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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The drink of... water

Here is an experience of one of our senior Sai Devotees, here in Beaverton, OR.

It is said in Purushasuktham that God has a thousand eyes. Literally, this sounds wierd, but it is a symbolic representation and it only means that god is in every one watching everything. No one can fool Him.....

Bob Whaley, is a senior devotee, has been in Swami's fold since 1989 and has been making it a point to go to Parthi once atleast a year. When the American devotees go to Parthi, they normally tend to go there as a group. So the last year 1998, they were a big group of about 16 memebers ( ladies and gentlemen put together). They all went early November and stayed there till the beginning of January and got back early 1999. One of the group members - Thomas was an alcohol addict. He came to Swami's fold about three years ago and this was his first ever trip to India / Parthi, he was all excited about it. After coming to Swami's fold he started reducing his in-take of Alcohol, but has not left it totally. After reaching Parthi, on the first day evening, they have had Swami's Darshan. Thomas was really impressed and touched with everything happening around, he slowly walked back to his room in the Ashram after dinner. Bob Whaley shared the room with Thomas, they were casually talking about Swami's miracles and Thomas felt the urge to take a peg ! He promptly took the bottle out of his bag and started putting into a tumbler. Bob was astonished as until then, none of the group members knew that Thomas was carrying alcohol with him. No one is supposed to bring / consume alcohol in the ashram and accordingly Bob persuaded him not to drink and asked him to throw it away. Thomas did not feel like doing it. But he did not want to put down Bob as well, so he kept it away for the time being, hoping to consume it late in the night when Bob is asleep. As the day in Ashram starts at 4:00 a.m., Bob went to sleep early around 9:30 / 10 p.m. wanting to catch up with the routine next day.

Thomas wanted to make use of the "good opportunity", slowly pulled the bottle out and gulped a mouthfull, to his surprise, he felt the taste was different, more like water. He was not sure, took another gulp, yes, that was water. He thought some one must have changed the contents and opened a brand new bottle, to quench his addictive thurst, Surprise......Water again.

He could not believe himself, he could not resist but wake up Bob at that moment. Hesitantly Bob also drank a little and knew it was nothing but pure water !!! They were both amazed, and thought, that must have been one of Swami's deed....

........... Next day Swami called the group for an interview. Thomas was itching to tell swami about the previous night's incident, but was again scared, because he could not muster the courage to say that he actually brought alcohol into the ashram ! Understanding his mental agony, Swami called him slowly... "Thomas, how was the drink, yesterday ?" Thomas was ZZzzaapped !!!!! Until then no one even told swami what Thomas's namewas!!

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/69

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