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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Swami Miraculously Opens a Lock

- A Sai Devotee, New York

In 1995, while still a student (in India), I was just beginning to know Swami. During my final exams, I was once studying outdoors. The adjacent house was a commercial studio. Since it
was a Sunday, the studio was locked. As I passed by the studio, I heard a kitten meowing. It was trapped inside and was frantically crying for help. Hearing the persistent crying, my heart melted. I was worried that the kitten would die if left in that state for too long. The next day was a federal holiday, leaving no hope for the rescue of the little soul for the next 48 hours. I was completely torn apart at the thought of letting an innocent life suffer in agony. There was a big lock on the studio’s door; I tried pulling it but the lock was too strong. Not knowing of any other means, I started repeating Baba’s name with intense fervor. Something inside, told me to touch the lock while chanting Baba’s name. I gently touched the lock and, BOOM! The lock opened. Sai’s grace had not only shown his benevolence on a helpless creature, but had also played a great role in strengthening my faith.

Source: Om Sai Mandir Newsletter July 2004; Volume1, Issue 2
Om Sai Mandir Website: http://www.omsaimandir.org/

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