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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Victor Kanu from South Africa

Swami when He wants to get people for His divine mission, get them from whichever the place they belong to. Here is a story about one such a personality, Victor Kanu, Who was brought into Bhagawan’s fold by Bhagawan Himself and later served to the society immensely. Here is a story narrated by one of my friends, who saw the video cassette of this noble devotee and called me to narrate this story. My humble request to all the readers, if you happen to come across this kind of tales, please send a mail to this group and this will immensely benefit all the members.

Victor Kanu is a diplomat of South African nation and is very simple and noble in thought. He liked to serve the mankind and a very religious person. One day he dreamt a very strange dream. His ancestors and elders appeared to him, they garbed him in his sleep and carried away to great and unknown heights. Then they entered him into a big hall with dooms and lights, which was never seen by this gentleman earlier. Then there appeared a short form in red robe and dark curly hair. This person called him, talked to sweetly and blessed. Victor could not understand what the person was talking about. He only noticed that the form was talking to him charmingly, affectionately like his mother loved him at childhood. It was like home coming to this elderly person. He was loved cared and blessed. Then appeared his ancestors to grab him back from that person. Victor got up from sleep only to know that it was not in reality but only in dream. It was so vivid and thrilling for this diplomat that he wanted to know the person who appeared in his dream. A few days later an old friend of him came to his place and in the conversation the stranger took out a photograph of Baba. The moment Victor saw, he recognized that it was the same personality, who he had seen in the dream and wanted to know about. The stranger gave him all the details of Baba and the way to reach Parthi and went on his way.

Victor Kanu, came to Parthi to see who this personality was, from South Africa. The very first day Baba called him for a personal interview and told him about the dream. Swami said you have to a lot of service to the society, that is the reason why I had called you. From that moment onwards, Victor dedicated his life to Swami’s mission. He stayed in Parthi for a long time to understand the mission and activities of Swami. The generally religious person started seeing a meaning to his life. He went back to South Africa and started a small school in South Africa with a group of 30 students and started teaching them. He selected students who were discarded from schools because of merit and educated them. He taught them the value system which he learnt from Baba’s ideals. Incidentally this was the first Baba school outside Parthi. His services and teachings were so popular that now South African government has given the responsibility of revamping the total education system in the country.

This very inspirational character, is very eloquent in his ideals and speech, as my friend was narrating, one should listen to his lecture on Bhagawan mission. I will try to grab this cassette at the earliest to display for all of us.

Incidentally, he is the person who had the hostel constructed in Brindavan.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/50

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