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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The experience of Mr. Haranarayana

One day Haranarayana approached Baba and expressed his wish ' Swami many of my juniors have got promotions and became DSPs. Dispite of my sincere efforts and seniority I have not become so. I want to retire as DSP. Please bless me so. Swami smiled at him and created a Japamala for him and told, Wear this around your neck and do japam regularly so that you attain your desire.

Since then Haranarayana started beliving Swami and unfortunately he was not regular at his pooja for the japamala. A few years passed Haranarayana retired without getting promotion. One day he was sitting in the portico of his house with his wife and lamented with his wife ' I belived Swami's words that I would get promoted as DSP and retire as DSP but nothing happened. Why did Swaami's words go worng'. His wife replied that you have not done the Japam as swami asked you to do and also you were not sincere in the efforts as you were in the result.

While they were conversing postman came in to give a registerd letter to Mr. Haranarayana. That was a lettere from the government which had a letter and a cheque for Rs. 14,000. The letter said 'The department regret for not giving the promotion when it was due. Now to rectify that it had given a notional salaray hike to Haranarayana and sending the arrears to him. It also notified that he had retired as DSP but not as CI. Haranarayana was pleasently surprised and immediately ran to Parthi along with letter. Bhagawan gave him an apartment in Prasanthinilayam and asked him to stay there for ever. Upon completing his 60 years Swami gave him a Shivalingam. It was so powerful that who ever touches that Lingam he would see their diety in that Shivalingam. He passed away recently in prashanthinilayam.

This shows that whatever Bhagawan says it comes true, but the time depends on your intensity of prayer and sincerity.

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