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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Prof. Kasturi account And Brindavan boys experiences

The examinations were approaching, Swami said that if He was with us at Brindavan, we do not study. Finally He decided to leave for Puttaparthi, just to make us study for exams.

The boys fell at His feet, pleaded with Him, but Swami insisted on going. He said that He felt that He was the cause of the boys neglecting their studies and that feeling gave Him much pain.

It was Monday. Swami was preparing to leave by 8.30 A.M. The boys crowded round Him with sadness pain on their faces. Pleadings and prayers had proved fruitless. Swami was down on the ground floor. He got into the car, and the white vehicle glided away.

With heave hearts, boys walked slowly back into the Hostel. We tried in vain to concentrate on what the books had to tell us, so full was our hearts with the thought of our Lord. Barely 15 minutes had passed, when some one shouted "Swami has come!" and started running behind the car. I thought that the poor fellow was still dreaming and that his fantasy probably had given shape to that car.

But many more boys followed and I came out to ascertain for myself. What I saw, I could not believe. I saw the white car driving right up to portico. I rubbed my eyes once or twice to make sure for myself, and then I also ran. Swami walked up the stairs. Many of us could not believe what was happening. Swami said, "You boys were creating so much noise that I forgot to take the keys," ... Swami forgetting to take the keys!

Our hearts were full,... no one spoke. The tears that rolled down were probably more eloquent in expressing what was in our hearts. Somebody had probably still some doubts that Swami may leave again with the keys. So he asked very wisely. "Swami! shall we start unloading the things back from the car?"... No I am leaving again in the evening." Swami said, in pretended anger...

Then He broke into a beautiful smile, At this, a chorus of pleading voices followed, "Swami! Swami! And Swami decided to stay on. He told us latter, "You pulled me back here, just by your pure yearning. Now you must study well, if you want me to stay here. Trivial, insignificant instances these, do you say? And What have they got to do with spirituality, do you ask? But what else is spirituality than yearning for Him, pining for Him, suffering anguish for Him?

What is spirituality but deserving to live in Him. This is made possible only by the form full God, the God without whom one cannot live. His benign smile, the loveliness of His Graceful Form His tender affection that flow when He enquires about your welfare, and above all, the nectarine sweetness of His childlike sport--these help us to fuse our heart with the Lord's and thus raise ourselves to the heights of Blessedness.

Boys have made an unsuccessful attempt to put these in words, for, it is impossible to contain them in human language. They belong totally to the realm of experience which the heart alone can experience "Raso vai Saha" He is Sweetness itself. His sweetness is infinitely enhanced when He comes, Humanness enveloping His Divinity.

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