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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Stories about Faith

Sairam to everyone,

Continuing with yesterdays topic FAITH I have a couple of incidents to narrate. The first story I have picked up from Bhagawan's interview with Mr. John Hislop and the second one happened in Parthi around 20 years back.

There was a guru and he had a women disciple. The guru worshipped Krishna and he had a Lingam which required daily puja. Each day at the time of Puja the disciple would bring the required milk. However guru and disciple lived on the opposite sides of the river. Heavy rains came, and the river rose to flood stage, the disciple waited for a boat, and this made her late with the milk to puja. Guru became angry that the Puja was not performed at the proper time and told the disciple, "You are late because of lack of faith in the sacred name of Krishna. With faith in Him and reciting His sacred name you could walk across the surface of the river and not have to wait for the boat".

The next day, the disciple, accepting the word of her guru as the word of God Himself, walked across the surface of the river and delivered the milk on time. After two or three days of this, the guru became curious and asked the disciple how she had arrived on time even though the river was on flood. The disciple replied that she did as instructed by the guru and walked across the constantly chanting the name of Krishna.

The guru could not accept this story and secretly followed her as she departed. To his astonishment, the woman never hesitated, but walked directly across the river.

Instantly resolving to try himself, he pulled up his dhoti above his knees and ventured to step on the water. The water failed to sustain him and he was instantly immersed.

This story illustrates the vital role of faith. The woman enjoyed full faith, and it never occurred to her to even lift the hem of her sari for fear of the water, where the faith was lacking in guru.

The second story is all about a devotee who was very close to Swami. Nearly 20 years back Swami was physically very close to devotees. He used to go to devotees houses and eat food with them and take them to Chitravathi ( River near Parthi) for moon light play. (I will talk about those in due course ).

One day he was walking along with some devotees behind Prasanthinilayam campus, which was full of bushes and shrubs. One of the devotees started talking about his family problems and said that he needed lot of money for his daughters marriage and for son's education. Listening to all this Swami suddenly showed a huge snake near by and told,if you want the money, well, go and catch the snake at the tail you get gold. The devotee perplexed. He thought swami was joking. He pleaded Swami saying that he was in dire need of money and hence he needs money sincerely. Bhagawan again with a smile said Go and catch the snake you would get the money you need. The devotee could not belive that Swami was seriously asking him to catch the tail of poisonous snake to get money. Finally Swami told look the snake is going in to the hide out. Go and catch it immediately, failing which you will not get the money. Reluctantly he went and caught the tail of the snake which had pushed 80% of its body into the anthill. To the astonishment to all the people around the visible part of the snake turned into gold.

The surprised devotee pleaded "Swami get the snake back I want to hold it completely". No use. He had to contend with the small piece of the snake part only.

There are many instances Swami stressed the importance of developing sincere faith in God. Certainly, it is not easy to develop unflinching faith in God, but SADHANA, not meditation, will give the faith.



From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/25

I would like to narrate another story on faith.
This was narrated to me by an Orissa devotee whose father had experienced this.

My friend returned to Parthi after a brief stay of two weeks at his home town in Orissa. He was so excited on his return and took our group aside on his return and started narrating the story his village had witnessed.

In his small village a new school master came. He was a devotee and wanted to talk about Swami to the people around. He started bhajans and started telling about Bhagawan and His miracles. Days passed by many people started coming to his place and started listening to him talking about Bhagawan. Many of them are illiterate and do not know about outside world. They are God loving people. Few people started learning Bhajans and following as the Teacher sang. Meanwhile, Sivaratri came. The teacher narrated some stories about Sivaratri and how swami used to created Sivalingam during that time. The people started thinking of Sivaratri and all of them wanted to stay awake and sing the glory of Lord all through the night. The biggest problem was no one knew more than a handful of songs. Still they thought of doing AKHANDA BHAJANA (Bhajan all through the night). They started promptly at 06:00 pm and continued. Hours passed by the enthu in the people unabated. They kept on singing the glory of Bhagawan and continued the bhajans. In the midnight it happened. The God who they were singing manifested Himself in front of the crowd. He appeared infront of the crowd and moved amidst them. He sang bhjans along. He talked to those people. He blessed them. He talked to all the people calling them by names. He enquired about the people who were absent there at the moment. No one present saw Swami physically before. It was a divine experience. They spend talked,joked and pulled Swami with love like the Gopikas of Brindavan. Immersing them in his love for half an hour the compassionate Lord disappeared. He vanished into thin air.

This happened in early ninties. Like this there are many instances where Bhagawan had manifested himself for devotees and gave them in immense happiness. There was an incident where Swami shouldered his devotee and saved him from drowning into water for one whole night. In another place Swami saved His devotee from a car accident. In another place He saved a pilot from fuel less flight and kept the flight afloat for six hours. There are many incidents to narrate. Why is He doing all this. It is only to underline the fact that He can do anything for the well being of His devotee. He will never falter in His efforts. What all we need is simple faith.

From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/26

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