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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Fitting memento from a great man

July 31, 2005

By Thrusha Maharaj

While on a flight to India in 2000, Minister of Arts, Culture and Tourism, Narend Singh, who was on an official agricultural visit to the country, met a rather eccentric man aboard the plane.

The man, who was completely covered in a blanket, came over to the minister to have a chat.

"He asked me if I was going to Bhagwan Shree Satya Sai Baba's Ashram (a Hindu religious retreat), and I thought it quite strange that he would ask such a question," Singh said.

When the minister said it was not part of his itinerary to visit the ashram, the man insisted that the minister do so.

Strangely enough, when the minister arrived in Delhi, he was told his flights had been changed so he could now go to the ashram. The minister complied and went to Bangalore where the ashram is.

He was also sent a car to be taken to his "planned" destination quite early in the morning.

When he reached the ashram, he sat waiting with hundreds of others for the revered Indian saint, Sai Baba, to appear.

He was quite shocked when the highly revered Swami approached him.

"I was overwhelmed that someone of Swami's stature could come over to talk to me, and so when I was asked a few questions by him, I was unable to reply," he said.

After the satsangh (prayer service) Sai Baba invited Singh and his wife, Manitha, along with about 20 other people, to a private meeting.

During the meeting the swami started talking about South Africa, which he seemed to know much about.

He also knew everything about Singh.

An elated Singh and his wife were then given vibuthi (sacred ashes) and were asked if they would like anything else, and Singh jokingly replied that he would like to take home something "material".


In a somewhat miraculous gesture Baba took out a ring "out of nowhere", recalls Singh. "He placed the ring on my finger and it was a perfect fit."

The ring is a wonderful sentimental item, according to Singh, because it reminds him of the swami and his teachings of loving and serving humanity.

Singh wears his ring at all times and says this is an item that he rarely parts with - except when he feels a need to, like when a close friend's daughter was involved in an accident and was severely injured, he lent her the ring to keep, as a token of comfort, and he says she is well today.

Singh also mentions that his ring, which is in perfect condition, has been worn consistently - except, of course, "when I put on weight," he chuckles, "then I kept my ring in my wallet until I lose the weight."

The ring appears to be made of gold with a few white stones, but Singh says although he is not really sure what it is made of, he is sure of where and who he got it from and this is what makes it precious to him.

Singh also carries a picture of Sai Baba in his wallet, and has done so for the past 16 years.

He says he is an ardent follower of the Swami's teachings.
He was introduced to the teachings of Sai Baba through a friend called Prem Singh.

Occupation: Minister of Arts, Culture and Tourism
Resides in: Umkomaas
Married to: Manitha and has two children, Keshika and Shikhar, and
son-in-law Ravin
Age: 51
Favourite food: Any biryani
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite hangout: My TV room in my home
Hobbies: Watching Indian movies at home, and watching sport
Motto: Honesty and integrity take a person a long way

Article published in Sunday Tribune, South Africa
Date: July 31, 2005

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