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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Swami's miraculous intervention saved us from trouble


My humble pranams to all.

I would like to share an incident with all fellow Sai Brothers and Sisters which happened here yesterday.

This is one among several instances where Swami saves His devotees from trouble.

We had been to Niagara Falls since this week being long weekend and by Swami's grace we drove almost 900 miles to and from without any mishap.

I could feel the grand and might of Swami in Niagara and with the force with which He was flowing in the American and Horse Shoe falls.

Coming to the incident, we drove back almost 400 miles from niagara towards stamford connecticut where we live, on sunday evening.

We stopped in the highway service area for refreshments 40 miles before Newyork at around 8 p.m. We still had to drive around 80 miles to home.

Then after 15 -20 minutes we started driving again towards Newyork.. We drove for 30 minutes and covered 30 miles.

We reached a toll booth where we had to pay toll and my wife searched for her bag and then noticed that she left her hand bag in the rest room of the service area where we had stopped for refreshments.

The bag contained almost all the important docs. passports of both of us, Our U.S driving licenses, Bank Credit and Debit Cards and our apartment keys.

Only Swami knows the kind of mental state we were in at that time.

With prayers, we immediately drove back to the place where we had left the bag and searched where my wife left it . The bag was not to be there.

We also asked all the shops there.

We already had lost 1 hour in the process of driving up and down.

No body had seen and none of the shop people had received a bag "as found in the rest room".

Then as a procedure we had to call 911 the police as we had lost our passports and the driving licenses.

In the mean time we called all the banks and credit card companies to block the cards.

The police guy came and took a formal complaint and added to our woes saying somebody might have picked it up and after taking the money out they normally throw it out in the woods in the highway which will be very hard to trace.

Since we use credit and debit cards every where the money left in the bag was very less around 40$.

We waited there till 11 p.m asking everyone regarding the bag. We even checked the Trash cans and drove back home and reached around 1 a.m. The apartment keys were also lost and we cannot enter the apartment also.

Even though our friends called us to stay with us we did not wanted to stay with them for already there was want of space in their houses.

We decided to stay in the car itself the night and look for any duplicate keys in the morning. Getting the keys the next day also was rare as it was holiday on the occassion of memorial day.

Something inside me told to check up the apartment and i asked my wife to wait in the car in the parking lot and went up to 8th floor where we stay.

In the lift i prayed to swami to open the door for me as it was difficult for 2 to spend overnight in the car.

I went to the apartment door it was obvious that it was locked but Swami through my inner voice told me to check the kitchen window next to the apartment door.

Normally I keep it locked because here in U.S any body can squeeze his body through the window and enter the apartment.

With prayers i pullled the window down and it was open !! Jai Sai Ram !!!

I then climbed the window and jumped inside the apartment and one small part of our big problem was solved, getting into the apartment.

Then i called my wife and told her that the apartment door is now open. She found it hard to believe and asked how come ? I said Swami opened it for us to

relax after such a long drive. She was awestruck.

The mobile which we carried was totally discharged and we first put it to charge once we entered the apartment.

I was praying in front of swami's photo to solve the bag issue as well. At the same moment we received a voice mail in our mobile. The message was from a

Sai Devotee here in stamford which started with Sai Ram and said that our bag was safe in one Indian couples hands in NewYork and since we had the Sai

devotees phone number in our bag they had contacted them to pass the message to us.

The message was a big relief to us. Needless to say i thanked Swami for the anxious moments He gave us to increase our faith. The next morning we

contacted the couple who had the possesion of our bag and they happened to be very nice and caring people who did not want to take a chance by leaving the bag even in the shop as it contained all important docs. In fact they even asked all the Indian people in the parking lot for 1 hour about us to hand over the bag to us before they left that Service area.

It it was not for Swami's intervention we could have ended up in a series of troubles. Finally we visited this people in Newyork and got our bag back.

For He is my mother, Father and the Guru who always takes care of me without expecting anything in return other than love towards human kind i owe Him a lot which i cannot fulfill in this as well as any of the future births which i am destined to take.

I take this opportunity to pray to Swami to shower His blessings on the Indian couple who safe guarded our bag on Swami's behalf and also on the restaurant manager who out of way was inclined to search the Trash Cans in the rest rooms which even we were feeling disgusted to do.

Jai Sai Ram !!!

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saidevotees_worldnet/message/941

June 1, 2004

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