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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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A visit to Sri Rangapatnam

Today is the last day of the stay. From His place (Prashanthi Nilayam) we would have to go to His world outside for our daily duties. Our stay here would be worthwhile if we could carry with us the peace and bliss of this place. While living in the city could we have dreamt of living in this fashion? But we did not feel the least inconvenience here. Never had we such peace elsewhere.

The fifth night at the sacred pilgrimage passed. The time to leave came. Both of us wept, as if I were leaving the home of my parents. We were eager to go to Halgappa, a great recipient of Baba’s grace.

We reached Bangalore. A taxi was fixed up for going to Mysore at 2 p.m. Even if we could not go round. At a little way off stood the second bridge over the Kaveri. A pathway sloped down by the side. A signboard in English indicated, “Shri Sathya Sai Kripa”. This was certainly the place. We alighted, and on enquiring came to know that Halgappa’s room was locked up. The driver and the two boys accompanied us in curiosity. What did it matter if the room was locked? Kasturi told us, that the feet were placed on the side of the river. We went down the steps, touched the water of the Kaveri, and saw Baba’s two Feet placed inside a glass kiosk on a dias.

A grey-haired gentleman came up. He was bearded and wore a cloth folded double up to the knee. He took out the glass case. “Look, there is scented oil on all sides.” We took out a little and rubbed it on our two palms. Vibhuti lay on the feet. “You may take it all, it will fill up again”. He was Halgappa. He asked us where we came from and how we found the place. He listened to our reply and with folded hands took Sai Baba’s name. He called us to his cottage.

It was a room with a tin roof and a door. There were pictures of gods and goddesses on all sides. Nothing except the faces could be seen. Everything else was covered with Vibhuti and kumkum. Only Baba’s red robed picture was clean. Some inscription was noticed on it. With this picture he went to Baba to fetch His autograph, but without a word Baba turned him back. Still he got the picture framed. The inscription appeared written with Vibhuti. His glory be thanked. I was overwhelmed. That was my first sight of Baba’s miracle. He gace us several packets of Vibhuti and kumkum. Still there was a greater surprise awaiting us. He brought a steel utensil in which there was a locket in a big spoon. The pot was full of a white watery substance. He gave us a little to taste. How sweetly scented it was.

He took out the locket from the spoon, shook the spoon and placed the locket again. Nectar flowed down of itself. It was coming out all the time and filled the pot. We wanted to take it for our friends and relatives. We had neither a flask nor a bottle with us. Halgappa said, “I don’t think I have a bottle with me, however let me see what I can do”. He went somewhere close by and fetched a medicine bottle not very small. He said, “Possibly it was reserved for you.” He washed the bottle in Kaveri water and kindly gave us the bottle filled with nectar.

We had to leave the room soon. The time at our disposal was short.

Neeta Roy

Neeta Roy is athor of "Sai Darshan"; Bangali translator of Howard Murphet's book "Man of Miracles"

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