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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  The story of Guptaji

Sairam to everyone,

Bhagawan often says Faith starts where logic ends. May be very strange and unbelievable in the first instance, but truly speaking faith comes from strong belief. In practical life also if we start any work with a firm belief that it could be done will always end up as a success. This belief on anything comes only after a lot of conviction. This interlude is for an incident which happened in late 80s when I was in Parthi.

One day after morning Dharsan and interviews swami came out of the interview room (For the convenience of those who are not aware of Dharsan and Personal interviews I will narrate this in futureletters) and called a nearby sevadal and asked him to bring Gupta. That sevadal person went round the devotees and started calling for so called Gupta. Till then nobody knows who that Gupta was. A few min. passed by without any result. Then Swami himself came to the devotees and called an elderly person sitting at one corner. The moment the stranger saw Swami calling and waving hand towards him he ran towards swami and fell at Bhagawan's feet. Swami patted him and created Vibhuthi smeared on his eyes and took him to the interview room. After the interview was over some curious devotees surrounded the old devotee to know who he was. He narrated the story as follows:

Guptaji was a member of Sathy Sai Samithi in a remote village of Madhya Pradesh. He never went to Parthi to see Swami. He only heard about the stories of Bhagawan and read some books about His miracles. He was not a scholar nor a well learned person. Well, by attending bhajans and talking to fellow devotees he started developing a feeling that Sri Sathya Sai Baba is God incornate. After some time he developed a problem with his left eye and it started itching and paining. Over a period of time it started oozing water. HE consulted the doctor and after some tests he was informed that an operation had to be performed on the left eye. He thought of getting operated but God has other plans.

That night Gupta had a night dream, Where in Bhagawan appeared in his dream and in that Swami came and smeared vibhuthi on his paining eye. Surprisingly the pain disappeared and he felt normal. With a smiling face swami faded away. Guptaji immediately got up from bed to look at his eyes. The eyes had no change. The left eye is itching ,red and oozing water this time it was more painful. Guptaji recollected what he heard about Swami. Swami will appear in anyone dreams only at his will. This would come true. Thinking that he decided that Bhagawan would take care of the pain and he did not want to undergo the surgery. Days passed by months passed by. The pain was not relieved moreover it increased. His right eye also started etching and black water occasionally started coming out of both eyes. This used to give very bad odor and his relations ,friends and fellow devotees advised about surgery. But Guptaji was adamant. He said Swami will take care of me. As the bad odor unabated and spoiling the environment he was asked to rest in a secluded room. Guptaji now could not read or see anything properly. His vision is almost eroded but not the confidence in Bhagawan. He used to ask his children and wife to sing Bhajans and narrate the stories of Bhagawan. Sometimes he used to listen to the discourses by Bhagawan. Still with the help of someone he attended the Bhajans normally. One year passed by his relations totally given up the hope. Guptaji always used to pray the God Swami I want to have vision I want to see you physically. As days passed by his fervor towards god increased. More than a year after being in seclusion the God thought his Karma was over. He appeared again in the dream of Guptaji in the form of a surgeon with knives and surgery cloth to perform operation. The operation was over and pleasantly he got his vision back. No trace of pain anymore, no bad smell, no water or blood in the eyes. He became normal. He woke up everybody in the family and declared that he wants to go and see Swami.

After that we know what happened. He got Dharsan,Sparsan and Sambhasan of Bhagawan. In the interview Swami explained Guptaji. According to your Karma you had to live your full life with the ailment. But the faith with which you prayed and stood by reduced your Karma. God is nothing but a SAKSHIBHOOTHA. It is only your faith which made all the difference in the result.

Ten years passed we still see this great devotee coming to Parthi every year and have Bhagawan's Dharsan. Whenever someone stops Guptaji and asks about his story he narrates Bhagawans compassion and glory in stories. Like this hundreds of personalities visit Parthi regularly unnoticed by many. Their confidence and faith in Bhagawan is unquestionable and unshakable. They are there only for those who understand them.



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