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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The boy and the chain created by Sai Baba

In the process of this program of thinking the name of Lord for this 74 days before the Birthday of Baba, here I have a story about the Lord, and the value his word carries. In this episode I would like to narrate an experience, which amply underlines the significance of this.

Swami loves students a lot and He shows the love time and again in different. There was a student by name Yuvaraj Suri in Parthi. Swami in one of His interviews with this boy created a chain and gave to the boy. Swami said wear this in your neck forever and never try to take it out. The boy took that gladly and started wearing the same regularly. This was summer time and it is customary for Swami to go to Brindavan every year during summer. In April one day some of the students thought to go and have Dharshan of Baba at Brindavan. Previous day it so happened that swami called the registrar of the University to Brindavan and told him in no uncertain terms that let no boy come to Brindavan tomorrow. Please go tell all the boys that no one should leave Parthi tomorrow. The registrar of the university came and announced the same in the boys hostel that no one should go to Brindavan the following day. Well, the hostel boys never had any thoughts of going, but the boys who are working in the University and central Trust had other thoughts. They, together 14 to 16 boys and a handful of our lectures started in the early hours (around 04:00AM) of the following day. ( Let me tell you the Dharshan timings at Parthi and Brindavan. In Brindavan Swami come for Dharshan at 08:00 Am where as it is 06:45 in Parthi. Boys usually start at 05:00 in morning and have morning and evening Dharshan at Brindavan and come back by evening in the same van). The van started promptly at 04:00 AM as scheduled at Parthi. The student in question in this story Yuvraj Suri was in that van.

Let’s see the story at Brindavan. The daily schedule for Bhagawan starts at 07:00 AM. He comes out of His room at 07:00 and starts His work as usual. On that eventful day, Swami came out early, of his room and called for Sri Jogarao, a renowned devotee and one of the pillars of the Trust, those days. Swami told Him in unequivocal terms that, start immediately to Parthi. He was surprised. It was not even 06:00 in the morning and to start to Parthi so early. So he called for the driver and in that morning he started without knowing why he was going. The other inside devotees and volunteers and officials were surprised to see Swami so early in the morning coming out of the room and walking in the front room. This had not happened earlier. Swami kept o inquiring, Had Jogarao left for Parthi, Did Registrar tell the boys not to start from Parthi etc, Everyone was dumbstruck. None knew what is in store for them. At 09:00 Am the news broke, the van which was bringing students and teachers from Parthi met with an accident at Chickbalapoor and two students died in the accident and six persons were injured severely and two of them are in the verge of deathbed. Mr. Jogarao reached the accident place a few min. after the accident took place and brought the people to Swami’s hospital at Brindavan. By then Dharshan was over and Swami immediately ran to the hospital to see the victims and created vibhuthi to the lecturers and said they will be OK. After that swami took special care of the boys and the remaining people survived, that is another story.

The point in this story is Swami’s anxiety over His boys. He knew it is bound to happen and He sent the signals to save the boys and tried to avert the imminent. We heard later in the day, Swami saying, I told Yuv raj to wear the chain all the time without fail. He did not wear the same on that particular day. Why do not people listen to Swami. Swami is never different from His words. Oblige… Oblige… . Like this there are some more incidents which lead me to get the feeling that do not try to look for rationale in His words, Just do it. Later when the bodies were brought to the presence of Baba, the registrar, who came back from Parthi, saw two lamps of light (Jyothis) going and joining in Him. Much to talk about this incident.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/49

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