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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Memorable Experiences in Prashanti

Sai Ram Everyone!

When I came home yesterday, my mail was so full of news, some of which have described the Chinese New Year events in Prashanti, so I will not go into those details. Instead, I wish to share with you some of the more personal experiences which I had gone through.

Before I left for this trip, I had many expectations and many requests. During one of our meditation sittings after a bhajan session at our centre, I had a vision of Swami passing by in front of me and telling me, "Don't ask for anything. Just come for My darshan". I kept reminding myself over and over again, all the way, what Swami had said.

From the first till the last day that I was at Prashanti (6 1/2 days), I was so lucky to be sitting in the front rows during almost every darshan session. However, for the first three days when Swami came by, I kept begging Him to accept the letters which I had carried with me, some on behalf of other sisters. He did not look at me, even to the extent of turning away when He came near me, and I felt quite disappointed. There was one time when His car stopped right in front of me and everyone got so excited because we thought that He was going to take my letters - instead, after several moments, the car moved on. On the fourth day, I decided to heed His instructions and went for darshan empty-handed. That morning, when He passed by, His window was opened and His eyes met mine. Finally, I understood that He wanted me to ask for nothing except Him. From that moment onwards, there were so many other occasions when He would look my way, and even from afar, I could feel Him blessing me with so much love.

Another incident which I would like to share is how Swami works in wonderful ways. I had a request from a Sai sister from Singapore to purchase the book 'Living In the Presence of God' for her. After securing the book, I received a thought to pass the book along to somebody from Singapore to bring it back to her. At first, I saw some ladies whom I have met before but was not very familiar with and I had another friend who proposed to introduce me to some of her Singaporean friends. I was not very comfortable with all these proposals, so I decided to leave it to Swami to make the arrangements. The next morning, I was the first person to arrive at the special queue for the Chinese New Year devotees at the VIP section. I sat down and prayed for a while. Along came another lady who sat beside me and we started talking. When I asked which country was she from, she said that she was from Singapore!!! Immediately, I was very pleasantly surprised and began to tell her the story about this book. With no hesitation at all, she said that she will carry this book home! This Sai sister practices meditation and she had heard a voice earlier telling her that she was going to do a good deed. She did not know what the good deed was until she met up with me. Both of us were so happy that we have been brought together to do this service and only Swami can make that kind of divine arrangement!

Yet another incident was that I was not planning to attend Suprabatham because I was quite busy and did not feel any connection during the other two occasions that I had attended three years ago. One morning, I suddenly received a thought to go for this prayer, so I rushed over and reached there around 3.45am. The line was full and there was no space for me so I questioned Swami why He woke me up so early and told me to attend this prayer when there was no more space left for me. Instead, I was given other duties to attend to. The next morning, as I was walking towards the Ganesha temple, a sevadal approached me and asked me to attend Suprabatham. Imagine how surprised I was - it was 4.30am and there was a space for me. Throughout the whole Omkar session, I felt so much vibration. It was like a constant flow of air-conditioning coming from the top of my head and it washed away all the worries, all the sadness, all the problems, all the difficulties. ... There was so much bliss that I felt like I had drifted away to another place. When the Suprabatham session ended and the lights came on , I woke up feeling so refreshed and completely happy and so blessed.

I was also in the Chinese choir group which had performed on the morning of 24th Feb and we had one close-up session with Swami. I was sitting in the second row and I could see Him so clearly. He looked at each and every one of us while we sang our hearts out to Him. He would very gently tap His hand on His lap while we were singing and at the end of every song, He would smile happily. I think that our performance during that morning was the BEST which we had ever sang because we were all so charged with His divine energy. It had been our dream since we began singing in choir four years ago to be able to perform in front of Swami in Prashanti one day, and on that morning, our dream had come true.

This has been the MOST wonderful trip and I have learned so much through so many other little incidents as well. But the most beautiful knowledge of all is that He has so much love for all of us and we must share this love with everyone else regardless of colour, caste, race, religion, status, money, etc. Love is the only wealth that we can carry throughout this life and into our next.

Love & Regards,

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/20702

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