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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The Rani of Chincholi

When Satya Sai was fifteen he was visited by the Rani of Chincholi. Her late husband, the Raja, had been a very ardent devotee of Shiridi Baba and used to spend a few months every year at Shiridi. It is stated by the Rani and some old servants of the Place that Shiridi Baba on several occasions came and stayed at Chincholi. He would, they say, ride with the Raja far out of town in a tonga drawn by bullocks. Incidentally, this tonga was later taken from Chincholi to Puttaparti and left there.

During her visit to Puttparti to see this reincarnation of the old saint, the Rani persuaded him to accompany her to Chincholi, Perhaps she wanted to test him. There had been a number of changes at the place since the days when Shiridi Baba visited there. Although theoretically accepting the boy as a rebirth of Shiridi saint, the Rani was startled when he immediately commented on the changes. He asked what had happened to a margossa tree that had once been there; he mentioned the previous existence of a well which had been filled up and was no longer in evidence; then pointing to a line of buildings he said, “They were not built when I was here in my previous body”.

Later he told her that there should be in the Palace a small stone image of a certain kind which, as Shiridi Baba, he had given to Raja long ago. The Rani did not know of its existence but a through search was made and the image found. These were some of the many extra-cerebral memories that helped to establish the truth of the reincarnation.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/110

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