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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Transformation of the heart. A personal experience

Dr. Ramanath lyer, Dept. of Cardiology

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Some time back I could lay my hands on a book titled-TRANSFORMATION OF THE HEART. After going through its contents I travelled down my memory lane on a soul searching exercise! joined the SSSIHMS in Aug 93 as one of the resident staffs ostensibly with the idea of qualifying as a Cardiologist, but now when I look back I appreciate that the benign influence of BHAGAWAN has wrought a dramatic change in my perceptions and attitudes to many aspects of my life and profession.

The initial couple of years sped by trying to adjust to the many pecularities of this place. Not a day passed without a conflict between my mental expectations and the actual happenings.) was on one hand strug­gling to root out the many negative ten­dencies in myself which BHAGAWAN of­ten quoted as impediments to the flow of DIVINE GRACE and spiritual progression the other hand the none too congenial surroundings were trying to drag me back in to the cesspool of basal instincts and behaviour.

Why-0-Why-this apparent paradox between spoken words and performed actions?! used to mentally offer my sup­plications to BHAGAWAN to clarify these contradictions.

Slowly but surely definitive answers sunk in to my mind. As long as one identified oneself with the work done, all these con­tradictions  appeared  very real  and troublesome. With difficulty when one learnt to accept the fact that all of this is a mere drama directed by BHAGAWAN with us as actors with specific roles, the identification complex vanished and with it the conflicts. So like any drama there were assigned roles for the main hero, the side hero and the villains. One's iden­tity with the roles existed only as far as the duration of the drama. This brought about a major upheavel in attitudes to­wards everything in life. Surrendering one­self and carrying out the work as His mere instrument brought forth immense peace.

Successes did'nt elate nor failures dissapoint. BHAGAWAN's message: "If you cant oblige, at least talk obligingly", struck a sensitive chord in my heart. 1 ? power of speech endowed by the Grace of God­dess Saraswathi was now used to charge every patient with positive vibrations. It was indeed a miracle to see that where medicines failed, tender, loving, reassuring words did the magic. Once all actions were surrendered to Him, no work was good or bad. Thus one could approach things with mental equanimity. With a string of personal reverses and setbacks I could have ended being a mental wreck. Surprisingly I discovered that acceptance of all things as HIS WILL erased all unpleasant memories and reinforced my resolve to see, hear, say and do good to one and all at any cost.

In hindsight I realised that silently BHAGAWAN was exerting HIS all power­ful influence to eradicate the ego, so that the dormant divinity could bloom forth. The rising Sun, the full moon, the dew drop laden grass, the enchanting flowers, the trees, birds, animals and in short, all things around me started appearing as veritable manifestations of His all pervad­ing divinity. With this the propensity to think evil, speak ill of others and act derogatorily, all have taken a back seat. The process is not yet complete but I can definitely say that I am overwhelmed by the marvellous transformation of my heart-all by the Divine Grace and Bless­ings of BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA.

I offer my humble prayers to Him to continue the chiselling so that hopefully one day I will be a fine sculpture worthy of being designated as His real devotee and disciple - an Arjuna to Krishna in Kali Yuga.

Sourced: SAI SPANDAN - Journal of SSSIHMS Prasanthi Gram - Third Issue


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