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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Swami's Blessings on Padukas

Pranaams at the divine lotus feet of Bhagavan.

Sai Ram,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Once again the divine Mother in all her Mercy called us to come to puttaparthi, The valley of peace.

After reaching in Puttaparthi, we got our first Darshans feeling fresh and peace, after returning from darshan line. We were thinking of what sort of Blessings we can share with our Brothers and Sisters here in Kobe. We were in Puttaparthi just 5 days and something is to be done in these 5 days.

While passing through a shop, our thoughts were directed towards a shop selling silver Padukas. It was an idea, but implanted by the Lord Himself.

But the question was , how to bring Padukas inside the veranda for blessings. So I decided to meet the chief Volunteer, explaining him that we are celebrating 29th Anniversary of Kobe Center and letter for Swami.and wish to get this Padukas blessed.

The reply was that it is difficult one , even to get letter across Swami is difficult now a days. Anyway he agreed and assigned me  a seat in Veranda. Holding Padukas in a big tray, covered with Sai Ram Cover.

Swami came after giving Darshans in a golf car and came straight to veranda. There was eye contact and Swami signaled me to come and immediately I got up holding Padukas in big  heavy tray, balancing it . I don't know how I got strength and went to Swami. I gave letter to Swami, then I open the cover and Swami touch 'SILVER PADUKAS' and did something . I was in total bliss. I became the instruments for the blessings, He has sent all of you.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, a permanent blessings in nature for these PADUKAS will always stay in the Kobe Sai Center for the benefit of all of you.

Please accept this humble offering from me, Swami often says the fruits of service will be eternal. We must constantly engage ourselves in serving to others.

Thank you Swami for giving me the opportunity to love and serve.

Jai Sai Ram.


Talk given by Br. Ram.Chugani i Kobe Center on 5th Sept,2004

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saidevotees_worldnet/message/1077

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