shirdi's Baba to make me worthy of his blessings and that my devotion to him will always keep growing. You are all such wonderful people and are very blessed to be his devotees. The web site for SHIRDI Baba is a great work and is contributing to making devotees out of simpletons like me. Keep up this good work. I hope to contribute to it too.

Om Sai Ram

A Devotee

Dear Sai Devotees,

The presence of this web page itself is a miracle for me. I have been to Hyderabad, India last month for my mother?s heart operation, which was successful by the divine grace of SAINATH. The operation was on December 18th, a Thursday and we were doing our Sai bhajan. I cried before Baba to protect my mother who was still in the ICU at Apollo. Just then we got a phone call from my brother who was at the hospital The doctors informed him that my mother gained consciousness and all her cardiac signs are good. It was definitely Sai who was there for us when we needed him. My Baba helped me again! Two weeks later when I was leaving for the US, I was telling my mother that HE is always with me wherever I go, like sparrows with a string tied to their feet, HE draws HIS devotees from far and wide and lo! I came upon this site.

Dear fellow devotees!..believe in SAI, have faith in SAINATH and you will surely attain BLISS!!!. In this world of uncertainty HE is the only REALITY!. Mere Datta mere Bagwan. I pray to SAINATH to bless the devotees who took the pains of

Creating this wonderful web page.

Sri Satchinda Guru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!!!!


A Devotee

Sai ram to all

Divia swaroopa's of bhagawan Sri Sai BaBa.

Congratulations and blessings to those wonderful people for maintaing this outstanding web page.my introduction to it is another god Sai's playful leelas. I was returning from New Jersey and travelling to the airport with an Indian driver who picked up another passenger also an Indian gentleman. I was at first very conservative with the two gentlemen, merely greeting them and then silently riding the van. All of a sudden I began chatting to the passenger and asked if he knew of this wonderful saint , guru in India by name of Sathya Sai Baba and without answering he excitedly pulled out his wallet. I too pulled out my purse and he showed me a lovely photo of Shirdi and said I could keep it and I in turn had a few pictures of Shirdi and Sathya Sai Baba standing side by side and told him to keep mine with him always. I then turned to the driver and told him to keep the same picture in his van at all times. The trip to the airport was for all of us the most important part of my 5 day conference on intellectual persuits that I was engaged in.
The kind gentleman named Anand so graciously sent me the address of this great web page on Email. how strangely Baba makes brothers and sisters of total strangers.

Om Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba Ki JAI!  

A Devotee

Such a beautiful service you are doing for all Sai brothers and sisters. I am overwhelmed to hear stories about my atmaram my SaiRam. Baba you are now physically everywhere for me. I used to think about putting your beautiful picture in my office. Now you are there in my computer. I look at your beautiful face every morning before I start my office work get your ASHIRWAD and whole day goes in your satsang. You are so kind to me. May Baba's blessings be with us always and everywhere.

Now let me tell you my experience with my dear my Sadguru who has turned my life into a beautiful direction. I got this small booklet written by Shamdashni Foundation and my heart just fell like a feather in BaBa's feet. I really have started asking and begging for good things in my life. It is all Baba's grace. Baba has been there in my hundred of lives and in this life too. But slowly he kept on working with me. I got to see that MANGAL MURTI in Shirdi only last year. We stayed there in Shirdi for a week and felt like I was in a place which gave comfort peace and solace to my whole being, my Soul. The day we were suppose to depart from Shirdi, I was standing there in front of my Baba to take leave as if I was going away from my Father's house. I saw Baba was also sad but I saw blessings all over me. I asked Baba to call me back again and I am waiting for my Loving Father's invitation. Darshan do Ghanshayam Ram mere ankhian piyasi ray.

Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Maharaj Ki Jai

A Devotee

February 24, 1999

Dear Sai Friends,

I want to share with you a story of how Baba helped me in my times of utter need. I went overseas on a trip and forgot some important documents at home. I could not finish my assignment and return without having the documents called and had my family search my study for the documents. They kept saying that they could not find it. I was thousands of miles away and after all the money spent and travel time, I just fell stupid and useless. How was I going to face my peers How was I going to face my Boss I sat down in the Hotel room, prayed to Shri Sai Baba and started reading the Sai Satcharita Book which I had taken along with me. The next day I called home again and had no luck. This happened the next day too. By that time, with nothing else to do, I had almost finished 3/4 of the book. Finally, resigning to the situation, I resolved to finish the book and prayed to BaBa again.

The fourth day the miracle happened. No sooner that I had finished reading the last page of the book, I got a phone call from my family saying they found the documents and were sending it to me by courier. My joy knew no bounds and my eyes were filled with tears. The documents reached me in a day and I finished my assignment and returned back with great success. As it turned out that while packing my bags, I had put the documents in the inside cover of the portfolio, which I was not supposed to carry. On the third day, my uncle got a dream at 3 a.m. that the only place he had not checked was the portfolio cover and he woke up to see if the documents were there. This was the same time while I was about to finish the Sai Satcharita thousands of miles away. I do not know what else to say except that I bow and pray to Shri Sai. Strange are his ways to get things done. May peace be with you.

Sai Ram


A Devotee

August 19, 1999

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

This week had some experiences, which I would like to share with you, all.Three years back my son was diagnosed with an ailment,for which doctors told that he needs a prolonged treatment for years together. that incident really changed my life,and left me with no interest in anything.It became a never ending,constant pain for me.I just kept my hope in god and always kept asking him to cure my son and see that he doesn't need any medication.Since last three years,not even a single day,was i free of anxiety about my son.As i shared with you before,my home environment plus my son's sickness drove me crazy,but there is nothing i can do expect rely on god. Three days back,i had a dream in which my son is complaining of throat pain, as usual i am worried but later i told him that he will be alright if he takes Baba's udi and surprisingly i became less anxious.The next day morning ,i was a bit restless because of the fear that my son is not feeling well in India.Most of the times, even though i am not with my children in India, and where ever i am, i will sense if they are not doing well The second day night i had a dream in which i went to my mothers house and my son went with my father somewhere and my mother told me that he had a bad fever, i became very anxious and was waiting for my son to return home, when my father came home along with my son, i ran to him and checked if he is running fever, My father told that his fever is gone, and i asked him if it is gone without going to the doctor, and my father replied yes. The next day also i am worried and confused about my son in India, because of the dreams i had, with this mood i was going through the Satcharitra, the chapter I was supposed read that day was chapter30.I was reading it with very little attention and just was going on skipping some words and lines.When I was reading Sham's vows, even though the sentences there are different, i read like "He came to Vani. Vani, son got well."After i read this i felt like Baba gave this message to me directly my name is Vani.When i related this to my dreams, I figured it like Baba's udi treated my son and cured him without the need for a doctor.Though this is not confirmed medically, I believe that Baba will not disappoint me and i felt like i became free of a pain that is torturing me since last three years.

Sorry for giving such an elaborate description, but with the hope that this will help other brothers and sisters in pain, especially with loved ones falling sick, I wrote what i experienced. I request you all holy souls to bless my son with good health and to be an example for Baba's miracle. When you can't Cope BaBa gives Hope.

May Sai shower his grace on all of us and strengthens our faith by holding us in the times of need.

A Devotee

August 19 1999

Om Sai Ram

Didi, Thank you for the suggestion. I will do 20 times. I want to share my experience with Adityahidayam chanting. About 5 years ago, my then 5 year old daughter had to under go an open heart surgery. I was scared out of my mind. Do not know what to do. Some one told me I have to do Adityahridayam 3 times a day. Then she will be fine. I started doing it. I use to commute to my work. Evening time as sun is setting, morning as sun is raising in the east and afternoon at its best. Believe it or not one Sunday morning after my puja after chanting my Adityahridayam I was sitting in the living room suddenly my kitchen became so light up. I do have a sun drenched home. But this glow was totally different. I had never seen such a glow before or after that incident. I knew it was sun god. I am still a week hearted so humbly said in my heart mind, please God bless this house, bless my children, protect my house always. But please be in your place. Then my kitchen became normal. I chant Adityahridam every day once and give arghyam giving water to sun god every day. I taught my little girl to do the same. She atleast gives water to sun god. Thank heavens my daughter is doing great. He blesses me. One other time we had a major snow storm. All roads were closed, snow emergency, no power hence no TV. I started writing Sai koti. Because no cooking, no TV nothing else to do I wrote Sai koti all day. Suddenly almost evening, it was dusk I started smelling agarvathi near the closet. I asked my little girl if she is playing in the god?s mandiram. she was in her room. Immediately I know it was Baba. I immediately said namaste. Asked for the same boon. Please bless my children, Husband, keep my house intact always, please be with me always. I feel Baba is with me every step of the way.

A Devotee

Dear Sai devotees ,i would like to share something i had experienced as a Sai devotee. I chant Sai nama and sripada vallabha nama every day whenever mind stops thinking something related to work. I say Sai I am hungry, I am alone, I am thirsty, I am restless, I am tensed, i had been humiliated, I am lost there are plenty of moments where i feel I'm lost. By saying oh Sai, the next moment Sai satisfies me. Such a great power in this Sai name, i work as guide as a mother, as a friend. Sai has a purpose for every devotee. He wants his devotee's to purify all his sins. He is a Jesus Christ. Who bears the sins of his devotees. He is the Allah. He is the Srikrishna THE DIRECTION OF SUCCESS AND WISDOM.

He is Samasta Satguru





Om Sai Ram

IS Shri SATYA SAI BABA and Shridi Sai Baba is Same are different ??????????

A Devotee

August 23 1999

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

I have no words to express my happiness and to write the beautiful dream that I had last night. Please bear with me as this is every long. I did not know how to write it short.
On Thursday night, just before leaving to Bhajan, one of my friends who is an ardent devotee of Shirdi Baba, called me to talk with me. As it was not important to talk at that time, i told her that I will call after coming from Bhajan. After coming home I was busy with my 1 year 5 months son (name not specified) and forgot to call her. My husband does not come to bhajans. Next day she called me said that she says my husband and said that if she had known that my husband was not coming to bhajan, then she would have come. I told her that she can come next time. She was very happy. I just mentioned that the bhajans I go are Satya Sai bhajans. Then she said that she beliefs Shirdi Baba and does not have any opinion about SATYA Sai. Then I started thinking why people around me, like my sister, sister-in-law, my parents who are all Shridi Baba devotees do not realize that both sai's are same and this happened to me so many times.

Thinking this last night, I was reading the book Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi. With disturbed mind, I talked to Baba saying that hey Baba, why this Baba, for me both Sai are same, but when people around me talk likes this, my mind gets disturbed. If you are the same, then I should see you today. Talking like this I went to sleep.

I had a dream that I am in my cousin's place who do not know SATYA Sai Baba. Suddenly i heard my cousin calling me saying that a person is waiting at the door and wanting to see me. I was coming to door thinking that who would come to my cousins house to see me. When I was there, I was thrilled to see Satya Sai Baba standing in front of me asking how I am doing. I was shocked to see him in Full while Kafni with little beard like Shirdi Baba, but his hair and face is Satya Sai.
I thought what a fool i was to doubt both the roops. I was running here and there for a chair , shouting at my cousin saying that how come she says that a person came for me. when he is not person but he is my god, lord and everything for me. He was smiling at my response and seeing me feeling restless he asked me to calm down, he came inside, sat with me and spoke with me in a smoothing way. I was so happy and blessed to talk with him. I spent a lot of time talking with him. I was telling him my problems and for everything with a smiling face, he was asking me to calm down as everything will be ok. I woke up with a shock. And realized that never in my life, should I think that they are different, even though the people around me talk like that.

Dear devotees, i am not saying or forcing anyone to think that Satya Sai Baba is god. All I am trying to write is that I had a beautiful experience. I remember his words that he does not like any spreading of him. He also says that he will send visiting cards experiences when the time of realization comes for them. I understood from my dream that Baba will always wait at the door steps of our atma and it is up to us to welcome him into our souls in whatever form we want.

I appolize if I had caused any misconception or misunderstanding to any devotees, I could not stay without writing this here.

With love my lord. Thanks for helping me in writing this.

A Devotee

August 24 1999

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

The following is my most recent experience with our Beloved SAI.
my family has decided to move to Ontario and my seeking an employment was our 1st priority. so we headed to Toronto for 1 week. 1 week is all I could afford from my present job and is in no way sufficient time to find employment, place to live etc. without Sai's blessings. I met with several head hunters, also went for an interview without any luck. as thou' with Sai's indication i happened to call the firm, I've always wanted to join their team, faxed my resume on Thursday I was asked to come in for an interview on Friday morning and offered employment by the end of the day.Because we were away in Toronto and I did not have my usual access to Dwarkamai, Sairam was so merciful that he made it possible for me to come to this Dwarkamai and pray to him for success for the following day on Thursday. I was so grateful for that and was determined to go to the closest Sai Mandir that evening. I was able to attend Sai Bhajans at a Tamil Assoc. even though i did not understand the Bhajans I still enjoyed them towards the end of the Bhanjan parshad and flowers from Sai's Lotus Feet were distributed. I received a only a few petals and I thought to myself "I wish I received a full flower" i was ready to leave and a girl came rushing to me and handed me a beautiful yellow flower I was very overwhelmed. Returning, back home after a week I was thinking if Sai was waiting for me i have a little puja area, which was obviously unattented to due to our vacation and was thinking even if Sai did how would i be able to tell. upon entering the house, at the puja location there was an intense fragrance of aggarbatti, vibhuti, as thou' someone had just finished their puja. I knew my Sai welcomed me back.

I will never have enough words to thank SAIBABA but HE knows my love for him.

May Sai bless us all at this Dwarkamai always.

A Devotee

This is one of the incidents, which I want to share with you. I was working with a multinational company and was staying alone in New Delhi, India, away from my home. Suddenly due to certain circumstances, I resigned from my job and I had no job in my hand at that time. I trusted in Saibaba I stayed very cool. Gradually I had no money left and had I had to pay my house rent. I just trusted in Sai Baba and left everything on him and I knew he is going to look after me. I gave a post dated cheque to my land lady thinking that in the mean time I could arrange for money .I was depressed but deep in my heart I had a feeling that he is going do everything fine. My landlady presented the cheque in the bank on the mentioned date and I just didn't know what to do. Three days passed and I was very scared that my cheque is going to bounce and my landlady will create a problem for me. Four days passed nothing happened. I went to her and asked her that whether she has presented the cheque or not. She said that she ! has and it is cleared also. I was shocked to hear that. I checked it out with my bank and they told me that they have not received any cheque. I again enquired with my landlady and asked her to cheque it with her bank once again. She again checked and told me that the money has been credited to her account. I knew its Saibaba who has saved me. Till date u have no clue of it that how it happened .I prayed to him and in a weeks time I got another job with a big multinational company where I am earning very well. Everytime when I was in a difficulty he has some or the other way saved me. I have no words to describe how it feels to have his hand on you.. It's just the faith in him which always help his devotees. Om Shri Sai Ram. May almighty Saibaba bless everyone.

A Devotee , Abu Dhabi, UAE

I want to share the Miracle with all the Sai Devotees. I am from Abu Dhabi. In the month of October, I have to go for my vacation to India. For this, I have to get my passport renewed, as it was to expire on 15th of this month. When I went to renew the passport the Indian Embassy required my maiden passport. I never knew where it is, as it was very old. I searched here in Abu Dhabi but couldn't find the same. I called my parents who are in Madras and asked them to search for it. They also didn't get it. We have a house in New Delhi, so I requested my Dad to go to Delhi to find whether it is available there. Meanwhile I received a message to read the Sat Charithra within a day. I took the book to my office and found difficult to read it in the office. After office, hours came home and finished the house holds work and managed to complete the book in time. My dad left all his work and went to Delhi to find the passport. He searched in all the rooms but was not able to find it. Finally he said only Sai Ram has to help in this case and entered the Puja room. There he found a small box and when he opened to his surprise found the passport on the top. It was exactly one week after I finished the book my mummy called from Madras that Dad had found the old passport in Delhi. It's really a great miracle and Sai again proves that he helps the devotees who really believe and surrender to him.

A Devotee

Aug 26, 1999

I had a wonderful experience today morning. As today is Rakhi my mother-in-law made some sweet pada for prasad.I tied rakhi to Dear Baba and I wished from the bottom of my heart that he would eat the sweet.So I held it close to BaBa and asked him to accept it and if he has I should see it bitten. After I did my puja I took the prasad and kept it on the dinning table and went to see my kid. After returning to the Prasad I was overjoyed to see that the sweet was bitten.The first thought that came to my mind was "BaBa". My joy knew no bounds.Baba thank you so much for all the joys you have given me. Take me closer to you Thank you for everything. Baba, please help me so that I do not do 'parninda'. Help all your devotees come closer to you.


A Devotee, Columbus, OH, USA

This is my experience with Sai Bhajans. My first project in the job was over on Jan 7 1999 with IBM. I was in between the assignments, without any project, for some time. My wife and I were tense, as the situation was not good. Meanwhile, one of my friends invited us for Sai Bhajan in his house during the first week of Feb 99. Before that, I completed the one-week parayanam and some how I was not very much happy with the way I did the puja. We attended the Bhajan on Thursday and next week on Wednesday morning during early hours in my dream I was standing opposite to a SHIRDI SAI BABA'S Photo and I heard a voice asking me to read Guru Charitra. Luckily the book was available with one of my friends and I completed the Guru Charitra. After the Guru charitra parayanam, we did Bhajan for three successive weeks in my house. By Feb last week we completed the three bhajans in my house and on that Thursday I got offer from two companies. I joined one of the companies as full time employee. By Sai Baba's grace we are doing the Bhajan on every Thursday and every body in our Bhajan group got better offers within a short span of time. The guys who were on bench for about seven to eight months got project. Sai leela is unbelievable Have faith in him and he will take care of everything.

A Devotee

(Originally posted in the Devotees Forum on Wednesday, July 21, 1999) My brother came down from U.S. on 8th June, 1999. He lost his baggage in Malaysia. He had all his clothing and other items. We were all worried as the staff of Malaysian Airlines could not find his baggage. We prayed to Baba frantically. On the 22nd of June, we got a call from Malaysian Airlines that the baggage was found. It was really a miracle. Our dearest father lord Baba helped him to get his baggage back. We are thankful to our dear father who solved our problems.

A Devotee

September 3 1999

Dear Swami,

Om Sai Ram. I would like to express my thanks for the wonderful "miracle" that you shower us with. When i heard about the news regarding "vibhuti" appearing on pictures of Sai Baba, i pray to you ,hoping that i can share the experience as well. Now, you have fulfill my wish. I feel very bless . Thank you swami. I would like to share my wonderful experience with other devotee's as well. In Indonesia Java, Swami blesses his devotees with "Vibhuti" on pictures of Sai Baba, Buddha, Mary etc. There were more than 700 pictures of different religious figures when i went there. All pictures were bless with Vibhuti. I brought 2 pictures of Sai Baba hoping to be bless with vibhuti. I prayed to Swami , hoping for a miracle. After 2 weeks, i received a wonderful news. "Honey" is coming out from Swami's picture. I feel so bless.

Thank you Swami, you have fulfill my wishes, as you always do.

Om Sai Ram.

A Devotee

September 3, 1999


Thank you for your warm welcome. It is very difficult to leave India and come back to this place. Sai Bandhus like yourself make me feel comfortable and less homesick. Our trip to India came with a package. Family responsibilities, trying hard to meet spiritual needs, and social responsibilities. Past few months I don't know how the time flew. Every step of the way, I saw Swamy's Abhaya Hasta. Most of the times only total surrender to our dear Lord gave us the ultimate peace. Just before we were leaving to India, I had a very bad dream. Some one in my dream started to curse me that by the time I reach India one of my parents will be taken away from me. I called India and found out that my father had a bad fall and he was seriously ill in the hospital. He had mild heart attack, blood clots in the brain and broken collar bone and a swollen hand. He was not recognizing anyone for two days. This was just before the visit of Bhagavathi Sri Karunamayi to our house in Pullman. I was panicked. There was a huge function before us and I didn't have either courage or strength to carry the assigned duties. I was not sure how or what to pray to Swami. I was simply drenching His lotus feet with my tears. The most compassionate one our dear father Sri Sathya Sai appeared in my dream and He asked me to take padanamaskar of His right foot. He said to me " Do you know why asked you to take the Padanamaskar of my right foot" He then told me that " Naa Bahaktulanu Sarvaavasthala yandu Rakshana Kalpistaanu". It means "I will protect my devotees at all states". I also sent a word to Amma Karunamayi, who was visiting Bay area at that time. Amma sent me an assurance that everything will be o.k. I went and visited Amma in Portland and told Her that my father was ill. She told me that when Amma is there why should I fear of anything. Amma's trip to Pullman was a huge success. We were constantly in the divine bliss. We realized the reason why great Mahatmas, Yogis and spiritual seekers are always after the Supreme. The Love was beyond description. We didn't need food, sleep or rest. We slept for 2 or three hours a day and kept going with the work. We were always anxious to see Her divine form. She and Sai are one and the same. Sai is not residing only in Shirdi or Puttaparthy. He reaches to His devotees in numerous forms. Our dear Sai comes into our houses as Punya Moorthys or Vibhutis. He visits in the form of photos, uncalled guests and many other ways. After being with Amma, now I know for sure the reason why Mahalsapathi, Dasganu, Shyama and many more did not seek for material but only Sai. The everlasting, ever fresh Sai's Love is what we all should seek. There is nothing greater in this world than His attention and his devotion. Amma came to our house on a Thursday, our Sai's day. We invited Her in with Poorna Kumbha and NaadaSwaram. We washed Her lotus feet and drank the Charanamrith. We felt as though Sri Mahalakshmi was walking towards us. We ordered Mango leaves from Florida and decorated all the thresholds with mango leaves, Haldi and Kumkum. Outside our dear Lavanya with colorful Rangolis decorated the house. Our dear friends such as Prasad, Saritha and many more Sai bandhus were helping us at each step of the way. Amma filled the house with Her Divine Sugandha. Friday, She went into our pooja altar and told us that the Pooja Altar is Kailasha. Ofcourse, with Her divine presence any place will turn into holy Kailasha. She asked me to close the door and told me that She will meditate for a while. While I was cooking, our friend Saritha came and informed me that Amma was asking for me. When I went downstairs to the Pooja room, I saw Amma's feet with full of Vibhuti. The sight was the most holiest of all. It was like Ma Paarvathi 's lotus feet adorned with Shiva's holy ash. Before Amma's visit to our house, I was asking Amma in my mind that how I should perceive the oneness of Sai and Amma. In that pooja room, Amma told me that Sai is my father and She is my mother. We did Paada Pooja to Amma's Lotus feet. The next day we had homa in our house. After the homa, we noticed that Kumkum started to come out of the picture of Amma's lotus feet. All our friends who came to see Amma, experienced the Love of Amma. In the evening Amma had to go to the Church for public healing session. I wanted to stay back and cook for Amma. But Amma had other plans. She sent some one and asked me to go along with Her. In the meanwhile, She asked Krishna to pluck some poppy flowers for Her. I sat behind Amma in the van and Amma started to converse while holding my hand with her right hand. She started to turn the flower with her left hand. I saw the most amazing thing. I started to notice a silver idol emerging from the flower. She laughed suddenly and told my husband ' Look Krishna, Lakshmi is coming out of poppy flower'. She blessed some of our friends also with such materializations. My Sai Bandhus should not mistake the materialization's. Sai says Miracles are my nature. Even with Amma miracles are Her nature. She does it as a matter of fact. Her Love is what stands out of all. I did not share this experience to turn any one of my Sai bandhus to devotees of Amma. I just want to share the Love of God, beauty of God. We are just ordinary human beings. We have our share of faults and weakness. Still God is so gracious and kind. He showed us His Love through these divine incarnations. It was very difficult to say good bye to Amma. I was crying like a baby. I didn't know how to survive without Her physical presence all the time. She told me that Amma is not the body. She asked me to see Her subtleness and all pervasiveness. The most touching thing for me was when Amma was going into the plane. I had tears in my eyes and I also saw tears in Amma's eyes. I know for sure that it is not only us who crave for God, but God also craves for his devotees.

A Devotee

Devotees, i would like to share my great experience which i had with my almighty father, i had to go for an interview and i wanted Baba's Darshan before that , so i went to this site and tried going to the puja room , first time , i didn't get his Darshan , the connection got disconnected , but then i was so desperate that , i have to get his Darshan and then only i would get through the interview , the second time i connected , Baba's photo was not getting downloaded , then i prayed ,to my father please don't trouble me like this, please give me Darshan, then third time i tried to download , it was getting downloaded fast till his crown , where i was just waiting to see his divine face, then after a couple of minutes i could see that his face was getting downloaded slowly, u can call it as technical error, but i experienced Baba checking out my patience, i had read in lot of books that Baba always like to put his children to test, which i experienced yesterday, and then I finally got through the interview , the interview went very smooth all because of my father and mother (meera) and lord karthikeyan , it was like all of them together with one shakti came to help me, koti koti pranam to all of u , and would like to be always at your lotus feet ,serving u.


A Devotee

Dear Sai devotees, on September 1, 1999, my car driven by my friend was completely damaged beyond usage on US41 in a bad accident. When I received the news, I just prayed that no one should be injured and just thought Sai would take of everything. I am very thankful to Lord Sai for bestowing his blessings. Everyone is safe. This is the first car of my life and I got it just 2 months ago. However, I feel Sai has avoided the biggest other accidents & losses in life. I have His blessings with me. Om Sai ram!!

A Devotee , USA

I have been subscribing your newsletters and receive your emails every Thursday for quite some time. I just thought that I should email you regarding my past experience since I also faced some difficulties regarding my education but thanks to SAIRAM everything ended up fine... I was a student in one of the universities here for one year and had come on full financial aid and just two months back I heard that my funding for my remaining years was uncertain. I was helpless since there was no way I could support myself. So, I decided to apply to other Universities to continue my education. Actually, the deadlines for applications for fall semester was crossed and I was very late but since there was no other option I decided to apply .I kept firm faith in Sadguru and read SaiSatcharita in a week once and then after a gap of few weeks again read it in two days. There were no miracles in my case as soon as I read it but I anxiously waited and hoped and believed strongly that Sai will fulfill my wishes. It so happened that just one week before the start of fall semester, I received admission with full financial aid from not one, but four Universities and that too all in the space of 3 days... In fact, I had the luxury of choosing between these Universities and I also got admitted to a better department. (Different from what I had been presently doing). Now, I have resumed my studies and due to HIS grace everything is fine here and I'm really enjoying this place. I guess what this again emphasizes are the two factors one must have: Faith and Patience...

A Devotee

September 10, 1999

Dear Readers,

It was almost 6 month that I was without a job was giving interviews every day.During this time I was suggested by a friend to read Shri Sai Sattcharita.I tried for weeks but could not get hold of the same.I prayed to Shri Sai that he should be kind enough to arrange the book for me.

An amazing thing happened, one of my neighbors came to my house gave me the book saying that it was sent by a friend from Bombay for me.I was surprised how my neighbor's friend knew my desperation for this book .The Satcharita I received was very old and had some fresh flowers a rupee note in it. I started reading the book by next Thursday finished it. On the same night I had a dream that I my Mother are going to Vaishno Devi and there an old fakir follows us. Next day I told this dream to my mother We started for Vaishnidevi the same week. In the meantime, in my absence there was an interview call from a reputed multinational company when I came back contacted them, they were ready reschedule the interviews in my case. I was selected for the job at a very senior position which I had not even dream ever. I had wished that if I get this job I will go to Shirdi to thank Baba. I got the job was to have my Induction Prog ammein Bombay and an air ticket was sent for this.

When in Bombay I entered my Country head's office, I was amazed to see a big Photo of Saibaba on his table. This all gave me so much of confidence that I straight away asked my boss to allow me to go to Shirdi on coming weekend. So I started for Shirdi on Saturday with my appointment letter as decided. Once again, in Shirdi I had a new experience, my joy knew no bound when I saw a broze made statue of Saibaba in a shop which resembled the fakir I saw in my dream. Readers I leave this to you all to imagine Was it a VISION after reading Satcharitra.

May Sai Bless You.

A Sai devotee

This is in reply to Siddhesh's question in Sai Vichar about whether he should try to convince those who do not believe in God. The purpose of life is to outgrow our selfish desires and ego, to live with faith and confidence, to progressively develop disinterested love for all beings. Belief in a personal God and Guru, such as Sai Baba, definitely helps in this. But I have also met a lot of people who do not believe in God, or who do not care to form an opinion, who are also very selfless, who forgive easily, and live with grace and faith. I have tried to convince them of my beliefs, only to be humbled by the realization that despite their atheism, they are probably more spiritually advanced than I am. Now, to come to your question, I do not think one should try to argue or convince anyone out of a sense of superiority or to establish the correctness of ones view point. God has His own plans. "Believe" and"do not believe" are just words, and the way one lives life is the true measure of Faith and Grace. If you feel called upon to explain your view to him, without worrying about whether you succeed or not then go ahead. Or if the person is going through tough times and you genuinely wish to help, and feel that he or she is ready for it, then try to explain your ideas. But always keep in mind that it is not we who generate faith in another by the cleverness of our argument, but God does it when the time is ripe.

A Sai Devotee, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sai Ram! Miracles happen all the time and as indicated under the feature of the week: "Unseen miracles" so called "unanswered" prayers turn out to be a part of a bigger plan of Sai and also better for us in the long run. We need to constantly count our blessings and thank Sai for what we already have rather than become dissatisfied for what we don't. Examples in all our lives are many, from very small to some close to life itself. Let me share some. To start with, could anyone believe that I was able to find my wedding ring stuck in the fence covering a large yard and secondly, my wife's ring in a golf courses? Yes, both happened. I lost my wedding ring, but kept praying Sai to please help me find it. One day after cleaning the yard while praying I saw my ring, with "O" facing me, in between two planks of a wooden fence door. The ring was stuck in that strange position, as the size of the ring fitted exactly in the gap between two planks. As the wooden fence is old and gets wet and swollen during rainy periods, the base does not move freely. We need to hold the planks at the lower level and lift and pull at the same time to close the fence. It must have happened when I did so the previous time. A few years back, my wife lost her ring in a golf course in Africa. Although she and her friends thought that it was no point in searching for it, I wanted to give a try. After some time, I was able to get hold of the boy (caddie) who helped to pull my wife's golf trolley. With the caddie, we walked together from the first hole following the ball path that he could recall my wife hit the shots. After about an hour's struggle, we found the ring under a fallen bunch of palm kernels. Both the rings were found as I was praying to Sai Baba. Even today, people who knew where I actually found the two rings cannot believe how it was possible - inwardly, I know that anything is possible if we have faith (shradha) in Sai and maintain our patience (Saburi).

A Devotee , New York USA

This is just my experience with Sai's grace. Over the past year or so I visit this friend of mine at his place of business and I was always drawn to the picture of Sai Baba hanging on the wall. It just kept drawing me in for some reason. I was not born in India but have seen pictures of Sai Baba at my Grandfather's house, so I remembered it. Anyway, about two months ago, I found out that someone I admire was a devotee of Sai and so I began inquiring more about who Sai was and is. So I would pay regular visits to the various web sites about Him. The more I read the more I became drawn to Baba. Now I don't know how I ever survived without Him. He shows me every minute of the day the love he has for all of us. He shows that He keeps and will continue to keep His promises to His devotees, now and always. I would just like to convey a message to anyone who has doubts about Sai and His love for His devotees, ' Just look at Him and He will look at you.' The examples of Baba's love for me are seen every minute of my life and I try to share these with the anyone I meet and in the way I live. Om Jai Shri Sai Baba.

A Devotee

SAI RAM - I am a new devotee of SAI BABA. In June of this year I was going through a very difficult time. I was reading about Meher Baba on the internet and at one point they listed the gurus whom Meher Baba considered to be Perfect Masters. Upon reading Shirdi Sai Baba's name, It filled me with something that I cannot explain. It was as if I could finally relax, that all would be taken care of for me. I have lived in India and studied Hindi for years so I was somewhat familiar with Shirdi Sai Baba, but I read more that night. Then I had a vision of myself surrendering to Baba and giving him all of my suffering. He hugged me and tears literally came to my eyes. Then, the vision changed and I was dancing joyously 'round and 'round in a circle with many other people. There were bright colors in the vision and SAI BABA was sitting on a throne watching us quietly. I am a graduate student working on my Ph.D. and the other day I was feeling very stressed. I thought that maybe I had made the wrong decision to go back to graduate school. I went into the bathroom at the library and before I went back into the library on one of the dividing walls I saw the letters "SAI" scratched into the paint. That is all that was written on the wall and my heart filled with love. I took it as a sign that Sai Baba will be with me throughout my studies and that he would bless my work. I prayed to him and today I had one of the best days I have ever had in graduate school. JAI SAI RAM!

A Devotee

September 20,1999

SaiRam dear SaiBandhus,

It is an auspicious day indeed. Our dear sister (name not specified) completed the Vishnu Sahasranama with Shraddha and Bhakti. Let us all participate more in such activities. Let us pray that Swami will bless all of us with such sacred activities.

Recently I visited Puttaparthy and Shirdi. The day I landed in India I wanted to see Baba in both places. But my family told me that it would be impossible for me to visit both places because of time constraints. Swami willed it otherwise. I went to a Shirdi Baba mandir in Naacharam, Hyd. That day the poojari let me touch Swami's feet and massage His feet. I cried and asked Swami, when He was going to call me to His place. Swami knows the timing also. We can only beg. Let me explain to all of my brothers and sisters how Swami arranged my trip to Prashanti and then Shirdi. Eight months ago, I was taking a small nap at 11.00 clock in the morning. It was pretty unusual for me to sleep at that time. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared in my dream and talked to me a lot and finally He told me "Last time you stayed for short time only, stay for longer this time. Come during Gurupoornima time". I woke up and thought how can I go during Gurupoornima time Is it really Swami asking me Because, my assumption was that afternoon dreams are only dreams and the early morning dreams are the ones which usually come true. It was my ignorance to think that there is 'this particular time' for Swami to give us His commands. Swami is omniscient. He knew that I stayed only for 10 hours in Prashanti during my last visit. Swami showed His leelas very nicely in the following days to come. My husband Krishna wanted to go to Parthy for 10 days. Our family members were not that happy. They all wanted us to spend more time with them. My mom was crying and told me " How can I tell you not to go to God" It was a beautiful truth. Krishna, Malica, Suman and myself went to Parthy by train. We reached Dharmavaram in the morning hours and took a bus to Prashanti. At that time, Swami came into the Sai Kulwant hall and He was giving Darshan to the ladies side. I watched Swami from outside. We went to the NRI and international devotees accommodation building and requested for a room. We were denied room for we did not take our original passports. We carried Xerox copies of our passports thinking that it was not safe to take the original passports. For few minutes we did not know what to do. We did not want to stay outside Prashanti. Since we wanted to stay for 10 days, that too during Gurupoornima celebrations, regular accommodation was impossible to get. The Sevadal person changed his mind and told us that it was Swami's grace that he was giving us the accommodation. He also told us that Militant groups tried to enter Prashanti, and after that they have increased the security and put stricter rules. Indeed it was Swami's grace that we could get such a beautiful accommodation. Our room number was D1. It was like devotion is number one. The room was very cosy with two single beds and extra mattress. We made a small pooja altar for Swami in the closet. We put Rangoli agarbatti was lit everyday and offered Him flowers and Prasad. The room was our own little house for Swami and us. We always woke up between 2.30 and 3.00 clock in the morning. We were taking cold showers, quickly did pooja and then joined the Darshan line. First few days Suman was not willing to get up so early and take cold showers. After couple of days he was wonderful and more cooperative. Infact, he used to tell his dad that if they don't go early they wouldn't get the best seat to see Swami. What a transformation Swami brought in this child. Even in Malica I noticed this change. One day, I was too tired after morning Darshan. I told every one that I will sleep in the room and I won't go for afternoon Darshan. I had enough of Swami. Malica cajoled me into going for afternoon Darshan. She told me "Mom, we came here to see Swami". Evening time we enjoyed our friend Vamsi's visits to our room. He was Swami's student and now he works in the administration wing of Prashanti. It was Swami's present to us that we got to know about Swami's little jokes and His love for devotees through Vamsi. After 10.00 o' clock in the night lights should be off in Prashanti. We would Switch off the lights and Vamsi would tell us stories about Swami in the dark.

We reached Parthy on Monday morning. Wednesday and Thursday Malica and myself went inside the Prashanti Mandir for Omkar and Suprabhatam. It was the most rewarding experience of my life. The Mandir will accommodate about hundred or little more. We needed to stand in a line for that also. If one joins the line for Omkar, he or she would be last in Darshan line. It was tough choice for us. Inside the Prashanti Mandir, the MoolaVirat or Main deity is Shirdi Baba sitting on five headed cobra. I was very surprised to see that. Because, few days earlier I had this desire to give Shirdi Baba's silver idol to my brothers and sister. I was also having a vision of snake with hood up whenever I closed my eyes. I went to the silver shop and I saw Nagaasan, five headed cobra there and bought it along with the Shirdi Baba idol and gave it to my siblings. My older brother presented me the same. After I saw Shirdi Baba on Nagaasan, I realized that it was Swami's Sankalpa that made us buy the Moola Virat.

On Wednesday evening, I went to the Photo shop in Prashanti. I needed Bindi stickers. I wanted to ask the elderly lady where I could get some Bindis. Instead I asked her where I would get Kukum. Even though it is my desire to put Kumkum, I always use Sticker Bindis for their convenience. I didn't know why I asked her about Kumkum. She told me that she has the kumkum from the Mandir and she would give it to me on Friday. Until then I never knew that I could get Kumkum from Swami's Mandir. On Thursday, we went to the Omkar. Inside the Mandir, Shirdi Baba's Marble statue on one side and on the other side, a chair for Swami are present. Swami gave me a place pretty close to His Shirdi Baba idol that day. I was all in tears. I saw another small Mandir where they were doing Kumkum pooja to Sai Lalitha every day. After the Omkar, I gathered my courage and asked a permanent sevadal lady if I can have some kumkum. She immediately told me to come to her room after morning Darshan and get some kumkum from her. I knew that Swami gave me this special opportunity to get His kumkum. The same day, I bought a special picture of Swami. In this picture Swami raised His two hands and one hand had turmeric on it. The lady at the Photo shop told me that this picture is indeed a special one. Swami went around throwing Akshatas on devotees on paduka pooja day. At the end of the celebration, His hand became yellow with turmeric.

First few days, we were sitting all the way back and could not see Swami very close. Malica and myself skipped our breakfast and stayed in the hall to move closer in the line to see Swami going back to His mandir. This, we could do only during morning Darshan time. During afternoon Darshan, we were always at the end of the Poornachandra auditorium. I was very much frustrated. I questioned myself for coming during Gurupoornima time. I also thought my dream was not real. We saw an announcement for Sri Sathya Sai Excellence in Human Values conference for Parents. Devotees from Australia organized it. Krishna told me that since I am a balavikas teacher, I should register for the conference. I went and registered as a Balavikas teacher from USA and I was the 50 the late registrant. The organizers told me that I won't be able to attend the conference as a delegate for sure but I could go as an observer. They asked me to come the following day. The next day I went there and I was told that US Sathya Sai organization Chairman Dr.Micahel Goldstein rejected my registration and asked me to see him . Krishna and myself went to his room and found out that he was not there. We wrote a letter to him, explaining about my wish to attend the conference. The conference was supposed to start on that evening and I didn't hear anything from Mr.Goldstein. I just went to the conference to enquire and a lady at the door gave me a delegate badge and let me in. This is all His leela. As delegates, next few days we formed special line and went into the Mandir. We could see Swami very close by. Swami didn't notice me at all. I thought[ it is my ego]Swami would recognize me immediately and say hey Malathi. How wrong I was. I was very upset with Swami. I complained to Vamsi about Swami in the evening. Vamsi told me that Swami has a special eye in the back and He sees His devotees from the back also. It is only the devotees that don't know about this. Another devotee also assured me the same thing.

I wanted to do Saccharithra Saptah Parayana in Prashanti. I didn't take any book with me. I was not able to buy also. I found Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Charithra written in Telugu. It is also divided into different chapters like Satcharita. At the beginning of the parayana there is a pooja Vidhi. In the Pooja vidhi there is a place where one can mention his or her desire. I always used to say I want Darshan and Sparshan and Sambhaashan of Baba. Everyday I used to do Manasic Pooja of Baba and read the assigned chapters for the day. On Sunday I saw Swami in my dream. I was in the first line and He was just passing by. I was holding my letters up and waiting to see Swami. Swami told me that not today but on Tuesday I will give you Paadanamaskar. That day I went in the morning Darshan, guess what I got the first line and Swami was passing by. I had letters in my hand. I was crying and saying to Him " Naa Tandri [my father]". He looked at me for a milli second and I know that He made the contact for I felt the energy in my whole being. On Monday, Malica had severe diarrhea and vomiting. we were very much worried about her. She needed to go to the hospital. That evening, I attended the conference and Dr. Jumsai, a great devotee of Baba came and told us the best news of our lives. He said that Swami agreed to give Paadanamaskar to all the delegates on Tuesday morning. I was not sure whether to leave Malica and go but Malica gave me her consent to go for the morning darshan. All of us sat in rows. Swami walked to each row and gave Paadanamaskar. As He was giving Paadanamaskar, He playfully skipped our row and went to the other rows. All of us thought that Swami would come back in the end. After all the Paadanamaskaras, Swami started to go into His interview room. My heart dropped. I was thinking to myself that I cannot wait for another moment. It was like Sabari waiting for Rama. Gopikas waiting for Krishna. Again, all of us cried "Swami, Swami". Swami, the Naughty Krishna put a surprising face and gestured as though " really, I forgot about you or what". Finally the grand moment came and all of us got His lotus feet for one second to do Paadanamaskar. I touched His robe and Swami took my letters. Swami didn't look at me but He gave me His Lotus feet for namaskar. The sevadal gave us special vibhuti from Swami's interview room and a picture of Swami. I felt very happy and sad also. I felt sad because Krishna and children didn't get that chance. But Swami had other ways to compensate. On Gurupoornima day, Krishna and Suman sat very close to the dais where Swami was sitting. Below Swami's dais there was a flower arrangement in a Rangoli fashion. After the ceremony Krishna had this desire to pick up one flower from the flower arrangement. Sevadal member told him not to take one. Krishna was just walking out raising his palms up. Some one from some where came and put four rose petals in his hand. It was just perfect for four of us. That day, on women side there was lot of chaos. Ladies were very unruly. Everyone was trying to grab the prasad. An old lady devotee and myself became very friendly. She told me that we should also rush after the prasad. I told her that Swami will not approve our behavior and we should not rush. I also told her that Swami will not let us down. He will give us prasad for sure. That day we did not get prasad but surprisingly, Krishna took two extra laddus. As He was taking the extras, he apologized to Swami for taking extra. We were all very happy to learn about Swami's invisible hand in everything that went on that day. We know that Swami went extra steps for His devotees. Our trip to Parthy was very joyful. Swami gave a special place for me in the conference and it is His grace that I have the certificate for participating in the conference. He designed our stay with utmost care eight months before our trip to Prashanti. How can I thank him I know that He cares for His devotees more than we do. We didn't feel like leaving Prashanti at all. But it was time to get back to the family duties.

Please bear with me for any spelling mistakes and/or grammatical mistakes.

Sai Samarpanamastu

Om Sai Ram

A Devotee

September 21, 1999


You are a pure devotee. You are always happy for other devotees' good fortune and also there for them in the time of difficulties. Swami will definitely call you to His abode.

The last leg of my journey was much more dramatic than the beginning. Just before leaving to India, I had specific wishes. I wanted to see my niece's mother-in-law's guru in Lalitha peetham, at Dilsukhnagar, Hyd and to do Naagapratishtha, Visit our inlaws village and worship the deities, Visit Swami at Puttaparthy and Shirdi, Visit Sri Viswamji, and finally visit Karunamayi Amma at Her Bangalore ashram. If there is Satsankalpa present in devotees heart, the seed originates due to Sai's Sankalpa and He sees to its fruit. My humble pranams go to Swami for the seed and also the fruit of the His Sankalpa. I could meet the Guru of the Lalitha Peetham. Her devotees sing the glories of their Guru. I saw Bhaktavatsalata and Love in that great Guru. I bow down to Her for granting me Her Darshan. We went Krishna's village Godavarru Agraharam, Tenali Taluk. We did pooja to mother Krishna river which is only one kilometer from the village. We offered flowers and Saris to the Parvathi Devi and Puttlammavaru. All of us sang lots of bhajans and songs at the temples. We did Lalitha pooja. Heart was very content. Nagapratishta was done at Sri Prasanna Venkateswara temple, very close to my parents' house. One week before my journey, the Drama of Swami started again. Our dear Lord appeared in His Sathya Sai form in my dream. He gave me padanamaskar, hugged me and put a sticker picture of Shirdi Sai and Parthy Sai to one of the windows in my parents' house. He said " Chaala Sadhana chestunnavu, Velletappudu pacchiga veltavo, enduga veltavo teliyadu. Enka Rendu rojulu vundaalsindi or Vundalsivundi". [You are doing lot of sadhana, don't know whether your departure will be wet or dry. You could have stayed two more days or need to stay two more days]. The last word Vundalsindi or Vundalsivundi, I don't know which one is correct. Swami only knows. My mom thought my departure means some health problems or some other problems. Wet or dry can be facing the problems and coming out of it or just submerge in it. The message was very cryptic. At the end of my dream, Swami told my sister, "Sharada Talli, Nenu ninnu marchipotananukunnava". Swami gave my sister padanamaskar. After the dream my sister was invited by her children's balavikas teacher to go to parthy for the weekend. That was a very surprising invitation. She was just thinking whether to go or not. Finally she went and Swami gave her padanamaskar. In the meanwhile, I had the great opportunity to meet Sri Viswamji, a great yogi from Guntur. Sri Viswamji is a ralised Yogi, He inaugurated lot of Shirdi Sai temples in Andhra pradesh. In Him, His devotees see Shirdi Sai and also Dattatreya. He is a great humanitarian too. Our friend Saritha told us about the arrival of Sri Viswamji to Hyd. He was residing with a devotee in Nallakunta, Hyd. My mother and myself, Saritha and her parents went to see Him on Sravana Tuesday. Many devotees had flowers and garlands for Him. I couldn't buy any that day. In my mind I prostrated to Baba in Viswamji and asked His forgiveness for coming to Him with empty hands. I requested Him silently to fill my empty hands with His Love. Someone informed Saritha that since it was Chaturmaasa deeksha time, we were not supposed to touch the lotus feet of Sri Viswamji. I was very much disappointed. There was Lalitha pooja going on in the devotee's house. Sri Viswamji was inside His room. After the Pooja was over, Sri Viswamji came out for one second. I felt as though He looked at my friend Saritha and myself. There was a great aura around Him. He was wearing a bluish Dhoti and Kanduva. He just gave darshan for one minute and went inside His room. We were not sure if we could get special darshan. We were definitely praying for one. Saritha's mother requested the organizer and informed him that we come from USA and we were leaving soon and we need Darshan of Viswamji. The gentleman let us inside the room. Sri Viswamji was sitting and I just went and touched His lotus feet. He didn't say anything. I was on my knees and Sri Viswamji hugged me for five minutes. I was very happy and without my knowledge I started to say BABA, BABA and started to cry. I emptied all my sorrows at His lotus feet. I felt as though Swami, our loving father was hugging His child. He patted on my back, forehead. He gave me rose flower and some fruits. I didn't ask for anything but He filled my heart with divine love. All the time I was singing in my head" Brahmanda Bhandodari Devi, Sri Bhuvaneswari Raja Rajeswari, Devi Daya Sagari". My Friend Saritha also had the similar experience with Sri Viswamji. Saritha's mother was trying to introduce us to Sri Viswamji. He told her that He knows everything. I just witnessed and experienced Sai mother's Love. Sai mother came as Sri Viswamji. May be that was a much needed love for my future problems.

The day I was leaving Hyd to Bombay, I was regretting that I won't be able to go to Shirdi. As I mentioned in my earlier posting, as per my schedule, I didn't have much time in Bombay. Unexpectedly, that evening I received Shirdi prasadams from my niece's wife and my brother-in-law. I was very happy to receive the Prasad from Shirdi. I thought Baba was blessing me in that way. I needed to fly by early morning flight in Hyd. I was supposed to leave my parents house by 4.00 A.M. In the night at 11.30 p.m., I started to check my important stuff such as passports, tickets and greencard. I did this checking one week earlier also while Krishna was leaving to Athens, Greece for a conference. I was shocked to realize that I didn't have my greencard. The whole house was under shock. Everyone started to unpack things and look for my greencard. After a while we realized that it was not there in that house or any of my suitcases. I called my husband in Athens, Greece and asked him to check his luggage and wallet. He was also shocked and checked his wallet first. Surprise. The green card was under his green card. We don't know how it got in there. I never touched his wallet. He denies taking my green card. I went to Bombay US embassy immediately. I had 5000 RS in my hand. I spent every penny of it. I could not cash my traveler checks in the near by banks for they were Citicorp and they would accept only Thomas cook. US embassy employees told me to reapply for greencard. For that I was supposed to pay 120.00 DD., Two photos. They informed me that since it was going to be weekend, I should visit the embassy again on Monday and also they told me that it might take 10 to 15 days to get back the greencard. I tried another way. I requested for some sort of document or temporary visitor visa to get in to USA. I paid 2000 RS DD for the US embassy and went for an interview. The lady at the counter was very nasty and told me that either I should lose my greencard or stay back in India. I was humiliated totally. Saritha's nephew was Sai's another form. He helped me to cancel my tickets at Korean air. Malica left with Saritha on Friday, August 27th. I stayed back with my son Suman. I put our names on waiting lists for our travel in Korean air. Krishna reached USA by that time and FedEx my greencard. The green card was supposed to come either Tuesday or Wednesday. I was very depressed and decided to go to Shirdi to see BaBa. I went with my nieces. Saturday night we got on the bus to Shirdi. We reached Shirdi at 6.30 A.M. Our return was fixed for the sameday afternoon. So one flower shop merchant guided us to a house where we could get ready for the darshan. We payed RS 10.00 each for using the facility. It was pretty decent deal. We got ready and left for Darshan. I was shocked to see many changes in Shirdi. My last trip to Shirdi was in 1995. The whole premises was remodeled. Some of it was good and some I was missing very badly. We had a Darshan line just like in Tirupati or any big Temples. We had to wait for almost 3 hours to see Baba. There were televisions and live broadcast was going on from the temple. Couple of places I saw rest rooms. Temple staff had vending places for coffee, tea and biscuits. Benches were provided throughout the lines. In one way, the new arrangement was very convenient and comfortable for any devotee. But one part of my heart was missing the old Shirdi. We had beautiful Darshan of Baba for a minute only. Previously we could go behind BaBa for Pradakshina. But now, we couldn't do that. I took couple of pictures of Baba. The pujari gave me bunch of rose flowers from the Samadhi. I knew for sure that Swami wanted me there for some reason. We went to Hanuman temple and then visited the Chavadi. Suman could go inside the Chavadi and he was very happy for that. We went and saw Parayana place, where some ladies were reading Saccharitha. We went to the DWARAKAMAYI. There also I noticed lines. On my previous trip I could lit lamps where Baba used to keep the lamps. I could take some udi from the Dhuni. But now everything is secured. May be it is me that is not accepting the development. Everyone seemed very happy. Our next darshan place was Gurusthan. Gurusthan also was remodeled and I didn't see the place where I put Sambrani in my previous trip. I collected few neem leaves from Gurusthan and went to the Udi distribution place. It was nice that everyone gets Baba's udi from the Dhuni. Temple also opened up a canteen for devotees convenience. There is a office for donations. I went and paid for Annadanam and received udi from them also. There are three more temples on the main temple premises. Ganesha, Shanidevata, and Shiva are the deities residing there. They constructed a beautiful open air theater for cultural programs. We went to a Udipi hotel on DWARAKAMAYI road. This is my favorite place to eat because, I could see Swami's right side profile from the Main Mandir through a glass door. It was afternoon and we could hear Madhyana aarathi. Infact, we saw pujari taking Dhoopam and walking on that road and went into the main temple. We were also glad to know and see that one of the Naivedyams for Swami was taken from the same Udipi hotel where we were eating. We didn't have much time for our bus. I just purchased temple aarathi cassettes. We came back to Bombay in the night. On Tuesday night, I took a chance and went to the airport. Saritha's nephew who was an IAS officer,helped me a lot through his friends. Deputy commissioner of the customs personally took my fed ex envelope and gave it to me in the night. Under normal circumstances, I would receive it only on the next day. Sai in the form of another officer let me stay on the wait list for that night's flight. I was told that, that night 80 people overbooked the flight. I don't know how that is possible. The last boarding call was at 12.45 and I was given ticket at 12.35. As I was walking out of Bombay airport, I handed over papers to the immigration officer and there I saw Sri Sathya Sai Baba's picture with a Abhaya Hasta. I couldn't hold back my tears. When I was facing all the tensions and turmoil's, He was right there with me. I came back to Pullman safe and sound. As we were driving back to our town, Krishna informed me about his dream. He saw a huge tornado in his dream. Lot of bad elements were there. he was advising other people to lie down on the ground. He saw Shirdi Sai coming into the tornado. Sai brought bright light with Him and provided a safety net to the people from the dark clouds and tornado.

Dear Devotees,

Swami goes beyond our imagination to protect His devotees. We should never think that He forsakes His devotees. I prayed for all the friends in Dwarakamyi at Shirdi and Parthy. I hope to hear more of His experiences.

Sai Samarpanamastu,

Love and Regards,


A Sai devotee, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Let me share a bigger miracle. Since nearly 3 years, we have been searching for a house. It has been quite a struggle to find a house with a combination of location, size, and age that we like and at a price that we could afford. My wife started to become very unhappy and restless. I kept trying to convince her to stay calm and leave it to Sai. We spent a lot of time going through the real estate information, walking and driving around the are as where we wanted to move. We must have seen over one hundred houses. Since early this year my wife started to insist that we should just purchase a lot and build. As both of us are employed and our children are still studying, I am afraid that taking such a venture might cause a lot of friction within the family. Each time we became interested in a house, I pray, read a chapter in Sai Satcharita and prepare chits, including all possible options, from a total NO to YES and in between. Then I gently drop the chits on Sai's photo (Sai Baba sitting on stone with his two fingers spread over His right toe) and follow the message written on the chit that falls on Sai's right big toe. All these times, the messages have been not fully supportive. In some cases the message was to make an offer at a certain level and not beyond. At one time, when my wife was pushing the idea of building, the message said "continue searching for a house". Finally yes, we now have a place and we are very happy. Interestingly, it is the same house that Sai selected 3 months ago. The chit then said "Yes, I approve of your making an offer for the house --- at --- price". We did, but the offer was not accepted and we nearly forgot all about it. That is when I needed trust, faith and patience and I thank Sai for giving me the same. Earlier this month we noticed that house (approved by Sai) was still not sold. Then, as if Sai was ordering me, a thought came as a flash that we should make an offer again. We did and after going back and forth three times we settled for a deal at about 25% less costs than the announced price. Is it not true that Sai has his master plans for His devotees and His good reasons for making it look like our prayers are "unanswered"! We moved to our new residence last Saturday, at a time advised by a priest. While we still have problems with selling of our previous house and obtaining needed extra money to pay for the new one, we will leave all those problems to Sai. Before moving, we wetted rice with Sai's vibhuti (sacred ash) along with pasupu (turmeric) and kumkum (vermilion) and while offering prayers to Sai we spread them all around - outside and inside. After all, the house is Sai's and we are sure that He will find solutions. Jai Sai Ram

A Devotee, Phoenix, AZ, USA

This is en experience of a Sai devotee closely known to me. In his own words, he describes the latest Sai miracle in his life; "The agents (employment) called and said that they are verifying my references, which has been completed and ADP will give me the offer letter. It is all Swami's grace as I just finished reading the Sai Sat Charitra which I brought from Sagar. The whole job was mysterious. This is what happened. 1) I sent my resume to a web site (career web site) unconnected to either ADP or the agent. 2) Next day I receive a message (from agent) which reads as follows " Please call me at xxxxxxx, I have a job near where you live. I do not know how he came to know where I live as my resume does not have my home address. 3) It so happens that right across where we live opposite there is a job for a Oracle Consultant who worked in a bank before and that to in my line such a combination is very rare. I can't but believe that there is divine intervention. I have asked for $CDN 75000 plus bonus and medical and dental benefits. I will know what their offer on Monday and I will let you know. Thanks for praying for me. Please read out this email to AMMA who must have also prayed for us.

A Devotee, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Chinna Kistna (continued) (AS TOLD BY SRI B. V. NARASIMHA SWAMIJI) Later after some years, Chinna lost his child. Unable to see his wife's unbearable sorrow, Chinna told his wife that devotees should understands Baba's actions. Till the obsequies are done, take rest. But his wife could not stand seeing the dead baby. Chinna took the baby into his lap. Meanwhile, Baba presented himself, took him out and questioned him as to whether, Chinna wants him or the baby. You cannot have both. IF you decide to have me do not ask for the life of the baby. If you want the baby, you cannot have me. IF you can say no to this baby, I will later give you progeny. Chinna without hesitation said that without doubt, he wanted Baba. Then, Baba said do not grieve and disappeared. Thus Baba used to give him courage and strength at the time of crisis in his life. Baba had equal respect for all religions. Baba used to say that changing religions is like changing mothers. He used to tell devotees to follow their own religion. Baba always struggled for making people understands and PRACTICES understanding of Hinduism and Islam and asked Hindus to follow Hinduism and Muslims Islam.

A Devotee

September 26 1999

I would like to share with other devotees an experience that I had many years ago.

One night in 1976, Shridi Baba blessed me by appearing to me in a dream. It was a dark night and I was standing in the open along with Baba who held my left hand with his right hand like a small child held by an adult. I was about 32 years old at that time but in the dream, I had the physical stature of a small boy say about 45 years old. Mentally, I was conscious of the fact that I was an adult.

Baba did not talk to me but led me towards a single stored house that appeared to be several hundred feet away. The rooms of the house were lit with electric lights. As we neared the house, I saw that it had a front verandah and three rooms, one adjacent to the other. Each room had a window and a door that opened out to the verandah. It appeared that the rooms were not inter connected. Each room was full of people sitting on the floor.

Baba led me along the verandah. Baba stooped in front of the door of the first room. I could see a figure of Jesus Christ on one wall. The people in the room were singing hymns. Baba said to me, "To Christians, I am Isa Christ".

Next, Baba then stopped in front of the second door. The people in this room appeared to be Muslims and they were also offering namaz. Baba said to me, " To Muslims, I am Allah."

Next, Baba then stopped in front of the third door. The people in this room appeared to be Hindus who were singing bhajans. He said, "To Hindus, I am Shiva or Vishnu. But to the whole world, I am Sai". Saying this, Baba disappeared.

At that very moment, I woke up. Something had stung one of my fingers sharply. I switched on the light and I saw a big bumblebee flying away from me. I do not know how the bumblebee got there. I was in pain and in my anger, I hit the bee with my pillow and it fell down dead. Somehow, I immediately fell asleep. When I got up in the morning, I remembered the dream and I was very angry with myself for having been so immature as not to realize the wonderful dream that I had. The pain in the finger had all but disappeared. The dead bumblebee
was still on the floor.



A woman has narrated this incident from Thane, Maharashtra.

"One of my friends Mrs. Parab (true name withheld for reasons of anonymity) residing at Andheri, Mumbai has a brother in Pune. Due to the bad company, his drinking habit went beyond control and none of the relatives could persuade him to give up this bad habit. His health complaints increased but it was very hard for him to abstain from drinking.

One day in the month of May, 99 he collapsed and was admitted in the hospital in the state of coma. Mrs. Parab visited Pune and was extremely sad when the Doctor mentioned to her that her brother could hardly survive for a month or so. Her trips to Pune became quite frequent and on my inquiry she revealed the condition of her brother which she had been hiding all along for the fear of disrepute to family name.

Upon my advice, she visited Shri. Bandekar?s house in Vile Parle ? a suburb of Mumbai- and collected Baba?s Vibhuti, which flows from all the photos in the shrine of Shri. Bandekar. Her husband being a non-believer ridiculed her for this as he was relying more on the Doctor?s verdict. Nevertheless, MrsParab took Vibhuti to Pune and applied on her brother's forehead. Initially the failing health of her brother was steadied which itself came as a surprise to the medicos. In a week's time her brother came out of coma. She is ever thankful to BABA for saving the life of her brother and plans to visit Puttaparthi with her brother as soon as he regains some strength. Not to mention that her husband also has decided to accompany them.  


My son is studying at Brindavan in the final year of B'COM. Last year after his annual examinations he accompanied Swami to Kodaikanal and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

This year, on the 29th of March I spoke to my son on the telephone to wish him goodluck in his forthcoming examinations. He then asked for my permission to allow him to go with Swami to Kodaikanal as in the previous year. I told him in that before going to Kodaikanal from Brindavan, he should first go to Madras, where, my wife, was convalescing after undergoing a major surgery. I expressed my desire that he should be with his mother for a couple of days, before proceeding to Brindavan. I felt it was his duty to be with his mother, in her hour of need. My son felt that if he went to Madras, he would be forced to stay back and would not be able to go to Kodaikanal at all! I told him not to worry about it and assured him that I would tell his mother to allow him to go to Kodaikanal. My son however did not seen to be convinced.

Meanwhile, on the 4th of April Swami ordered my son to go to Madras that very night and to spend time with his mother. He told my son that he could join Him after three days. So saying Swami gave him Vibhuti blessed by him for my wife. He asked my son to tell her to take it for three days and assured him that she would become all right soon.

On seeing our son at the doorstep my wife?s joy knew no bounds. She was in great bliss when she further came to know about the Vibuthi sent for her by Swami Himself.!

I want to narrate this incident to you because I am overwhelmed with happiness at the way Swami answered my prayers. I was really upset when my son did not want to go to Madras. I sent a silent prayer to Swami hoping he would some how solve my problem. And he did it with such Grace ? The Divine mother had ordered my son to fulfill the wishes of his physical father and mother. My wife needs no medicines now. All her ailments have vanished.!

Jai Sai Ram.

Movielike projection by Swami in 1948

The author Dr. A.V. Lakshminarasimhan, is a Faculty Member in the Department of Bio-Sciences of the Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning at the Prasanthi Nilayam Campus. This is one of the miracles mentioned in his article.

"Way back in 1948 when Bhagawan was 22 years of age in this beautiful physical frame, a certain wealthy man visited Prasanthi Nilayam along with his twin sons who were born blind. This wealthy man had toured the world over and had consulted great eye-specialists but all of them had said unanimously that it was impossible to provide eyesight to the blind twins. Hence the wealthy man had come to see the young Bhagawan. Bhagawan did not see them for seven long days. When the devotees, who had brought this family to Prasanthi Nilayam, prayed to Bhagawan for an interview, He called the wealthy man and his family along with the devotees. Bhagawan gave them all a profound discourse on the law of Karma and human dharma. At the end, when the devotees prayed and almost persuaded Bhagawan to grant sight to the twins, He said, 'Look, what these twins have done in their past life' and asked the devotees to look towards the corner of the interview room. What they saw was like a movie. These twins appeared as two cruel dacoits. They appeared to be tying two other persons to a tree in the forest and plucking out their eyes and robbing them of their wealth. The devotee was perplexed and disturbed seeing this incident taking place before his eyes.

Bhagawan asked the devotees.'Tell me, shall I grant sight to these boys? If you are in My place what will you do?' The devotee had no answer. He fell at Bhagawan's Lotus feet and cried, 'Baba, pardon me for my audacity. You are God, being ever present in the past, present and future. You are our destiny. Please save us all.' Bhagawan with all His Love lifted the devotee and said that the twins had repented for their evil deeds and prayed to God for forgiveness. Their lifestyle had changed. They served the poor with the robbed money and as a result of which they have been born in the house of the wealthy man. They cannot, however, escape from the evil act of blinding two innocent persons and hence had to be born blind. Bhagawan assured that now that they had come to His divine presence, their future would be good and that He would take care of them and would bless them."

A Devotee

October 7, 1999

Dear Shirdi Sai,

I am grateful to you for the miracle. My Son Rohan was brought into this world in an emergency situation when Doctors started to realize that his heartbeat was crashing. When they got him out he was not alive and the doctors revived him to life for 30minutes and his heart started to beat, they put himeon the ventilator for next few days. Within few hours of his birth we found out that due to lack of Oxygenation during the revival period there is a possibility that he sustained Brain Damage.he had all signs that and next 2 days they did an MRI and confirmed that he suffered extensive Brain Damage and he may or may not walk. All the doctors could tell was the Damage was extensive and it could mean anything. As parents we did not know what to pray for as he was still on the Ventilator not breathing by himself. We finally decided to take him of the ventilator, it was very hard choice, but we thought what life will he have, if he is a vegetable, but as we decided that, Rohan Raghav decided to breath by himself and survived without machines. We did not know if we should be happy or cry for his ill fate, He was the cutest boy I have ever seen and we went through hell making the decisions we were making and analyzing what went wrong without any notice in matter of minutes.

Anyway, we got him home and as my brother who is a doctor and I am grateful to him suggested I started stimulating him every 1 to 2hrs by moving him showing colors, touch and feel for the next 3 months. The Neurologist would not commit what the outcome is other than his damage is extensive. My sisterinlaw gave me the Sai Charithra and I read the Sai SatCharithra during this time, I don't remember how long I took, but I used to read every night and write Guru Raghavendra swami's name as much as I can. I put all my faith in God and my mother prayed a lot to Sai.

Today my Son is 10 months old and he is crawling and taking few steps, which according to doctors is actually advance for 10 month old, if not have any issues walking crawling or sitting. I cannot say what this means to us. Neurologists were very surprised to see Rohan when he was about 6 months to see him sit and crawl. He said I guess it proves Doctors are not Gods one more time and said Rohan has overcome any Motor issues. But as parents we are still worried because we won't know his mental abilities till he grows up and as usual the doctors say, we cannot predict, brain grows for 18 years and we won't know until we see him grow up. He also suffered Moderate hearing loss due lack of oxygenation and wears hearing aids, but right now he is the miracle kid doing things faster than a normal kid does.

We are very very very grateful Shirdi Sai, my family and me is planning to visit Shirdi this December to offer our prayers to Lord Shirdi. Hope Lord will not have any more obstacles for us to come see him in Shirdi. I was always believer in God, but this incident makes me think Gosh God is really there. But I also get scared that all my problems are not over. I know I should not feel like that, but what we have gone through has made very skeptical of everything. I cannot believe God is actually listening to my prayers and I really deserve his blessings.

I am grateful to Sai's Grace and Well-wishers prayers. Hope no parents go through this kind of Turmoil with their children. I pray for the whole world's children suffering. God don't let any child suffer.

Ohm Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

A Devotee

I'd like to share the following moment, one of the innumerable times that I have felt close to Baba. I am a student, and had some extra classes on a Sunday Afternoon. On my way back home my car broke down in an absolutely isolated place, there was no petrol pump, garage or even a phone booth within several kilometers. If that is not synonymous with being helpless what is? Or rather, with Baba always with me I can never be helpless. Just when I was on the verge of tears, a motor bike with two men stopped next to my car on an otherwise quite road. They were both mechanics and offered to help me. Without any hesitation, I allowed them to check my car, to realize that one spare part was missing. So one of them stayed back with me and the other rushed to the nearest shop to fetch the part. When all was done and my car alright, I thanked them and asked them how much they had spent. I realized that I didn't have enough money to pay them, so I took the address and phone number of the workshop that the man belonged to and promised to pay him the balance. His name was Iqbal and he said that he was from Ganga Mechanics in Nizamudin. I then went home and related the incident to my family and called up this place to locate Iqbal. To my surprise they said that no one with that name had ever worked for them. I then went to another mechanics shop in Vasant Kunj where there was an Iqbal, but he turned out to be someone else. Till today I haven't been able to meet that person who I am sure was a roop of Sai Baba. I just wish I had been able to express my profound gratitude that day.

Jai Sai Ram.

A Devotee

October 7, 1999

Dear Baba,

Thanks for your wonderful Darshan in my last night's dream and the message you gave me in the morning. Baba, you know how happy I am, after seeing you.

Dear devotees,

I would like to write a dream I had last night. Since Monday this week, I was very worried about my job thinking the WorldCom/Sprint merge. As the talk is that there is going to be mass lay off, to the extent of layoff of whole departments. With disturbed mind, thinking that I should get some message or vision of Baba, by tomorrow, as tomorrow is Thursday, I went to sleep. In the middle of the night I had a dream where I went to a place which is 3-hrs drive from here. I do not why I went there, because I never thought of going there anytime. Anyway, there at that place there is big concert and festival going on. I saw a very big tent and people all standing and sitting there. I was wondering what is going on here and why I came here. I do not have either my husband or son with me at that time. I do not know anyone there. While I was looking around I saw a dice and a chair on the dice. After a while I saw Satya Sai Baba coming on to the dice waving his hand. He sat on the chair in his typical gesture of his hands open and finger pointing to the sky. Like he always does that to the devotees who go to see him. Which he conveys to us that nothing is in your hands. Everything is decided up in the lord's world, and everything is brama, your imagination. Seeing this my joy had no bounds. I wanted to talk with him. Usually when I see him in dream either he conveys something to me or I tell him my problems. But last nights dream, when I wanted to talk with him he disappeared. Even though I was very happy on one side, the other side I was a little concerned because he did not give me any message of what is going to happen other than conveying everything is decided by him.

And in the morning I woke up early, and was watching kids shows. While watching TV, a crazy thought came to my mind and thought to myself that I should get some indication from Baba now. Thinking this I just doze off on the couch. After a while I suddenly heard the Mangala Arthi song, OM JAYA JAGADESHA HAREY in the TV. I was so shocked and wokeup to see whether the VCR is playing. But to my surprise it was not and it is really from TV. I was filled with happiness and was watching to see what program it was. It was the Tele Tubbies kids show where they were showing how Indian festival Diwaali is celebrated. They are singing bhajans and songs teaching kids how to do. They showed what sweets are made etc. I guess because it is Dushera and Diwali season they have this show. But anyhow, I thought that it Arthi is a good indication and message from Baba, because I could see, the moment I wished and prayed to Baba. I was happy and energetic and not am worried at all about anything. I realized that everything is uncertain here.

Dear devotees,

Sorry for the very long message and thought that I should write it here. This is not to influence any one or anyone's faiths or believes or thoughts because Baba, does not need propaganda of any of those. But I am very happy and also it happened on Thursday. So I am writing it here.

A Devotee.

Courtesy: http://www.angelfire.com/ma/shirdi/sairam.htm

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