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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The 'stranger' at Prashanti Nilayam

It was another day at Parthi, evening Bhajan was over and Swami retired for the day. Some of the students were sitting near the Mandir and praying in front of the Mandir hall. One of the students who was standing near the door finished his prayer and about to go back. When he finished his prayer and turned back to go a strong hand held his arm and stopped him. To the student's surprise the person who stopped him was a stranger and the former never saw this personality before in Parthi. The stranger told him why are you in a hurry wait now Swami would come out. The perplexed student said, I am in Parthi for more than five years and I never saw nor heard that Swami would come out in the evening once He retired for that day. The stranger smiled at him affectionately and told if you are interested in seeing I would love to show you Bhagawan. The boy accepted immediately and held the stretched hand of the stranger.

A few minutes passed by. The closed doors open and to the astonishment of this young lad Bhagawan, who the young boy declared never come after evening Bhajan was over, came through the door. The boy wanted to rush to the front, as usual with all the boys, but could not move away from his place. The stranger was stoic, and did not move either. Swami moved with his usual slow motion looking all directions and blessing the people around. Swami walked straight and crossed the boundary of Mandir. Usually Swami does not cross the Mandir boundary by walk. If He crosses He crosses only by car. When the boy was watching Bhagawan with utter amazement it suddenly struck that no one had noticed Swami, everyone was doing one's duty or activity as if Bhagawan was not around. That means, a strange chill wind blew through the boy. Bhagawan was not visible to the naked eye. Also the boy realized that because of the stranger the boy could see Bhagawan with the naked eye. Swami went around all the shops, canteen, Bookstore etc and came back to enter the Mandir. This was revealing to this young boy. Once Swami went inside the room the stranger released the hand of the boy and smiled at this young boy.

The boy could gradually recovered from his shock and asked 'May I know who you are and How you know that Swami would come out today'. The stranger said 'It is not only today everyday Bhagawan comes in this form and walks around the place. Today you could see as He willed it. I am one of His disciples. Beyond this I am not allowed to say', saying this the stranger walked off.

This kind of things happens very frequently in Parthi. People say many Sadhakas come to see Bhagawan and after having Dharshan go away.

This is a fact and I heard the story from a person who heard from the student long back.

From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/42

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