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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


As magnet attracts iron Bhagawan attracts the deserved devotee effortlessly. There are many scholars, sadhus and common men come and stay with him. In Parthi Sri Karunyananda is one among those. Sri Karunyananda took birth in 1890. He met Baba in 1956. After that Swami met Sri Karunyananda in 1956 at Rajamundry. Swami talked about latter's child hood details during that which convinced Sri Karunyananda to believe that Swamiis Lord.

As a member of Jeevakarunya Sangam Sri Karunyananda did lot of service to the mankind. He founded an orphanage and created shelter to many needy people. He also maintained a hostel to the poor people in Rajamandri. This happened in Srikakulam District in a village called Eichhapuram. During Burma war there were lot of refugees settled in this village.

Kameswaramma was a small girl when she came to Eichhapuram. She grew elder and got married to a person by name Suryanarayana Murthy. She got two kids also. When she was pregnant third time her husband passed away. She did not have any relations to take care of. The villagers brought to Rajamundry and admitted her to the Jeevakarunya Ashram. Sri Karunyananda came to know about her and told the nurses to take care of her and her two children. When she was getting labor pains the Ashram people took her by Jeep and got her admitted in the maternity ward. During that late night the doctors were not there. Only the nurses were available. She was put in a small room. On the wall of that room one photograph of Baba was hung. As the pains grew Kameswaramma started crying Mother sai, Mother Sai. The compassionate mother manifested herself and got the kid delivered to Kameswaramma. The kid started crying.

Listening to the kids cries the nurses came to see what happened. They were surprised to see the kid and asked Kameswaramma what happened. She narrated the whole incident and told that the person in the photograph came and helped her in delivering the kid. Everyone was surprised to know the Leela of God and scared to inform this to the management as it was their negligence may cost their jobs. At last Sri Karunyananda came to know about this. After some time her brothes came and took her away to Puttaparthi andfrom there to Burma.

When Sri Karunyananda visited Swami after sometime Swami chided the former and told, why the nurses were so careless in your Ashram. They did not even keep a mug in the bath-room. When I wanted to clean the kid I had to get water in a bucket. How compassionate the lord was. There are so may incidents like this which brought Sri Karunyananda closer to Bhagawan and he stayed in Prasanthinilayam till the end of his life.

People who visited Parthi may know him as he is the only person other than Swami who wore Saffron clothing in Prasanthinilayam.

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