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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Wonderful Experiences of Students during Grama Seva in 2003

There is a town called Hindupur, about a two-hour journey from here. A colony of weavers lives there. The boys went there to distribute prasadam. They met a very old lady living by herself, with nobody to take care of her. The tragedy is that she had lost both her sons; both had died. So she had no children left to help her. Swami had requested the boys to give her a photograph of Himself, and also His prasadam. Then she said to the boys, "Since this morning, I have been waiting for this prasadam. In spite of the calamities in my family, which have left me all alone, I was able to continue with my life because of Sai's matchless Name. The glorified Name of Sai has saved my life up to this day."

That year we had rain in Prashanti Nilayam and all over the area. But the rain did not interrupt the work of the boys. They travelled by truck, visited all the villages, distributed prasadam to every family member, and the rain did not come towards them. That is a miracle.

Sometimes the whole sky was clouded. At any time, it could have rained, but it only rained after the work, not before and not during the work. Why? The boys commenced their work here in the mandir by doing pradakshina, circling around the temple and receiving blessings from Bhagavan. So the outcome could not be otherwise. There could be no obstacle, no problem; the whole project continued excellently. This is the strong unparalleled, irresistible Will of Bhagavan.

There is another place called Kadiri, which is about an hour's drive from here. Near Kadiri, there is a small village. The boys went there and tried to give food and clothes to a person. He said, "Sir, we live at the outskirts of this village. We are harijans . Nobody will come and touch us. So, please don't come and touch us. We live far away from the people. We are cut off from the higher classes of society. Don't touch us."

But the boys went. They hugged the man and said, "This is not what Baba said to us. Baba said, ‘There is only one caste, the caste of humanity. There is only one religion, the religion of Love.' How can anybody be an untouchable? Impossible! No, my brother, please come. We are Baba's devotees."

That man could not believe what was happening. He said, "For generations, we have been the neglected class of society. To have post-graduate students come to my hut and shake hands with me, that is enough to convince me that Baba is God." For all of us, it is a revelation to know that this is the effect of Sai's message.

Then when they were returning, some of the villagers called the boys and said, "You know, Baba loves us very much. Look at that water tank, which was constructed by Bhagavan Baba for us. Every day we get enough water because Bhagavan Baba gave us the water tank. For years, this whole area suffered from shortage of water. Today there is no water shortage. Why? Baba gave the water tank for the benefit of the village. We are the recipients of His Love."
These are the feelings of gratitude and thankfulness, which have been shown.

When these boys went to a small hut, they saw a very old lady who hadn't had food for two days. She was very hungry. When they gave her food packets, she said, "I don't know how you knew that I was very hungry, with no food for two days. God Bhagavan knows that I am hungry. He sent you to pass this food on to me. I am very grateful to Him." While shedding tears, that is what she said.

There is another village by the name of Karnatakanagapalli. Eshwaramma, the mother of Bhagavan, came from there. A lady from far away came walking all the way to that village and said to the boys, "I knew that you would be coming today. I left about 3 o'clock in the morning, so that I could get here." Then she said, "The sari I am now wearing was presented to me last year by Bhagavan Baba. I have come to receive that gift once more, because you have a sari, which you are sure to give to me." She added, "My eyes were operated on in Baba's hospital, so now I am able to see everything clearly." The Love of Bhagavan and their Love for Him is really great, unparalleled.

There is another village, Subbireddypalli. While the boys were there, the school children gathered and started shouting, "Jai Sai Ram, Jai Sai Ram, Jai Sai Ram." They were jumping all around because they received pants and shirts, books, pencils and pens. That is why they shouted, "Sai Ram, Sai Ram" jumping in joy. Adults can control their joy, but children express their feelings naturally. That was a wonderful scene for all the boys.

They visited another village called Peddapalli. They tapped on the door of a house. A man came, and they said, "Here is prasadam for you and this is a sari for your wife." The man said, "I have one request." They asked, "What is that?" "My parents are staying in the next room. Please give to them first and myself next."

These days, because of urbanisation and city culture, people seem to have forgotten the ancient value of giving priority to the parents. This is one of the effects of modern civilisation. Bhagavan says repeatedly, "If the culture still exists, you will find it in the villages." So this man said, "Go to the next room and give first to my parents. Then you can come to me."

In another village, one lady came in a wheelchair, which had a little roof. She said, "This is my house. This is my everything. Bhagavan gave me this wheelchair, with the little roof. This is my whole property. I am so happy." Then she said, "Bhagavan's Love is more than that of a thousand mothers' love. Look at me. Though I am helpless in a wheel chair, I am quite happy because of His blessings."

Wonderful Experiences.

Om Sai Ram

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