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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  An experience of Dr. Michael Goldstein

Sairam to everyone,


As promised in my previous letter today I am going to narrate a story about a person who is amongst us and who is currently the president of US Sathya Sai Org.

This happened about 12 to 15 years back. I do not know the year. But for those who have the history background and who know about Indian plane hijacking to PAK know the exact date.

Dr. Goldstein is a very old devotee of Bhagawan and keeps going to Parthi very frequently. Once, after a long stay at Parthi he went to swami and said Swami tommorrow I am going back to USA. Swami looked at him and walked away. The puzzled doctor embarassed and sat back. This treatment he never got before. He was expecting an interview or some guidence from Bhagawan before leaving from Parthi. Well, the day passed peacefully for many but certainly not for Dr. Goldstein. He was pondering over his misfortune and wentthrough a sleepless night. Next day morning he went and sat in the front rows of visitors in Dharsan lines (in future I may talk about how devotees have Dharsan and the daily activity in Parthi). Swami came near to him stood right in front of Dr. Goldstein and stared at him. The confused doctor could not utter a single word and mustered all his senses to pronounce his eagerness to go back. Swami mischeviously smiled and said This would be your last dharsan. This triggered shock waves in the old devotee who immediately fell at Sai's feet and pleaded no I want many more Dharsans. I want to go and keep coming I can not bare your separation. The passionate Lord gave away He smiled and patted the doc and said "manchidi Kshemanga vellira (Good go and come safely) I am always with you" Saying that He walked away. The doctor borded the flight ruminating Bhagawan's last words with him. During the course of his journey he was woken into reality when he heard the announcement that the plane was hijacked and moving to Pakistan for fueling. This announcement sent tremors in the passengers and suddenly the plane went into panic. Some people started crying, some people started shouting at the hijackers, some started reciting geeetha and what not, everyone was deeply disturbed. Meanwhile, a hijacker came forward and started collecting the passports from all the passengers as they want to segregte JEWS from the rest. They came to the doc and collected his jewish passport.

During the course of time plane landed in a PAK airport after initial refusal by the PAK air trafic authorities. The authorities did not want to get a hijacked Indian plane into their airport for the fear of adverse propaganda from the media and its effect on its diplomatic realations with India. Well, within the plane the scenario was different. The hijackers listed their demands and threatened to kill the passengrs one after the other if their demands were not met. On one side PAK authorities started negotiating with the hijackers and the other side they wanted to attack the flight to rescue the passengers. The black commandos surrounded the flight and started climbing the flight. Sensing trouble outside, the hijackers opened firing in point blank range. The doc is hefty and well built. Apart from this credentials he was also in the first row to be an easy target. But after a series of gunfiring he saw some outside light peeping through the opened door. One of the black commando managed to reach the door and opened. Dr. Goldstein took this opportunity to jump through the door only to realize that the floor or tarmac is about 20 to 25 feet below. Now he could not go back as he was already around half way through the air. The doc landed with a thud and ran to safety. After the formalities over he collected his passport and boarded the return flight.

By now the readers would have guessed the destination of Dr. Goldstein journey. Yes, you are right he straight came back to Parthi. Swami greeted him in the varanda itsef "EMI bangaru vachhesava (you returned so soon my son)".

Why I am writing this story is to share my sincere feeling that the creator is not only capable of writing our destiny butalso capable of altering that. We do not have to do penance to change His will. A sincere prayer, a sincere expression can change all that. Bhagawan often says "My heart is like butter. It melts even for a small amount of warmth. That warmth is developed by a sincere feeling in you."

With this I take leave of you. Before parting, a sincere prayer, This story I heard very long back may be 10 years ago. Before writing this I have consulted well learned sources in Parthi today. Still there may be some destortions. But the story is true. Narration may go wrong here and there. some of you may have already read the story or heard this before. Please share your feelings with me.

Sairam to everyone

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saisruthi/message/21

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