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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Prof. Kasturi and his story (Control of Automatic Lights)

1. Prof. Kasturi throws light on the fact that Swami has revealed His Reality of being the Neumann that sustains and control of all Cosmic Phenomena. Here is the anecdote in brief.

2. Baba as usual began one of His discourses (While in Madras) with the recital of an extempore Telugu poem. The opening line that poem was “Automatic Lights Adhipudevadu”. This line happens to be a strange mixture of Telugu and English.

3. Our Lord Swami whom the scriptures describe as the Supreme Poet has the privilege of Divine license, beside the usual poetic license of an ordinary poet. So He sometimes mixes up Telugu and English or some other language, thereby confusing His translator and enjoying the fun.

4. This trait of confusing and confounding people is inherent in Divinity, especially when it manifest as an Avatar. We shall have a glimpse of this trait that seems to be more pronounced in this playful Avatar.

5. Prof.Kasturi was bewildered and looked helplessly at Swami’s face, as he could not translate the line. Swami cast a mischievous look at Kasturi and repeated the same line again. Poor Kasturi was dumbfound. Neither Telugu was his mother tongue nor he had studied Telugu during his educational career.

6. He learned Telugu only after coming to swami. Because he was mum SWAMI ASKED HIM TO SIT DOWN AND called upon Dr. Bhagawantham to translate. Late Dr. Bhagawantham was an eminent scientist and educationists. He had good knowledge of the Telugu language, he had studied during his formal education. He served as a translator to Baba during the decade of seventies.

7. But this particular occasion, he too shared the same fate as Kasturi. As he also was non-pulsed and could not translate that line, Swami proceeded with the rest of His discourse.

8. After the discourse was over Prof. Kasturi and Dr. Bhagawantham met Swami in His room. They prayerfully requested Him to enlighten them on the meaning of the said line that neither of them could translate.

9. With mischievous smile Swami asked them. “Have you not seen the automatic traffic Lights in Madras and other metropolitan cities. “Yes Swami, we have seen.” They replied. “Is there not someone who controls the operation of these traffic lights and regulate the traffic on the roads, in order to prevent collisions and accidents? Queried Swami. “Yes Swami, there is … answered both the discomfited translators.

10. Then Swami explained to them, “just as there is traffic of various kinds of vehicles in the city, there is a macro-level traffic of planets in this universe, each of them whirling at a tremendous speed. There are innumerable planets, so that each of them confines itself to the path ordained for it, thereby preventing clashes or collisions and the consequent cataclysmic disasters.

11. And there is (ONE) who controls those unseen automatic traffic lights, and that One in this (ONE)! Saying this Swami pointed at (HIMSELF).

12. Then both Prof Kasturi and Dr. Bhagawantham could understand that the line in Swami’s poem, which they could not translate, meant that Swami is the Almighty God who controls the unseen traffic lights that regulate the movement of the planets in the entire Universe, as to avoid accidents in the macrocosm.

13. Swami further told them that the codes of moral behaviors and social conduct, i.e. Dharma, in short were also traffic signals fixed by the Master to save humans from conflict and clash, from violence and war. Swami teaches us profound truths, through His inimitable fun and frolic dramatics and antics!!

Swami’s words -
14. In My present Avatar, I have come armed with fullness of the powers of formless God to correct mankind, raise human consciousness and put people on the path of truth, righteousness, peace and love, leading to divinity.

Jai Sai Ram.

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