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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Sai Experience

From: Udayakumar

Thought of sharing another experience I had, to throw light on the TRUTH that Swamy is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient as well as Swamy's compassion for everyone. Will try to be as brief as possible.

The Planetarium at Prasanthi Nilayam was under construction and the firm in Delhi, India for which I was working at that time, received the order for Acoustic Treatment on the inner surface of the Planetarium. The firms Senior Construction Manager who has actually desigend and fabricated the machine for such an application along with the machine and
labourers were sent to carry out the job as it was to be completed within a short period of seven days so that Swamy can Inaugurate the Planetarium on His Birthday.

After two days received a message from the site that the machine would not work. As the General Manager Technical of the firm, and as my Managing Director knew that I am a Sai Devotee, I was deputed to do the needful. Flew from Delhi to Bangalore, took a car and reached Prasanthi Nilayam almost 15 mins prior to the usual evening Dharshan time. Went directly to the site (though I knew that it is Dharshan time), considering the fact that the work has to be finished in five days time. Struggled till 2AM next morning but the machine would not work at all.

Next day when the Construction Manager went to the site around 6AM I told him that I will have Dharshan and then reach the site. HIS Grace, got a place in the front row. ( Those days Kulwant Hall was not there and the devotees sat in the open in front of the Mandir and Swamy stayed inside the Mandir). Swamy came out for Dharshan, went on the ladies side, went inside the Mandir, went again to the ladies side. After three such visits to the ladies side, he came straingt to the place where I was seated and started talking to the person next to me for more than five minutes without even looking at me. When HE was about to turn away,

I went on my knees and said " Swamy, I have come for Auditorium work ". Swamy turned to face me and said " Very happy ". I said " Swamy, the machine is not working ". Swamy immediately said " Oh, I was waiting for you here yesterday evening and you went staright to the work. Still the machine is not working ? Very bad ".

Realising that with HIS Pure Love Swamy has corrected my ego " I am the person to set right the machine" even while being at The Lords Abode, I went in to silence. Swamy then created Vibuthi, applied it on my forehead Himself and said " Don't worry. I have set it alright. Work will be over well in time and you all will be rewarded " and walked away. Some thing made me look in to my watch and it was 8:23AM. Later when I reached the site the Construction Manager confirmed the fact that the machine started working exactly at 8:20AM though none of them could make out how it happened.

After starting the work and satisfying ourselves that everything is fine, self and the Construction Manager came out of the Planetarium and sat on the culvert and started talking about Swamy's Leelas. Suddenly we heard some thing crashing down and before we could react, Swamy's car braked in front of us. Swamy put down the window glass, called the Construction Manager by name ( wonder of wonders ) and said " you people are enjoying the sunshine and Swamy had to save all your labourers ". Before we could even have a wink Swamy's car drove away.

We then ran inside the Planetarium to see that the whole scaffolding has come down with the eight labourers who were working at a height of almost 13 metres and ....... not a single one of them had even a scratch !! Next day onwards, the entire team first went for Dharshan and then for work. And the entire work got over well in time.

On the eve of Swamy's Birthday, the entire team,including the labourers, was given passes to attend the Inauguration of the Planetarium by Swamy next day. And I got a seat just behind where Swamy sat, and the Construction Manager and the labourers were next to me.

Though I was in total bliss, thinking the way Swamy Has rewarded us, the Construction Manager was repeatedly asking what the "reward" would be. Swamy came, and after the Inaugration and the very first show, Swamy turned His head back and told my collegue " Past Karmas of your entire team has brought all of you together today here to be seated close to the Lord of All the Planets you have just seen, and the entire Universe. Any other reward ? ".

Can any one ask for any other reward than His Grace and Love ?

Source: http://www.geocities.com/saicenter_us/snl/snl_102701.htm

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