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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba


"Anyatha Saram Nasti - Other than You Refuge there is None"

"Hemchand! Are you prepared to leave for Vijaywada if you get a job?" My husband docilely replied, "Yes, Swami". 

"They are staring a new cement factory there, with an investment running into lakhs of rupees. All the machinery has already arrived. You may have to report for duty immediately.".

He said this as if we might have to leave the very next day. But that day has yet to come in our lives. Our compassionate Swami did like this many times. "You may be wondering why Swami has to lie to his devotees. But those are not lies! Those are divine blessings intended to keep our morale high. We are ordinary mortals, and would say "Swami is not doing anything. It is all empty talk." 

That is why He utters such "lies" to keep us contented. Does He not know that our time is not good, and that that we may have to put up with that bad phase for some more time? How much hardship He is enduring for our sake! Whenever, unable to put up with ordeals of life, we said "Swami! I have no more strenght to endure this. Please show pity," 

He would reply with a sweet smile, "You have been saying that and I have been hearing that, for the last so many years. But time is passing on, no? Do you think you are getting on without the energy given to you by Swami? Why do you lose courage about little things like this, even while having this mighty mountain-sized Swami by your side?" 

When I asked Him worriedly, "Do you mean we will be facing many more difficulties, Swami?" He laughed, and saying, "You stupid head." He went away. My heart felt perturbed. I felt dizzy in my head. When I was seriously thinking, "Won't good days ever come into our lives?" Swami, came running liker a deer and asking me, with love oozing, "What? Do you wish to have some money? Shall I give you some?" and began fumbling in the pocket of his robe, which has no pockets, neither of us could control laughter. He is our impish Lord Krishna...." 

(Excerpt from the book "Anyatha Saram Nasti - Other than You Refuge there is None", Pages 159-160)

Source: http://www.geocities.com/saicenter_us/snl/snl_101502.htm

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